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School Counseling

Fordham Prep’s Counseling program is an integral part of the overall educational program. The program is delivered by masters-level counselors with diverse backgrounds in mental health, education, college admissions, and substance abuse treatment and prevention. In addition, the department includes a licensed clinical social worker and a school psychologist who work directly with students and their families to provide additional support and services.

The majority of our counselors’ time is spent providing direct services to students, ensuring thatallstudents benefit from the comprehensive program, not just a few. Furthermore, each student works with the same school counselor over the course of his 4 years at Fordham Prep. Students also work with a college counselor in their junior and senior years.

Group Guidance, the core component of the program, is a scheduled class that meets regularly in small groups throughout a student's four years. At every grade level the curriculum is structured, developmental and preventative, allowing the counselors to address the students’ various needs.

In addition, counselors meet with students individually to address important issues including academic progress and performance, educational and career goals, and personal and social experiences.

Other counseling services include multi-session support groups and special programs for students and parents on a variety of relevant topics. Family consultations, crisis intervention and referrals are provided as needed.

Director of School Counseling: Maureen Martinez 
Director of College Counseling: Thomas J. O'Sullivan '98

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