fordham prep seal maroon


Albanian Club
Mr. Chavez
Room 354

Art Club
Mr. Weldon
Art Room

Asian Club
Ms. Han
Room 135

Astronomy Club
Mr. Haag
Room 334

Aviation Club
Mr. Gonzalez
Room 406

Bluegrass Club (Friday)
Mr. Homer
Band Room

Breast Cancer Awareness Club
Ms. Bennis
Room TBD

Bridges: LGBTQ & Allies Club
Ms. Martinez, Mr. O'Sullivan & Dr. Smith
Counseling Center

Business Club
Ms. Murray & Mr. Higgins
Room 410

Catan Club
Mr. P. Lauber
Room 214

Chess Club
Mr. Mejia
Room 403

Classics Club
Mr. DiGiorno
Room 251

Commentator's Club
Mr. Feighery
Room 211

Cybersecurity Club
Mr. Ward
Room 329

Diversity Alliance
Mr. Pedro & Ms. Keough
Room 314

Ms. Ortiz & Mr. Brown
Moglia Commons

Engineering Club
Mr. Hemsley
Room 342

Environmental Club
Mr. B. Carney
Room 241

eSports Club
Mr. Caraballo, Mr. Curran & Mr. Distefano
Smart Room

Fordham Prep Musicians
Mr. Reidy
Band Room

FP Fitness & Weightlifting
Mr. Distefano
Room Fitness Center

Mr. Feighery
Room 211

French Club
Mrs. Morris
Room 234

Freshmen Student Government
Ms. Wright
Room 242

Gaming Club
Mr. Distinti
Room 253

German Club
Ms. Pfaff
Room 408

Greenhouse Club
Mr. McNamara
Room 403/Greenhouse

History Bowl
Mr. Bobo
Room 215

Irish Club
Mr. Fink, Mr. Brown & Mr. DiGiorno
Room 251

Italian Club
Ms. Simeone, Ms. Faustini & Mr. DiFato
Room 243

Junior Student Government
Mr. Sullivan
Room 328

Just Serve
Mr. Kravatz
Ministry Center

Kawaida Club
Mr. Ward
Room 329

Key Club
Mr. Serton
Room 212

Level the Playing Field
Mr. Hopwood
Room 216

Liturgical Choir Class (1 Credit)
Mr. Farnum
Per Teacher

Master Builders
Mr. DiGiorno

Math Club
Fr. Coughlin
Room 351

Newspaper Rampart
Mr. Jennings
Room 227

NYC Explorers Club
Mr. Homer
Room 313

Operation Smile
Mr. Homer
Room 313

Outdoor Adventure Club
Mr. Viele
Room 225

Pickleball Club
Mr. Magner & Ms. Salvatorelli
Room TBD

Mr. Chavez
Room 405

Ping Pong Club
Mr. Smith
Hall of Honor Atrium

Political Discussion/UN
Mr. Nolan
Room 217

Psychology Club
Ms. Lala
Room 333

Robotics Club
Ms. Antoniou & Mr. Noone

RPG & Trading Card Club
Mr. Haag
Room 334

Scale Modeling Club
Mr. Haag
Room 334

Senior Student Government
Mr. Ritter
Room 325

Simpson's Club
Dr. Carney

Sneaker Club
Mr. Newell
Room 341

Social Justice Committee
Ms. Wright & Mr. Reidy
Room 242

Song Writing Club
Ms. Lieberman
Room 252

Speech & Debate
Ms. Bratt

Sports Analytics Club
Dr. Gonzalez
Room 406

Sports Debate Club
Mr. Robinson
Room 210

Sports Media Club
Mr. Feighery
Room 211

Student Wellness Advisory
Ms. Porter
Counseling Center

Teens 4 Teens
Mr. Baker
Room 232

Ultimate Frisbee
Mr. LaGamma & Mr. Reidy

Ms. McCarrick
Room 136

Mr. C. Lauber
Yearbook Office