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Parent Ambassadors

The mission of the Parent Ambassador Program is to provide a “parent to parent” community for families new to Fordham Prep.

For New Parents:

Entering a new school can be a major transitional time for students and parents. Naturally, questions will arise about your son’s schedule or school policy. Many times these types of questions can be answered by the faculty and administration. However, there will be many other questions, simple “parent” questions you may not want to call the office about.

Carli Rios Assile (Sydney ’23) is the Prep’s Parent Liaison and Parent Ambassador Coordinator. Carli is happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction when questions arise. 

Join Our Ambassadors Program

The Mothers’ Club, in conjunction with Mr. Brad Serton, seeks to enlist a group of parents to represent the school at a few key events during the year. Ambassadorship is a perfect way to get involved if you do not have a great deal of time to offer but would like to have a big impact. The events include the Freshman Barbeque in September and the Open House in November. Please fill out our volunteer form if you are interested in joining this program.