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Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Fordham Prep Mothers’ Club.

Article II: Purpose

The first priority of this organization is to help Fordham Prep. Its objective and purpose shall be to promote and advance the best interests of Fordham Prep in its religious, educational and charitable functions, to promote friendship, sociability and good will among its members, and to foster better understanding and mutual cooperation among the teachers, students and parents.

Article III: Membership

All mothers or guardians of students of Fordham Prep, as well as mothers or guardians of graduates of Fordham Prep, shall be eligible for membership in the organization.

Article IV: Appointed Moderator

The President of Fordham Prep shall appoint the Moderator who shall be the liaison between the officers of the Prep and the officers of this organization. He/she is encouraged to attend all meetings and will be consulted on all plans and decisions.

Article V: Officers

The officers shall include: two (2) Co-Presidents, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Membership Secretary, Recording Secretary, Website Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator. These officers shall serve for one-year terms with the exception of (i) the Co-Presidents, who hold office for two consecutive years with staggered terms, and (ii) the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, who hold office for two consecutive years, first as Assistant Treasurer then as Treasurer.

Article VI: Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of each of the officers and the immediate Past President. The property, business and affairs of the organization shall be managed and controlled by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall supervise the programs of the organization, formulate its policies and devise such programs as it shall deem necessary in order to achieve its objectives and purpose.

Article VII: Duties of Officers

  1. The Co-Presidents shall jointly serve as the chief executive officers of the organization and shall be responsible for the administration of its affairs, subject to the approval of the Executive Board. They shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board, and shall represent the organization at appropriate occasions. They shall perform such additional duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Executive Board. They shall have authority to delegate specific responsibilities to any member of the organization and shall confer with and obtain the assistance and advice of the other officers of the organization. They shall be ex-officio members of all standing committees.
  2. The Vice President shall perform duties as delegated to her by the Co-Presidents. She shall chair one of the events during her tenure as agreed upon by the Co-President and herself
  3. The Treasurer shall be the fiscal officer of the organization, shall receive and disburse all of the funds of the organization, keep accurate books of account, and render a financial report at each meeting of the Executive Board and at regular meetings of the organization. The operating funds shall be deposited in a regular checking account in a commercial bank. The Co-Presidents and Treasurer shall control the funds with any one signature being necessary
  4. The Corresponding Secretary shall notify the members of the Executive Board, the Moderator and members of the monthly business meetings. She will report on and distribute incoming correspondence and prepare personal mailings (e.g., Mass Cards). She shall maintain the stationery inventory and secure address labels for monthly mailings. She shall coordinate distribution of and responses to Mothers’ Club e-mail.
  5. The Membership Secretary shall keep a record of all dues paying members, including a summary by class/alumni. She shall turn over any collected monies to the Treasurer, giving an accurate record to the Treasurer and keeping a duplicate for herself.
  6. The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of each monthly business meeting of the organization and of the Executive Board, and render reports in the following month.
  7. The Website Coordinator shall maintain the organization’s website to keep the Fordham Prep community informed about the organization’s events and special projects. She shall post event notices, newsletters, and event photos on the website.9.
  8. The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for ...
  9. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the Mothers' Club Outreach Program which assists Fordham Prep families in times of crisis or transition.  She will work with School Administrators to determine when and in what capacity our help is needed, as well as coordinate with those families who reach out to directly to the Mothers’ Club.

The immediate Past President shall act as mentor to the Co-Presidents as needed. She traditionally chairs the Senior Mother & Son Valentine Dance. She shall be responsible for the recognition of the outgoing Co-President in May.

Article VIII: Meetings

  1. Meetings generally will be held monthly except during June, July and August. Additional special meetings of the organization may be scheduled throughout the year as the Executive Board deems necessary.
  2. The Executive Board generally shall meet on the first Wednesday of each month at a time and place designated by the Co-Presidents, except for the months of September, January and June.
  3. A majority of its members at any monthly business meeting shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Board. The decision of the majority of the Executive Board present at any monthly business meeting shall control and be finally binding.

Article IX: Dues

All members shall pay annual dues. The amount shall be determined by the Executive Board. The annual dues shall be collected by the Membership Secretary.

Article X: Nominations for Executive Board

Nominations for the following year shall be made by a Nominating Committee of five (5) members. The Chair shall be appointed in January by the Co-Presidents, and the other members shall be appointed by February 1st by the Chair with the approval of the Co-Presidents. In addition thereto, the outgoing Co-President shall be ex-officio members.

A letter seeking nominations shall be mailed in February to all Mothers or Guardians. Nominations shall be submitted to the Chair of the Nominating Committee by a date determined by her but no later than the end of March. If an inadequate number of nominations are received, the Nominating Committee will actively recruit volunteers to fill vacant positions on the Executive Board.

The slate of nominated officers shall be presented by the monthly business meeting in April. The installation of the new officers shall take place in May.

Article XI: Committees

The Co-Presidents, after their election, shall appoint for one-year as they deems necessary, one or more chairs for any committee, including: Alumni Delegate, Bylaws, Hospitality, Events, Nominating, and Special Projects.

Article XII: Order of Business

The order of business at all regular meetings of the organization shall be as follows:

  • Call or order
  • Prayer
  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Co-Presidents’ report
  • Vice President’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Membership Secretary’s report
  • Website Coordinator’s report
  • Outreach Coordinator’s report
  • Reports of Committee Chairs
  • Unfinished business
  • New business
  • Prayer
  • Adjournment

Article XIII: Removal of Officers

Any office shall become vacant upon the happening of any of the following events: the death of the incumbent; unexcused absence from three consecutive monthly meetings; resignation, or removal by two-thirds vote of members present at such meetings. All appointed officers shall hold office at the discretion of the Co-Presidents and Moderator.

If an officer resigns, the Co-Presidents will appoint a replacement after consulting the Moderator.

Article XIV: Student Recognition Awards

Annually, the organization awards an honorarium to one student in each class year. Additionally, a scholarship is awarded to commemorate the founder of the Mothers’ Club, Margaret McDermott. Recipients of Student Recognition Awards, selected by the Administration of Fordham Prep, are outstanding members of the Prep community and balance academics, social and religious life. The recipients of these awards are announced at the Dinner/Fashion Show.

Article XV: Amendments

Upon prior approval of the Bylaws Committee and the Executive Board, the Constitution and Bylaws maybe amended at any monthly business meeting of this organization on two-weeks notice to all Mothers/Guardians. The amendment shall become effective upon ratification by a two-thirds majority vote of those present.

If the organization should be dissolved, all funds and assets shall automatically become the property of Fordham Prep.

Article XVI: Enablement


This Constitution shall be in full force and effect upon a majority vote of the Executive Board members present at a monthly business meeting.


Effective date, as amended: May 8, 2013