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Meetings and Events

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2020-21 Academic Year

Date Time Event
21-Oct 7pm Fathers' Club Meeting: Fordham Prep's COVID Preparedness - a conversation on the school's efforts to address mental and physical health issues
18-Nov 7pm Fathers' Club Meeting: Veterans Celebration 
7-Dec 5:30pm Fathers' Club Christmas Party at Concourse House
17-Dec 7pm Fathers' Club Meeting & Christmas Party 
14-Jan 7pm Fathers' Club Poker Tournament
27-Jan 7pm Faith on Tap 
11-Feb 7pm Fathers' Club Meeting: Celebrating Diversity
18-Apr 10am-4pm Spring Bronx Day of Service
25-Apr 9am Grandparents Mass-Breakfast
12-May 7pm Fathers' Club Meeting 
16-Jun 7pm Fathers' Club Meeting