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Camino Ignaciano

On July 21st, seven Prep faculty and staff members will embark on a 12-day Camino Ignaciano.  The Camino follows the 640 km pilgrim route taken by Íñigo López de Loyola (who later became Saint Ignatius of Loyola) in 1522 from his home in Spain’s Basque country to Montserrat and Manresa. Our Pilgrims will walk virtually the same route that Ignatius did, pass through many towns that he did, pray at churches where he did, and marvel at the same natural wonders that he saw. There will be opportunities for prayer, personal reflection, spiritual conversation and sharing in small groups. 

Our pilgrims would like to lift up the needs of our community in prayer throughout their journey.  If you have a special intention or person you would like them to pray for you can submit it using this prayer intention form.

We also invite you to journey with them virtually on this Camino page.  Each day they will post pictures and share a reflection on that day’s journey.   

Fordham Prep Pilgrims:

  • Maura Brennan, Counseling Department
  • Debbie DiDomizio, Administrative Staff
  • Carol Isabel, Administrative Staff
  • William Magner, English Department
  • Maureen Martinez, Counseling Department
  • Anthony Palombi, Counseling Department
  • Tina Porco, Administrative Staff


As we end our pilgrimage there's a sense of peace, tranquility, and humbleness. - Carol Isabel

August 1 Camino Reflection

July 30, 2019 - Manresa

"A beautiful moment was shared in celebration of the final leg of the pilgrimage." - Tina Porco

 July 30 Camino Reflection

July 28, 2019 - Journey to Montserrat

"I choose to rise." - Carol Isabel

July 28 Camino Reflection

july 27, 2019 - verdu to cervera

"Does my pride get in the way of serving God? Am I humble enough to receive and give to others? I prayed the “Our Father” and asked God for guidance." - Debbie DiDomizio

July 27 Camino Reflection

July 26, 2019 - St. Peter Claver Shrine

"Friendship is our word for the day and I am deeply grateful  for the friends I have made on the pilgrimage thus far. " - Tina Porco

July 26 Camino Reflection

July 25, 2019 - on the road

And that’s what, I realized, gives me hope. God has been with me on my journey thus far, is with me now up every hill and through every valley, and will be there waiting for me at the end of the trail with open arms and a smiling heart. - Maureen Martinez

 July 25 Camino Reflection

july 24, 2019 - Azpeitia

"Azpeitia is the site of many important moments in Ignatius’ life, but none more so than his conversion that took place while recovering from injuries suffered in battle in Pamplona." - Maura Brennan

July 24 Camino Reflection

july 23, 2019 - Barcelona & traveling to basque country

You call us, Lord, to leave familiar things and to leave our comfort zone.

May we open our eyes to new experiences, may we open our ears to hear you speaking to us, and may we open our hearts to your love. Grant that this time spent on pilgrimage may help us to see ourselves as we really are and may we strive to become the people you would have us be. Amen. - Bill Magner

July 23 Camino Reflection

July 22, 2019 - sagrada familia, barcelona

"Staring up at a cathedral commissioned in 1882 and still seven years from completion, I am reminded that our trip experience is comprised of small moments over time; countless others have walked this path before, and many more will follow. Today was an outstanding beginning." - Anthony Palombi

July 22 Camino Reflection

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