Dress & Appearance 

This page outlines dress and grooming regulations at Fordham Prep. However, the Dean of Students will make the final decision on any issue regarding dress and appearance.

The keynotes of personal appearance at Fordham Prep are neatness and appropriateness. Fordham Prep’s policy for school dress is as follows. Because the way students dress affects the way they behave and even how they view themselves, the Prep requires students to dress in neat, business attire. Good manners, cooperation and neatness are required of every Prep young man.

Upon entering the building all students must change into proper attire and remain in school dress throughout the academic day.

The dress code includes a sport coat or suit jacket, a shirt, tie, dress slacks, belt, appropriate shoes, and socks. All clothing should be clean, neat, properly fitting and in good repair. No hats, earrings, visible tattoos or body piercings are allowed, and extremes in fashion are not allowed.             

(a) Hair: Hair must be of a natural color and cannot be dyed. Hair may not extend below the collar, nor cover the ears, nor reach the eyebrow. No extreme fades, other extreme styles, wigs, full‑shaven heads or ponytails are permitted. Neat braids are acceptable. Hair accessories of any kind are not allowed. Seniors may wear mustaches and beards, which must be kept neat. All other students must be clean‑shaven.

(b) Shirt: Neat dress shirt with collar must be buttoned to top, tucked in and not bloused.

thin Stripes

Not Allowed
long sleeve T-shirt under club/senior polo/pullover
wide stripes
fleece pullovers

(c) Slacks: Dress slacks with belt.

traditional dress slacks

Not Allowed
exterior pockets
cargo pants             

(d) Jacket/Senior Privilege: Sport coat or suit jacket required from October 1 to May 1. Seniors may wear a Fordham Prep approved maroon senior pullover in place of a jacket on any school day. On the last school day of the week, seniors are allowed to wear a Fordham Prep senior polo and no jacket.

All students may wear school approved athletic team and/or activities/club pullovers in place of jackets only on E days.

(e) Shoes: Dress shoes (with dress soles) below the ankle. Socks must be worn.

hush puppies
dress shoes

Not Allowed
boots (unless approved by Dean due to heavy snow)
diesel or similar shoes
walking shoes
Uggs slippers

Students must remove their outer jackets, and place them in their lockers, upon arrival.

Students requesting a change in dress code due to an injury must contact the Deans Office in advance for approval. (They must present a written parental request to the Dean’s office before AM attendance check.)

Students not observing these regulations may be asked by the Dean of Students to return to their homes for proper dress and appearance. The Dean of Students reserves the right to determine whether or not a student is complying with the regulations on dress and appearance.

During dress down days students must wear long pants and shirts in good taste. No clothing may be worn that promotes drugs, alcohol, is suggestive, or is in any way inappropriate. All grooming regulations are in effect.

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