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Summer Trips 2018

Since the founding of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius’ vision was that his companions would carry out the mission of the Society in a global context, traveling to the frontiers to be with diverse cultures and those on the margins. Ignatius’ vision is being carried out by our students and faculty as they live and work on five different continents through our Service Immersion and Global Education programs. Staff and students are traveling to Ecuador, Camden, Tennessee, Australia, China and Rwanda. You can follow these programs on twitter at fpcsitrips and fpglobaled. 


Service Immersion Trips: Tennessee, Ecuador & Camden

In addition to the four-year service requirement, students volunteer to travel to live in community and to provide material assistance to residents in need.


Appalachia Habitat for Humanity

Tennessee 1 June 17-23 
Mrs. Berrios P ’17, Ms. Brennan, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Ritter ’96, Mr. Wrotniak ’14

Tennessee 2 June 24-30 
Mr. Feighery ’03, Mr. Franchi ’96, Mr. Ritter ’96, Mr. Sheil '76, Mr. Sullivan ’96

Tennessee  3 July 29- Aug 4 
Mr. Berrios P ’17, Mr. Delaney ’12, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Palombi, Mr. Ritter ’96

Tennessee  4 Aug 5-11 

Mr. Altenau ’04, Mr. Carney, Ms. Dempsey, Mr. Ritter '96, Mr. Sullivan ’96

Tennessee  5 Aug 12-18 

Dr. Lee, Mr. McShane '10, Mr. Ritter '96, Mr. Sullivan ’96

Photo Gallery


Camden, NJ

Mr. Homer, Mr. McLaughlin 

The Romero Center



Working Boys Center, Quito

Ecuador 1
Mr. Chavez, Mr. Unrein

Ecuador 2
Mr. Broussard, Ms. Lieberman, Dr. Smith

Photo Gallery


Global Education Trips: Australia, China, Rwanda

We raise student awareness of the world outside their own environment through the exploration of different and diverse cultures in the world. This awareness prepares students to be more empathetic, accepting of differences, aware of social justice and human rights issues, and better prepared for an interconnected and diverse world in which they will live and work. They will also be better prepared to understand and embrace world cultures, communicate effectively at a global level, respect and value diversity, understand and take action against injustices, and develop skills necessary to work cross-culturally.


Dr. Gelpi, Dr. Lee
This collaborative program between Boston College High School, Fordham Prep and Riverview College includes an academic experience at Riverview, ample opportunities to explore and discover the dynamic city of Sydney, and a 5-day long service experience.



Dr. Carney, Mr. Magner, Ms. Han
This trip includes classes in Mandarin Chinese, workshops in martial arts and traditional music, and opportunities to explore and discover the dynamic cities of Beijing and Xi’An. 



Mr. Carney, Mr. Gustafson, SJ
Students travel to the city of Kilgali and stay with host families from St. Ignatius school, a co-ed Jesuit school. Participants attend daily classes, tour the city of Kilgali, participate in a retreat and have the opportunity to participate in a gorilla trekking experience. 


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