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Scholarships & Financial Aid

MERIT-BASED scholarships

Fordham Prep offers academic scholarships to students entering freshman year provided they have both outstanding entrance exam results, at least a 90th percentile on the TACHS exam's Local Achievement Ranking (or score on a comparable exam); and an outstanding academic record. 

Those interested in qualifying for a Merit Based Scholarship are also required to submit:

    • Merit Scholarship Essay
    • Merit Scholarship Recommendation

Both of these items must be filled out electronically and are done so through the SchoolAdmin Parent Portal (once you complete your online application). 

Both are due no later than December 13, 2019.  Applicants will not be considered for a Merit Scholarship unless they have submitted all their application materials by this date.  We also strongly encourage Merit Scholarship Candidates to participate in our Ram for a Day program before the December 13 deadline.


Note that these are not administered by Fordham Prep.  Please contact the listed organization if you have any questions about their process.

Columbus Citizens Foundation - Application Deadline, February 7, 2020


financial aid

Thanks to the generosity of faithful alumni and benefactors, Fordham Prep’s Board of Trustees is able to set aside funds each year for financial aid. Last year, Fordham Prep provided approximately $4.3 million dollars in assistance and scholarships to approximately 45% of Fordham Prep families. Financial aid is awarded based on demonstrated need. Our goal is to maintain a student population rich in talent and diverse in culture, without regard to financial resources. Students are not required to work in exchange for merit scholarships and financial aid. Financial aid is not a loan; no repayment is required.

Please note that financial aid is awarded only to those families whose accounts are in good standing.

The Financial Aid process is confidential. Families are required to complete an application each year and send supporting documents to F.A.I.R. (Financial Aid Independent Review), an outside organization that provides analysis and recommendations to our Financial Aid Committee. Supporting documents include the most recent federal tax return and schedules, as well as W-2 forms and current paystubs. No family will be eligible to receive financial aid until the application is completed.

Families of Prospective Freshman for the Class of 2024 (entering September 2020):

Apply between early September and December 13, 2019. Use 2018 Federal Tax Return.

Responses will be communicated on January 31, 2020 provided your application was completed by the December 13 deadline.

Families of Current Students:

Apply between February 1, 2020 and March 15, 2020. Use 2019 Federal Tax Return.

A response from Fordham Prep will be mailed in June 2019.

***Please note that financial aid is allocated to families who apply on time. Those who apply late should not expect to receive aid. ***

Application instructions:

1.  Setup an account at

2.  When prompted, supply the following:

            School code: 169, School password: fps169

3.  Complete the application.

4.  Pay the fee: $30 (Visa or Mastercard).

5.  Mail federal tax return with all schedules, W-2’s and most recent paystubs to:

FAIR, Inc.
P.O. Box 211423
Eagan, MN 55121 

Who can apply for financial aid?

All families are welcome to apply; however, awards are granted only on the basis of demonstrated need as determined by the Financial Aid Committee.

Can my son qualify for financial aid for being an outstanding student?

Financial aid is awarded independently of academic performance, and based solely on demonstrated financial need.

Can my son qualify for aid for being an outstanding athlete?

Fordham Prep does not award athletic scholarships.

What is the income cutoff for receiving financial aid?

There is no set income cutoff for receiving financial aid. FAIR, Inc., the service that analyzes the financial aid applications, looks at income and assets, making allowances for living expenses and retirement planning. A percentage of the remaining resources is expected to be available for tuition. Two families with the same income may receive different awards, based on the demands placed on that income including the number of children.

My son is applying for admission as a prospective freshman; when should I apply for financial aid?
Please apply between September 1 and December 17. Go to, the website for Financial Aid Review, and use the school password and school code provided above. You will receive a response to your request for aid from Fordham Prep before registration in March.
My son is applying for admission as a prospective freshman; can I wait until he is accepted to apply for financial aid?

No. Financial aid applications for prospective freshmen are due December 15th. Families who meet that deadline are guaranteed a response to their request for financial aid before registration. Families who do not meet that deadline risk receiving no aid because funds have already been distributed, or less aid because there is so little left available. In addition, families who apply late will not receive a response before registration in March.

My son is a returning student. When should I apply or re-apply for financial aid?

Between February 1st and March 15th. Please use 2018 financial figures to complete the application. Your family will receive a response to your request in early June. Please note that financial aid will only be awarded to families whose accounts are in good standing.

I already have one son at Fordham Prep and intend to register an incoming freshman. When should my family apply for financial aid?

Complete your application by December 17th, including both students on the application.

When will I get a response to my request for financial aid?

Families of prospective freshman will receive letters before registration in March. Families of current students will receive letters in early June. Please note that financial aid will only be awarded to families whose accounts are in good standing.

What if the deadline has passed and then we realize that we need to apply for financial aid?

You may still apply, and should do so as soon as possible. Please be aware, however, that the Financial Aid Committee will probably have awarded all financial aid monies. If additional money does become available, it is helpful for the Financial Aid Committee to have ready access to a completed application.

My son is applying for admission as a transfer student; can we apply for financial aid?

Financial aid is generally not available for transfer students. Your family may apply, but you are less likely to receive an award, as priority in the awarding of financial aid is given to currently enrolled students and incoming freshmen. Should additional money become available, however, it is helpful for the Financial Aid Committee to have ready access to a completed application. Please note that after having spent one year at Fordham Prep, a transfer student may apply for financial aid, and his application will be given the same consideration as is given to all enrolled students.

How much financial aid does Fordham Prep award each year?

The financial aid budget is set by the Administration and the Board of Trustees. For the 2016-2017 academic year, Fordham Prep awarded $ 4.1 million in financial aid. Fordham Prep and the Financial Aid Committee make every effort to meet the financial needs of each family.

Does FAIR, Inc. determine the financial aid awards?

No. Fordham Prep’s Financial Aid Committee uses FAIR’s analysis of each family’s finances as the starting point in its discussions of how much aid to grant. The Committee takes into account extenuating or unusual circumstances that families have noted on their application.

Can my family receive financial aid for the full tuition at Fordham Prep?

Fordham Prep requires that each family contribute financially to the education of their child.

If my son receives financial aid, will he or I be required to do anything in return?

Fordham Prep requires each family to sign our Financial Aid agreement, reminding each student of his responsibility as a member of the Fordham Prep Community to: commit himself to support the mission and philosophy of Fordham Prep, work hard in all subjects so as to perform to the best of his ability, maintain excellent attendance, cooperate with Fordham Prep in keeping in touch with donors and letting them know about his progress, participate actively in the programs and activities of Fordham Prep, be mindful of the generosity of his benefactors and contribute to the assistance of other students in years to come, once he has completed his studies and entered the workforce.

Fordham Prep requires a tablet device of all students. Can I receive help purchasing one?

FP does help families in financial need purchase a tablet device. Please contact Dr. Morris for more information,


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