Giving /  Honor Roll of Donors: July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017

Honor Roll of Donors - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017
Over 3,300 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends supported Fordham Prep during the past fiscal year.  The generosity of our loyal donors, coupled with the impact of 699 first-time donors, allows us to provide the resources the Prep needs to help students grow in faith, scholarship, and service by embracing what they learn at Fordham Prep to better the world around them.

Fordham Prep wishes to recognize and thank all those who have contributed to the Prep between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Please note that this list is not reflective of the final Honor Roll of Donors which will be published in the Fall 2017 Ramview, as part of the school's Annual Report.   If you have any questions about your giving history or making a gift to Fordham Prep, please contact Suzanne Dowden at or (718) 367-7500, ext. 274. 

A & G Auto Body

A&A Meat & Produce Corp

Mr. Alfred M. Abate '69

Mr. Andrew S. Abbattista '16

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Abel P'19

Mr. Sharbel Abi-Habib '07

Mrs. Robert Abplanalp

Mr. Gregory J. Accarino '08

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. Accarino P'08,'10

Mr. John J. Accarino '10

Mr. Sammy Acebal '82

Mr. Victor Acevedo '94

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Adair P'20

Mr. Kenneth N. Adams '50

Mr. Michael C. Adams '70

Mr. Michael V. Addesso '14

Mr. & Mrs. Abel Adeleye P'18

Mr. Matthew G. Adelhardt '96

Mr. Isreal O. Adeyanju '11

Mr. Edwin J. Adlerman '89

Mrs. Margaret I. Adlerman P'89

Mr. & Mrs. Emmet Agoglia

Mr. George Aguiar '87

Mr. Kevin W. Aguiar '11

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Aguirre P'18

Mr. Kevin M. Ahern '01

Mr. Richard L. Ahern '47

Mr. Shawn D. Ahern

Mrs. Maria B. Albanese

Mr. Alfonso Albero P'81,'82,'86

Mr. Christopher A. Albero '86

Mr. Joseph M. Albero '81

Mr. Peter G. Albero '82

Mr. Vincent J. Albrecht '57

Mr. Cornelius J. Alejo '93

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh B. Alexander P'19

Mr. Stephan A. Alkins '85

Dr. Carol Allen P'12

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Allen

Mr. John F. Alleva '12

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Alleva P'12

Mr. Daniel V. Almeida P'18

Mr. & Mrs. David Almeida

Ms. Jeanne Almeida P'18

Mr. Matthew D. Almeida '09

Mr. Daryl K. Alston '93

Mr. Daniel G. Altenau '08

Mr. Joseph A. Altenau '04

Mr. Raymond J. Alter '05

Mr. James P. Altomare '92

Mr. Asberto L. Alvero '91

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Alvino '68, P'01

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Amato P'18

Mr. Philip J. Amato '47

Amazon Smile

Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Ambrosi '01

Dr. Paul J. Ambrosini '68

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Amelio P'20

Mr. Joseph Amendolara

American Express Foundation

Mr. Ravindra Amin

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Ammon P'19

Mr. Robert J. Anastasio '70

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Anderson P'12,'13,'19

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Andreana P'19

Mr. Stephen J. Andreycak P'07,'12

Mr. Charles A. Andruss '91

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Andruss P'88,'89,'91

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Angello P'20

Mr. Christopher F. Angelo '13

Mr. Stephen J. Angelovich '07

Dr. Joseph L. Angiello '62

Mr. Patrick J. Angiolillo '10

Mr. John J. Angrisani '71

John L. Anner

Mr. & Mrs. Christian Annexy

Mr. John J. Annis '72

Mr. Angelo J. Annunziato '02

Anonymous Anonymous

Mr. Robert A. Anselmi '64

Antoinette & Lawrence Iannotti Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Pasquale Antolino '94

Mrs. Anthony P. Antonecchia P'84,'88

Mr. Anthony P. Antonecchia

Mr. Marc L. Antonecchia '88

Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Antonelli P'14

Mr. Francis J. Apicella '61

Mr. Albert A. Apicelli '57

Mr. Christopher Apostle

Mr. Gregory N. Apostle '15

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Apostle P'15,'17

Mr. Gregory D. Arcaro '64

Archdiocese of New York

Mr. Thomas W. Archer

Mr. Charles G. Argast '09

Mr. Thomas C. Arlotta '13

Mr. Manfred R. Armbruster P'88,'94

Mr. Robert J. Armbruster '59

Mr. Hugh J. Arnstein '64

Mr. Radford A. Arrindell '09

Mr. Richard L. Arvedlund '59

Mr. Robert F. Astarita '88

Mr. Gerald J. Attis '59

Mr. Pat L. Aulicino '68

Mr. Calvin Auyeung '00

Mr. Martin D. Avallone '79

Mr. John K. Avanzino '76

Mr. John A. Avellino '03

Mr. Christopher J. Aventuro '15

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Aventuro P'15,'18

Mr. Jesse J. Aversano '75

Ms. Kristen T. Axelrad

Mr. Frederick P. Ayers '75

Mr. Billy G. Ayres '75

Mr. David P. Ayres '05

Mr. Gregory J. Babiak '61

Mr. Albert X. Bader '78

Mr. Christopher F. Bader '79

Mrs. Patricia K. Bader P'78,'79

Mr. Henry A. Baez '03

Mr. Thomas J. Baffer '64

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Baglione P'90

Mr. Jonathan J. Bagwell '99

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Baisley

Mr. Robert J. Baker '45

Mr. & Mrs. George Bakos

Mr. Robert E. Baldauf '52

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic J. Balestra P'94

Mr. John M. Ball '64

Mrs. Celia Baluja P'87

Bank of America Foundation

Mr. Patrick M. Banks '11

Mr. David J. Barnette '72

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Baron P'91

Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Barr P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Barry P'18

Mr. Hugh J. Barry

Mr. Peter F. Barry '45

Mr. & Mrs. Norwin A. Bartolome P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony G. Bastardi

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bastianich '85, P'18,20

Mr. Andrew M. Bastone '17

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bastone P'17

Mr. Dennis M. Basulto '98

Fr. Karl A. Bauer '56

Mr. Robert E. Baumann III '17

Mr. Robert Baumann

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baumann P'17,'19

Mr. Peter J. Bautz '72

Mr. & Mrs. John Bave P'04,'07,'10

Mr. Richard R. Baxter

Bayard Street LLC

Mr. Theodore W. Beale '09

Mr. & Mrs. Anibal Beauchamp P'17

Mr. William A. Beauchamp '17

Mr. Mark E. Beaugard '67

Mr. Charles J. Beck '87

Mr. David W. Beck '63

Mr. Jacques P. Beckerich '04

Mr. Phil Beekman

Mr. & Mrs. Terence P. Begley P'20

Mr. & Mrs. John Beirne P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Beirne P'19

Mr. Adam G. Belardino '02

Mr. Kevin V. Bell '64

Mr. Stephen P. Bell '73

Mr. Thomas G. Bell '76

Dr. Andrew J. Bellantoni '07

Bellarmine College Prep

Mr. Thomas G. Bellew '05

Mr. Robert J. Bellinger '70

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bello P'03,'05,'08

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Belluscio P'06,'07

Mr. Evan D. Belluscio '07

Bender & Rosenthal

Mr. Jonas S. Bender-Nash '01

Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Bennett P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bennitt

Ms. Constance A. Benson

Mr. Eric B. Benson

Mr. Edward P. Bergin '64

Dr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Bergman P'13

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Berman

Mr. John J. Bernauer '59

Mrs. Romilda Bernazzani P'83

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Berrios P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Berry

Mr. Lawrence J. Berry '64

Mr. Nicholas J. Berti '08

Mr. Salvatore J. Bertolone '62

Mr. Christopher W. Bertoni '94

Mr. John A. Bertrand '56

Mr. Robert W. Bertrand '58

Mr. Scott Bessent

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Beuchert '54, P'80

Mr. Michael R. Beutel '03

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Beyer '83, P'19

Mr. Richard F. Bezinski

Mr. Mario Biaggi '76

Mr. & Mrs. Jon C. Bidwell P'15,'16

Mr. & Mrs. George Biggs

Rev. Joseph E. Billotti '50, SJ

Mr. Warren B. Bischoff II '17

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bischoff P'17

Mrs. Nancy Bischoff

Mrs. Barbara Bistany P'10,'14

Mr. Christian O. Bistany '14

Mr. Lloyd J. Bistany '10

Mr. James J. Black '58

Mr. & Mrs. Owen Black

Mr. Richard W. Black '65

Susan M. Black

Mr. & Mrs. Gurdon H. Blackwell P'95,'97,'99,'19

Mr. Christopher V. Blake '84

Mr. Antonio G. Blasetti '06

Col. Andrew J. Blenkle '61

Mr. John P. Blessington '51

BNY Mellon

Mr. & Mrs. Kenan Boate P'06

Mr. Mark L. Boccardi '94

Mr. James P. Boland '86

Mr. John J. Boland '65

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Boland P'96

Mr. Thomas P. Boland '76

Mr. Richard O. Bond '64

Mr. Henri E. Bonvin '45

Mr. Zachary R. Bordonaro '06

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Borowsky P'20

Mr. Gerald A. Borreggine '64

Mr. Guy C. Bosetti '44

Mr. Charles G. Bosley '69

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bothfeld

Mr. Bruce G. Bott '59

Mr. Thomas A. Bourke '62

Mr. Patrick J. Boustead '04

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boustead P'04,'08

Mr. & Mrs. Sean M. Bowden '94

Mr. Philip A. Bowles '87

Mr. Gerald M. Boyle

Mr. Michael R. Boyle '77

Mr. Robert S. Boyle '82

Mr. Michael J. Bozzone '59

Mr. Fernando Bragaglia '82

Mr. Joseph C. Brandon '99

Mr. Robert L. Brannigan '49, P'74

Mr. Daniel D. Brennan '94

Mr. James T. Brennan '85

Mrs. Liz A. Brennan

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brennan P'04

Mr. Patrick J. Brennan '80

Mr. Pierce V. Brennan '43

Lt. Col. Robert J. Brennan '70

Mr. Thomas M. Brennan '55

Mr. William F. Brennan '52

Ms. Cynthia Brenner

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Breslin P'16,'18,'19

Mr. William R. Brick '57

Ms. Cindy Brinkhaus

Mr. James J. Briscoe '53

Mr. Donald P. Brisson '62

Broadridge Financial Solutions

Mr. Marc A. Brockwell '16

Mr. Matthew D. Brockwell

Mrs. Barbara M. Broderick

Mr. Douglas A. Broderick '73

Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Broglie P'01

Mr. John D. Bronzo '09

Mr. & Mrs. Neal Bronzo P'10,'11,'15

Mr. Christopher F. Brophy '03

Mr. Christopher J. Brophy '89

Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Brophy P'89

Mr. Kevin T. Brosnan '12

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Brosnan '76, P'12

Mr. Alexander F. Brown '99

Mr. Andrew L. Brown '16

Mr. Connor T. Brown '09

Mr. James C. Brown '15

Mrs. Mary Beth Brown P'15,'19

Mr. Peter C. Brown '62

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Brown '62, P'99

Mr. Kenneth Browne

Mr. Sean M. Browne '11

Ms. Margaret Brownlee

Mrs. Karen A. Brueck

Mr. James R. Brugger '67

Mr. Joseph A. Brunner '59

Mr. Charles J. Brusco '17

Mr. Daniel A. Brusco '08

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Brusco '83, P'15,'17

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. Brusco P'08

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas E. Brusco '79, P'13

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Brusco '82, P'18

Mr. Savino D. Brusco '15

Mr. & Mrs. Carole F. Brustman

Mr. Charles D. Bryceland '87


Mr. Andrew L. Buccellato '64

Mr. Anthony Bucceri

Mr. John R. Buchanan

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bucher

Mr. Joseph R. Buchheit '08

Mr. James E. Buckman '62

Mr. Mark A. Bugniazet '13

Mrs. Maria G. Bulis P'88,'89

Ms. Ann Marie Bullaro

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel J. Bundschuh P'99

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Burbage P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Terence J. Burd P'15

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Burda

Mr. Brian K. Burkart '64

Mr. Brian T. Burke '64

Mr. Edmund M. Burke '44

Mrs. Mary B. Burke

Mr. Michael J. Burke '66

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Burke P'85,'86

Mr. Robert Burke

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burnett P'18

Mr. Patrick Owen Burns '55

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Burns P'15,'17,'19

Mr. Travis C. Burns '17

Mr. Katherine Burton

Mr. David R. Bush '09

Ms. Anne K. Butler P'19

Mr. Robert P. Butta '49

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Buttigieg P'15

Mr. Timothy W. Buttigieg '15

Mr. & Mrs. Corrado Buzzerio P'17

Mr. Salvatore O. Buzzerio '17

Dr. Henry Bylicky P'11

Mr. Denis P. Byrne '64

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Byrne P'04

Mr. Gerard A. Byrne '62

Mr. J. Peter Byrne '69

Mr. Joseph A. Byrne '74

Mr. Paul G. Byrne '57

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher O. Byrnes P'17

Mr. Owen M. Byrnes '17

Mr. Lawrence R. Cahill '63

Mr. Patrick J. Cahill

Mr. Peter J. Cahill '11

Mr. Vincent J. Cahill '64

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Calamari '82, P'15,'19

Mr. Michael A. Calandra '98

Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Calder P'17

Mr. Thomas Calder

Mr. James M. Callahan '59

Mr. John F. Callahan '52

Mr. Joseph P. Callahan '62

Mr. Aidan V. Camas '10

Mr. Gabriel W. Camas '17

Mr. Martin P. Camas '11

Mr. Owen M. Camas '15

Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Camas '78, P'10,'11,'15,'17

Mr. Gregory D. Camillucci '52

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Cammarota P'20

Mr. Robert J. Cammilleri '96

Mr. Mario Campanelli '03

Mr. Charles F. Campbell '65

Mr. Michael J. Campbell '55

Mr. Thomas J. Campbell '76

Col. William E. Campbell '48

Ms. Rosemary Campion

Mr. Paul J. Campisi '85

Mr. Philip Canada '98

Mr. Anthony D. Canale '90, P'20

Mr. Thomas J. Cangialosi '52

Canisius High School

Dr. Patrick J. Cannon '62

Mr. Joseph E. Cantwell '66

Mr. Stephen L. Capece '64

Mr. Guy J. Capozzo '58

Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Caputo P'95,'00

Mr. Michael J. Caputo '95

Mr. Nicholas W. Caputo '00

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Carcano '85, P'19

Mr. Brian Carcaterra

Cardinal Hayes Council

Mrs. Dolores B. Cardon

Mr. Daniel H. Cardona '08

Mr. Michael A. Cardosa '96

Mr. & Mrs. Genepeter J. Carelli '04

Mr. Daniel M. Carew '52

Mr. Thomas A. Carey '74

Mr. Tim Carey

Mr. Ralph J. Cargiulo '52

Dr. Martin Carney

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Carr P'96

Mr. Michael B. Carr '81

Mr. Stephen J. Carre '93

Mrs. Carol T. Carrico

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Carrion P'16

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Carro

Mr. Eugene P. Carroll '59

Mrs. Melanie M. Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Carroll P'13,'14

Mr. Robert Carroll '57

Mr. Wayne P. Carroll '65

Mr. Joseph P. Carrozza '78

Mr. John R. Carsky '79

Mr. Robert H. Carson

Mr. Arthur Carter P'18

Mr. John T. Carty '70

Mr. Richard T. Carucci '75

Mr. & Mrs. John Caruso P'17

Mr. Michael R. Caruso '17

Mr. Stephen J. Caruso '01

Mr. William J. Caruso '51

Mr. Paul S. Casamassimo '66

Mr. Graysen L. Casco '15

Mr. John M. Casella '16

Mr. Thomas J. Caserta '66

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Casey P'19

Mr. & Mrs. John Cashman

Mr. Christopher A. Casieri '87

Mr. Brian T. Casper '17

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Casper P'17

Mr. Raymond P. Cassidy '47

Mr. Robert T. Cassidy P'90

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Casson P'21

Mr. Vincent J. Castellano '70

Mr. Justin T. Castro '02

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Catalano P'07,'11

Mr. Vito C. Catania '69


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Catherall P'13

Mr. Michael J. Catherall '13

Catholic Communal Fund

Catholic Kolping Society New York

Mr. James V. Catuogno '10

Mr. John M. Cautillo '76

Mr. Daniel C. Cavaluzzi '73

Mr. Andrew J. Cavanagh '06

Mr. Christopher E. Cavanagh '02

Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Cavanagh P'02,'06

Mr. Anthony J. Cavanna '89

Mr. Brendan Cawley

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Cawley

Dr. Richard J. Cea '55

Mr. & Mrs. Hasan Cebeci P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Jose M. Centeno

Mr. Arthur L. Centonze '64

Dr. Franco Cerabona

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Cerabona P'18

Mr. Mark J. Cerbone '76

Ms. Germaine Certo

Mr. Jeffrey Certo

Mr. Matthew Certo

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Certo P'18

Mr. & Mrs. E. Val Cerutti P'83,'86

Mr. Michael P. Cesa '64

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Chacko '90, P'18

Dr. Patrick P. Chang '76

Mr. Manus Chaorinuea '96

Ms. Susan Charendoff

Charity Golf International LLC

Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation

Charlotte Palmer Phillips Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Victor E. Chatelain '11

Mr. Pierre Chavez

Ms. Regina Cheever

Mr. & Mrs. Guobing Chen P'20

Mr. Albert W. Chianese '65

Mr. Alexander C. Chin Fong '10

Mr. Anthony J. Chiodi '99

Mr. Raman K. Chitkara

Mr. Luke J. Chmiel '15

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Chmiel P'15

Mr. Gerard J. Chomiak '69

Mr. Kyle W. Chow '08

Dr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Chow P'03,'08

Mr. & Mrs. Michael I. Chung P'19

Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Church of St Joseph

Mr. Andrew G. Ciaccia '14

Mr. Mario A. Ciampi '78

Dr. Joseph J. Ciancaglini

Mr. Michael F. Ciccone '19

Mr. Jonharold A. Cicero '98

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cicileo P'17

Mr. Anthony N. Cicileo '17

Mr. John C. Cimperman '72

Mr. Joseph E. Ciotti '64

Mr. Gino A. Ciravolo '00

Mr. Quin E. Ciuffetelli '93

Mr. & Ms. John R. Ciulla

Mr. John G. Civetta '79

Mr. Patrick T. Civetta '11

Mr. James E. Clair

Mr. Cyril Clancy

Mr. Kenneth P. Clancy '48

Mr. & Mrs. Manus J. Clancy P'13

Mr. Donald J. Clark '48

Jamesine B. Clark

Mr. Adrian Clarke '00

Mr. David W. Clarke '01

Mr. William P. Clarke '60

Mr. William P. Clarke '73

Mr. Brian E. Clarkin '91

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Clawson

Mr. Timothy F. Cleary '66

Mr. & Mrs. Constantine L. Clemente '54, P'85

Mr. Robert J. Clemente '67, P'93

Mr. Brian L. Clifford '93

Mr. Sean M. Cloherty '94

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Clow P'15,'20

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coash P'15

Mr. Daniel J. Coash '15

Mr. Martin E. Coffey '67

Mr. Paul Coghlan '62

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Cohane P'20

Mrs. William Cohen P'18

Mrs. Agnes Coleman

Mrs. Carol F. Coleman P'88

Mr. Daniel T. Coleman '77

Mr. Patrick J. Colgan '17

Mr. Arthur F. Coli '78

Mr. Lawrence E. Colkin '63

Mr. Eric J. Collazo '06

Mr. James J. Collins '60

Ms. Margaret Collins

Dr. Michael J. Collins '59

Mr. Richard K. Collins '94

Mr. Thomas M. Collins '64

Mr. Anthony M. Collura '78

Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Colucci

Columbus Citizens Foundation

Mr. Louis A. Comarato '68

Comcast Corporation

Mr. Jerome A. Comeau '58, P'79

Commodore Construction Corp.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Conaton P'14

Mr. Patrick A. Conaton '14

Mr. Lawrence M. Condon '62

Ms. Mary M. Condon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Condor P'15

Mr. James J. Conforti '82

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Connell '70

Mr. Brian P. Connelly '67

Mr. Jonathan P. Connery '07

Mr. C. Stephen Connolly '51

Prof. John M. Connolly '61

Ms. Jane Connor

Mr. Michael K. Connor '61

Mr. Thomas J. Connor '11

Mr. Eugene K. Connors '64

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Connors P'00

Mr. John H. Connors

Mr. Kevin J. Connors '67

Mr. Terrence M. Connors '64

Mr. Devin S. Conroy '02

Mr. Edward N. Conroy '53

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Conroy P'84

Mr. James J. Considine '83

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Considine '76

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Conway

Mr. Thomas A. Conway '60, P'88

Mr. John T. Coogan '17

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Coogan P'17,'20

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Cook P'07

Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Cook '72, P'17

Mr. William A. Cook '65

Mr. Michael G. Cooney '11

Mr. Michael J. Cooney '74

Mr. Nicholas J. Cooney '53

Mr. Patrick J. Cooney '62

Mr. Thomas J. Cooney '75

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Copeland P'19

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Coppola P'20

Mr. Nicholas P. Coppola '17

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coppola P'17

Mr. David P. Cora '76

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Corasaniti P'18

Mr. James J. Corbett '99

Mr. John A. Corbett '88

Mr. Kevin S. Corbett '73

Mr. Keith A. Corpus '82

Mr. Thomas J. Corr '63

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Corrado P'19

Mr. Francis R. Corrado '70

Mr. Brian V. Corry '74

Mr. Michael W. Corsillo '03

Mr. Steven A. Corso '72

Mr. Justin Cortes '08

Ms. Katherine Corticcio

Mr. Connor E. Corwen '10

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corwen P'10,'15

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cosentino P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Cosenza P'20

Mr. Joseph B. Cosgrove '94

Mr. James L. Costabile '93

Mr. Robert M. Costello '67

Mr. Aidan J. Costelloe '16

Mr. Brendan J. Costelloe '11

Mr. Declan T. Costelloe '14

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Costelloe P'10,'11,'14,'16

Mr. Liam R. Costelloe '10

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Coster P'20

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Cotronei '98

Mr. Paul C. Coughlan '84

Mr. Stephen J. Courtney '68

Mr. Thomas J. Courtney

Mr. Joseph S. Coyle '53

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Coyne P'18

Craig W. Virden Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Francis F. Crawford '66

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Creamer '68, P'04

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Creegan

Mr. Brendan T. Cremins '96

Mr. Armando A. Crescenzi '79

Mr. Daniel B. Crimmins '70

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Crimmins '65, P'02

Mr. Ryan R. Crimmins '02

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Crinieri P'17,'20

Mr. Anthony W. Criscione '15

Mr. Paul Cristello '77

Ms. Linda Cristiano P'02

Mrs. Maria Cristiano P'14

Mr. Michael J. Cristiano '02

Mr. Nicholas V. Cristiano '73

Mr. Robert Cristiano

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Cronin P'95,'98

Mrs. Dorothea M. Cronin P'89

Mr. John R. Cronin '95

Mr. & Mrs. William Cronin P'19

Mr. Francis P. Crotty '64

Mr. Philip A. Crotty '60

Mr. Kenneth C. Crowe '52

Mr. Paul C. Crowley '63, P'92

Mr. Andrew H. Croy '15

Mr. Andrew M. Cruz '99

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cruz P'17

Mr. Benjamin P. Cruz '17

Mr. Paul M. Cucchi '59

Mr. Giovanni Cucullo '86

Mrs. Doris P. Cuevas

Mr. Patrick E. Cullen '88

Dr. Walter J. Culver '55

Mr. Douglas E. Cummings '59

Mr. Daniel T. Cunniffe '93

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Cunniffe P'10

Mrs. Helena T. Cunniffe P'86,'87

Mr. Maurice J. Cunniffe '50, P'93,'10

Mr. Edward F. Cunningham '63

Mr. Gregory L. Cunningham '11

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cunningham

Mr. Richard J. Cunningham '60

Mr. Patrick L. Curley '13

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Curran '77

Mr. William Q. Curran '57

Mr. Dennis L. Curry '69

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Curry P'20

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Curtin P'15

Mrs. Mary Ann Curtin P'88

Mr. Michael J. Curtin '88

Mr. George B. Curtis '65

Mr. John F. Curtis '68

Mr. Jude Curtis

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Curvan P'19

Mr. Howard T. Cusack '67

Mr. Brennan D. Cushin '11

Drs. Brian and Susan Cushin P'09,'11

Mr. Brian J. Cushin '09

Mr. Malik K. Cutlar '83

Mr. Adam S. Cutler

Mr. John M. Cutney '57

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. D'Ablemont '48, P'79,'81

Mr. Anil A. DaCosta '08

Mr. Vijay H. DaCosta '04

Mr. Robert J. D'Adamo '69

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D'Addario P'18

Mr. Dennis E. D'Addario

Mrs. Joanna D'Addario

Mr. Frank J. D'Agostino '10

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Dailey P'14

Mr. Vincent R. D'Alessandro '61

Mr. William A. D'Alessandro '66

Mr. Kevin R. Daley '48

Mr. Robert B. Daley '47

Ms. Alison Daly

Mr. Daniel D. Daly '64

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Daly

Mr. & Mrs. John Daly P'15

Mr. Joseph W. Daly '96

Mr. Vincent D. Daly '49

Mr. Nickander J. Damaskos '48

Ms. Deirdre Danaher

Mr. Nicholas J. D'Angelo '10

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Daniel P'19

Mr. F. Norman Dannen '69

Mrs. Veronica Darcy

Mr. John J. Davey '80

Mrs. Eileen F. Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Davies

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Davin P'97

Mr. & Mrs. Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan K. Davis P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Davis

Mr. James P. Day '63

De Smet Jesuit High School

Mr. & Mrs. John DeAngelis

Mr. Vincent C. DeBaun '43

Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeCarlo P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. deCastro '83

Mr. David S. DeCrane '73

Mr. Jovalin N. Dedaj '09

Mr. Richard P. Deferrari

Mr. Eric M. DeFina '10

Mr. Ralph J. Defino

Mr. Joseph C. DeFiore '55

Ms. Dinah Degady P'19

Mr. Bruno J. Degen '68

Mr. Joseph M. DeGuardia '81

Mr. John A. Del Negro '59

Mr. Brendan D. Delaney '94

Lt.JG. Matthew R. Delaney '95

Mr. Robert V. Delaney '52

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. DeLasho '81, P'14

Mr. Joseph A. Delfino '64

Mr. Robert A. DelGrosso '65

Mr. Michael P. DeLia '17

Mr. & Mrs. Paul DeLia P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Della Mura P'19

Mr. Giovanni DelliCarpini '79

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dell'Orto P'17

Mr. Gary R. Delneo '64

Mr. Joseph J. DeLosa '77

Mr. Anthony J. DeLuca '63

Mrs. Margaret A. DeLuca

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DeLucci P'12,'16

Mr. Thomas G. DeLucci '16

Mr. James R. DeLucia '09

Dr. & Mrs. Leonard DeLucia P'09

Mr. Anthony A. DeMartino '85, P'20

Mr. John W. DeMarzo '08

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. DeMarzo '72, P'08

Col. William C. DeMaso '83

Mr. & Mrs. William F. DeMaso P'83,'88

Mr. Edward C. Dempsey '59

Mr. William F. DeMucci '62

Mr. A. Richard DeNatale '43

Mr. Anton Dengler '97

Mr. Norbert J. Dengler '49, P'79,'84,'86,'89,'93

Mr. Ralph A. Dengler '84

Mr. John P. Denneen '58

Mr. Neal J. Denning '95

Mr. Philip J. Denning '90

Mr. George B. Dennis '12

Mr. Ralph D. DeNunzio '49

Mr. & Mrs. Louis DePaolis P'12

Mr. Alexander C. DePasquale '11

Mr. Matthew N. DePasquale '08

Mr. Joseph E. Dertinger '57

Mr. Daniel J. DeSanctis '07

Mr. & Mrs. Richard DeSanctis P'07

Mr. Robert J. Desantis

Mr. Jon-Paul Descloux '06

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Descloux P'06

Mr. Ralph F. DeSena '63

Mr. Mark A. DeSimone '69

Mr. Paul O. DeSimone '56

Mr. Brandon J. Desintonio-Perez '13

Ms. Elizabeth DeSoye P'02,'06

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Deubler P'15

Mr. William G. Deutsch '50

Mr. Salvatore J. DeVincenzo '66

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Devine P'19

Drs. Philip Devine P'18,'20

Mr. Connor P. Devlin '17

Mr. Damien Devlin P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Devlin P'13

Rev. Christopher J. Devron, SJ

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Devron

DHI Construction Services, Inc.

Mr. Daniel Diaz P'17,'20

Mr. Isaiah A. Diaz '16

Mr. Rafael A. Diaz '14

Mr. Walter J. Dickey '64

Mr. Joseph A. DiDio '55

Mr. & Mrs. Frank DiDomizio P'05,'07,'12

Mr. Frank M. DiDomizio '09

Mr. & Mrs. G. S. DiFrancesco

Mr. Godfrey F. DiGiorgi '72

Mr. Louis DiGirono '88

Dr. Michael A. DiGiorno '91

Mr. & Mrs. Peter DiIorio P'09

Mr. James V. Dillon '65

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Dillon P'16

Mrs. Carolyn N. DiLorenzo

Mr. James W. DiMarzo '64

Mr. Richard M. DiMarzo '64

Mr. Gennaro DiMeglio '07

Mr. Anthony J. DiMiceli '67

Ms. Liliana Dimitri P'18

Mr. & Mrs. James Dimitriadis P'87

Mr. Anthony DiNardo

Mr. Richard C. Dinter '64

Hon. & Mrs. Joseph J. DioGuardi '58

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. DioGuardi P'92

Mr. Kenneth DiPaola

Mr. Richard DiPaola

Mr. Domenick R. DiPasquale '71

Mr. Earl J. DiPirro '52

Mr. Joseph S. Dirr '64

Mr. Sal R. DiRuggiero '87

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. DiSenso P'95,'96

Mr. Michael G. Distefano '03

Mr. Christopher A. DiTata '00

Mr. Randy W. DiTata P'00

Mr. Charles Divone

Mr. James M. Dixon '77

Mr. Robert F. Dobbin P'79

Mr. Thomas R. Dobbins '07

Mrs. Annmarie Dodd

Mr. Thomas J. Doheny '96

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Doheny

Mr. Christopher B. Doherty '03

Mr. Luke P. Doherty '02

Mr. Russell J. Doherty '87

Mr. Thomas D. Doherty '55

Mr. William J. Doherty '69

Mr. James Dolan

Mr. Kevin P. Dolan '10

Mr. D. Conan Dolce '96

Mr. John C. Dolce '91

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dolgetta '91, P'19

Mr. Jorge I. Dominguez '63

Mrs. Mary Donahue

Ms. Karen Doniger

Mr. Charles J. Donnelly '87

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Donnelly

Ms. Marygene K. Donnelly P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Donnelly

Mrs. Joan C. Donner

Mr. Joseph J. Donner '82

Mr. Alfredo M. D'Onofrio '89

Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. D'Onofrio '60, P'95,'97

Mrs. Helen Donoghue P'00,'02

Mr. Kevin M. Donoghue '57

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Donohue P'12,'15

Mr. Nicholas S. Donohue '12

Mr. Richard V. Donohue '62

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Donohue

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Donovan P'18

Mr. Daniel A. Donovan '10

Mrs. Amalia D. DonVito P'82

Mr. James P. Doody '90

Ms. Betty C. Dooley

Mr. Patrick J. Dooley '80

Mr. Raymond J. Dorado '75

Mr. John J. Doran '76

Mr. John P. Doran '85

Mr. & Mrs. Elliot G. Dorfman

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Doscher P'03,'05

Mr. Dwight A. Doscher '03

Mr. Joseph P. Doscher '52

Mr. Brian S. Dossie '88

Mrs. Patricia Dossie P'88

Mr. Brendan Dougher

Mr. Brian E. Dougherty

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Dougherty P'18

Mr. Ryan Dougherty

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dougherty P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Douglas P'20

Mr. Damon E. Dowdall '91

Mr. Regan P. Dowdall '91

Mrs. Suzanne Dowden

Mr. Alexander S. Dowe '15

Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Dowe P'15,'18

Rev. Edward T. Dowling '56

Mr. Brian P. Downey '95

Mrs. Geraldine T. Downey P'95,'99

Mr. Christopher J. Doyle '05

Mr. Kenneth R. Doyle '64

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Doyle P'05

Mr. Laurence J. Doyle '57

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Doyle P'16,'18

Mr. Thomas F. Doyle '16

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Drew P'20

Mr. James T. Drew '48

Mr. Matthew S. Drexel '08

Mrs. Maureen E. Driskill P'89

Mrs. Gerard Drohan P'86

Mr. Timothy J. Drucker '05

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred G. Drummond P'00

Mr. Frank L. Duemmler '69

Mrs. Betty Duerr

Mr. Kevin B. Duff '60

Mr. Brian M. Duffy '95

Mr. John G. Duffy P'95,'96,'99

Mr. Michael M. Duffy '05

Mr. James B. Duggan '69

Mr. John E. Duggan '66

Mr. James F. Duhig '52

Mr. Matthew J. Duignan '95

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Duke '76

Ms. Kathleen M. Duncan

Mr. P. Brendan Dunican '87

Mr. John P. Dunleavy '95

Mr. John R. Dunleavy '67

Mr. John N. Dunn '99

Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Dunnion P'13,'15

Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Durkin P'03

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dushas

Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Dwyer '76, P'05,'08,'10

Mr. Terrence P. Dwyer '80

Mr. James A. Dziwura '16

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dziwura P'13,'16,'19

Mr. Joseph R. Dziwura '13

Mr. & Mrs. William Eagan P'18

Mr. Edward H. Edgerton

Mr. Kenneth B. Edwards '00

Mr. Richard A. Edwards '61

Mr. James E. Egan '44

Mr. & Mrs. John Egan P'11

Mr. Thomas F. Egan '67

Mr. Adolph E. Ehbrecht '51

Mr. William A. Ehbrecht '86

Elite Floor Service, Inc.

Mr. Cary R. Ell '77

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ellett P'12

Mr. Henry P. Elliott '93

Mr. & Mrs. Henry P. Elliott P'93

Mr. Andrew R. Ellman '09

Endico Potatoes

Dr. & Mrs. David Engelbrecht P'10

Mr. Martin B. Engelhardt '57

Ms. Kim Engelhart

Dr. Howard L. English '59

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Q. English P'19

Mr. Vincent D. Enright '61

Mr. Ernest Esparza '11

Mrs. Grecia Espinal P'15

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Esposito '84, P'17

Mr. Richard J. Esposito '72

Mr. Andrew G. Essick '04

Mr. Gregory J. Estrella '15

Mr. Edward E. Eustace '17

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Eustace P'17

Mr. James J. Evers '10

Mr. Jason N. Fabry '11

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Facciola P'16

Mr. Joseph A. Falasca '78

Mrs. Judith E. Falci P'76

Mr. Steven A. Falci '76

Mr. James M. Falco '87

Mr. Philip M. Falcone '77

Mr. Anthony J. Falvo '48

Mr. Robert B. Fane '62

Mr. Alexander J. Farah '12

Mr. Christopher C. Farley '85

Mr. & Mrs. Miles F. Farrel P'20

Mr. Don Farrell

Mr. Martin D. Farrell '49

Mrs. Mathilda Farrell

Mrs. Estelle Farro

Mr. Charles J. Farrow '69

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Fath '69, P'05

Mr. John N. Favale '91

Mr. Donovan S. Fay

Mr. James S. Fay '59

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. Fay '88

Mr. Edward J. Fays '57

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Fearon P'82

Mr. & Mrs. George I. Febles P'15

Mr. Paul I. Febles '15

Mr. Ryan J. Fedak '09

Mr. Fred C. Feddeck '60

Mr. James J. Feddeck '64

Mr. Thomas M. Feeley '58

Rev. Thomas H. Feely

Mr. Thomas F. Feeney '88

Mr. Robert S. Feidelson

Mr. Richard T. Felago '65

Mr. Joseph A. Felice '84

Victor A. Ferencko

Mr. D. Max Ferguson '01

Mr. Colin D. Fernandez '05

Mr. Elio C. Fernandez '11

Mr. John Ferrara '64

Mr. Richard E. Ferrara '55

Mr. Richard P. Ferrara '68

Mr. Francisco J. Ferrer '01

Mr. Nicolo A. Ferretti '17

Mr. Thomas J. Ferro '72

Mr. Joseph M. Ferullo '75

Mr. Ronald C. Fettig '52

Mr. Christopher J. Ficano '10

Francis J. Ficarra

Mrs. Stephanie Ficarra

Mr. Thomas A. Ficarra '76

Dr. Philip S. Fico '03

Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC

Fidelity Charitable Foundation

Mr. James A. Filippelli '96

Mr. Patrick G. Finegan '69

Mr. Gerard P. Finelli '65

Mr. Sean N. Finger '02

Mr. Daniel O. Fink '13

Mr. John P. Fink '94

Mr. Joseph G. Fink '84

Mr. Michael J. Fink '92

Mr. Robert J. Fink '08

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fink '80, P'08,'10,'13

Mr. Ryan P. Fink '10

Mr. John J. Finn '67

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Finn P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Finnegan P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Finnegan P'07

Mr. Rory T. Finnegan '17

Mr. Terrence F. Finneran '90

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Finnerty P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Finnerty P'95

Mr. Daniel J. Fiore '11

Ms. Susan Fiore P'20

Hon. Anthony J. Fiorella '56

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Fiorentino P'15

Mr. Nicholas R. Fiorentino '15

Hon. Edmund G. Fitzgerald '62

Mr. James V. Fitzgerald '64

Mr. Matthew C. Fitzgerald '91

Rev. Daniel J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. & Mrs. Francis K. FitzPatrick P'18,'20

Mr. Gerald J. Fitzpatrick '73

Mr. John M. Fitzpatrick '58

Mr. Mark H. FitzPatrick '88

Mr. Michael S. Fitzpatrick '82

Mr. Thomas A. Fitzpatrick '91

Mr. Timothy O. FitzPatrick '93

Mr. Dennis J. FitzSimons '67

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar M. Fitzsimons P'76,'83

Mr. Joseph B. Fitzsimons '02

Mr. Matthew O. Fitzsimons '76

Mr. Michael J. Fitzsimons '96

LTC Marc L. Flamino '85

Mr. James F. Flanagan

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flanagan

Mr. Kevin A. Flanagan

Mr. John P. Flannery '64

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Fleming P'20

Mr. Michael D. Fleming '94

Mr. Thomas D. Fleming '92

Mr. Edmund J. Flood '49

Mr. & Mrs. James Flood P'07

Mr. Matthew F. Flood '08

Mr. Nicholas F. Florez '11

Mr. Cesare L. Florio '66

Mrs. Celeste W. Flynn

Mr. Edward L. Flynn '53

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Flynn P'96

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Flynn P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Flynn '74, P'12

Mr. Kevin F. Flynn '12

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Flynn P'16,'17,'19

Mr. Sean O. Flynn '96

Mr. Steven J. Flynn '77

Mr. Brian T. Fogarty '91

Mr. James L. Foley

Mr. John J. Foley '63

Mr. Michael S. Foltin '74

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Foran '62

Mr. Patrick F. Ford '02

Fordham Prep Mothers' Club

Fordham Preparatory School

Fordham University

Ms. Ellen B. Forlenza

Hon. & Mrs. Michael E. Formoso '64, P'98

Mr. John J. Fornabia '67

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Foster '65, P'97,'00

Mr. & Mrs. William Foster

Mrs. Catherine Foti

Ms. Denyse Fowley P'11

Mr. Donald J. Fowley P'91

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Fox '71, P'10

Mr. Michael J. Franchi '96

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Francisco P'15

Mr. & Mrs. Javier Franco P'17

Mr. Peter F. Franco '72

Ms. Carol Francolini P'17,'20

Mr. Brian A. Franey '93

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Frank P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Frank '56

Franklin Templeton  Investments

Mr. William R. Frasca '54

Mr. & Mrs. Massimo Fratarcangeli P'16,'20

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Fray P'13,'15,'18

Mr. Arthur Freaney '67

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Freaney

Mr. Vincent J. Freaney '62

Mr. Thomas A. Frecentese '89

Rev. Charles A. Frederico, SJ

Mr. Kenneth N. Fredyna '69

Mr. Adam Freedman

Mr. George B. Freehill '53

Mr. John F. Freeman '80

Mr. Paul Freeman '61

Mr. Louis C. Frees '67

Mr. Gerald M. French '64

Mr. Robert H. Frey '62

Allan Fried

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Friend P'18

Friends of Bronx Charter School of Excellence

Mr. Thomas X. Fritsch Jr. '17

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fritsch P'17,'18

Mr. Mark J. Fritz '71

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Frost P'18

Mr. William R. Frost '18

Mr. James P. Fulgione '82

Ms. Amy Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Fuller P'87

Mr. John A. Fumo '76

Gabelli Asset Management, Inc.

Gabelli Foundation Inc.

Mr. Marc J. Gabelli '86

Mr. Mario J. Gabelli '61, P'86,'96

Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Gabelli '96

Mr. John P. Gadomski '83

Mr. Andrew J. Gadry '79

Mrs. Alice Gaffney P'04

Mr. Thomas E. Gaffney '04

Mr. Scott W. Gagliardi '01

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Gaine P'19

Mary Bridget Gaine

Mr. Robert N. Galasso '69

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent A. Galasso P'19

Drs. Giuseppe Galea P'20

Mr. Dominick G. Galimi '92

Mr. Michael G. Galimi '93

Mr. Aren T. Gallagher '13

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Gallagher P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Gallagher

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gallagher P'81

Mr. John P. Gallagher '09

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gallagher P'17

Mr. Michael F. Gallagher '17

Mr. Michael P. Gallagher '75

Mr. Peter J. Gallagher '53

Mr. Stephen J. Gallagher '76

Mr. Thomas J. Gallagher '00

Mrs. William M. Gallagher P'87

Mr. Robert J. Gallati '65

Mr. Thomas L. Gallivan '97

Mr. James P. Gallo '10

Mr. and Mrs. Clement Galluccio P'20

Mr. James J. Galvin '63

Mr. & Mrs. Seamus Galvin P'17,'20

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Gammon P'96

Mr. Charles Ganansia

Mr. James P. Gannon '94

Mr. Christopher G. Garcia '13

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Garcia P'13

Mr. Thomas Gardiner

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Garrity P'10

Mr. Stephen C. Garrity '96

Mr. John M. Garry '08

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Garvey P'18

Mr. James A. Garvey '62

Mr. Charles A. Garvin '53

Mr. Joseph A. Garvin '52

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Gaspar P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gately '65

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gavin P'16

Mr. William J. Gavin '61

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Gayanelo P'14

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gazzo

Mr. Robert A. Gazzola '55

GE Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Gedeiko

Mr. Andrew L. Gentile '79

Mr. Anthony S. Gentile '93

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Georges P'19,'20

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Geraci P'19

Mr. Edward J. Geraghty '67

Mr. John M. Geraghty '60

Mr. Timothy J. Geraghty '03

Mr. Thomas N. Gerke '11

Mr. Victor Gerstein

Dr. Robert A. Gervasi '68

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gfeller '50

Mrs. Cynthia Ghahremani

Mr. Ernest R. Giacobba

Mr. Nicholas A. Giannasca '79

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Giardella

Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Gies P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gigante P'15

Mr. Michael R. Gigante '15

Mr. Mitchell A. Gilbert

Mr. Robert E. Gilbert '57

Mr. Michael Gilchrist

Ms. Kerry Gilder

Mr. Brian J. Gillespie '60

Mrs. Frances J. Gillespie P'86

Mr. Patrick C. Gillespie '86

Mr. William P. Gillespie '86

Mr. Richard J. Gillingham '49, P'76

Mr. John J. Gilmartin '88

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Gilmartin P'85,'88

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gioia P'16

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn J. Giordano P'15

Mr. Richard J. Giordano '72

Mr. Thomas F. Giordano '68

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Giordano '87

Mr. Vito T. Giordano '46

Mr. David Gittings

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Gittings P'14,'15,'18

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gittings

Mr. Ronald E. Gitto '61

Mr. Christopher S. Giuliano '17

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Giuliano

Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Giuliano P'17,'19

Mr. William A. Glass '54

Mr. Gerard T. Glavin '50

Mr. Mark T. Glynn

Mr. Michael O. Glynn '58

Mr. Alexander M. Goasdoue '90

Mr. Charles L. Goasdoue '90

Mr. & Mrs. Marcel F. Goasdoue P'90

Mr. Jeffrey T. Goetz '77

Mr. Dennis J. Goin '63

Mr. & Mrs. Alan P. Goldbecker

Ms. Katharine Golden

Mr. Richard Golden

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Golden P'17

Mr. Thomas C. Golden '17

Mr. & Mrs. William Golden P'12,'16,'17

Mr. & Mrs. Juergen Goldhagen P'04

Goldman Sachs & Company

Mr. & Mrs. Erik P. Goldschmidt '92

Mr. Mark R. Goldschmidt '88

Mr. Michael V. Golia '87

Mr. & Mrs. Luis Gomez P'15

Mr. Robert J. Gomprecht '89, P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gonzalez '84

Mr. Jose R. Gonzalez

Mr. Kenneth G. Gonzalez '10

Mr. Raul Gonzalez-Blanco P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Goodkin P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Goodman P'19

Mr. Geoffrey P. Goodman

Ms. Rosemarie Goodnough

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gordon P'15

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Gorman P'15,'18

Mr. Dennis J. Gorman '57

Mr. Michael F. Gorman '96

Dr. and Dr. Mark Gornik

Mr. Ryan M. Gorup '07

Mr. & Mrs. Bidyut K. Goswami P'01

Mr. Blaise K. Goswami '01

Mr. Garrett T. Gowan '13

Goya Foods, Inc.

Mr. Jordan S. Graham '11

Mr. Cameron J. Granda '12

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Granda P'12

Mr. Luke F. Grande '49

Mrs. Bernadette M. Grant P'08,'19

Mr. Robert E. Grant '64

Mrs. Ann E. Gratzer

Mr. Geoffrey W. Gray '78

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Gray P'10,'12,'15

Mr. Michael J. Gray '10

Mr. Patrick V. Gray '12

Ms. Taylor Gray

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gray P'16

Rev. Victoria S. Gray '58

Mr. Robert C. Grayson

Dr. & Mrs. Albert Graziosa P'12

Mr. Marc A. Greco '88

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent R. Greco P'20

Mr. Kevin J. Gregory '97

Mr. Sean M. Gregory '94

Mr. Frederick H. Grein '64

Mr. Thomas W. Grein '69

Mr. Donald M. Grieco '61

Mrs. Colleen Griffin Wagner P'12,'13,'15

Mr. Daniel J. Griffin '83

Mr. Daniel J. Griffin '17

Mrs. Sandra Griffin P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Groepler P'87

Mr. Eric A. Groepler '87

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Grogan P'12,'14

Mr. & Mrs. Cornielius Grondahl

Mr. Eric Grossman

Mrs. S. C. Groth

Mr. Eric J. Grubelich '81

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Grubelich P'79,'81

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert W. Gstalder

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Guarnieri P'96

Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Guerin

Mr. Philippe R. Guerra '94

Mr. David E. Guerrero '91

Mr. Anthony C. Guida '59

Mr. Kevin R. Guidera '52

Mr. Michael Guilfoile

Mr. James R. Guimaraes '02

Mr. Yilmaz Gunduz

Mr. Michael T. Gyves '60

Mr. Daniel J. Haag '14

Mr. John W. Haag '84, P'14,'17

Mrs. Margaret T. Haag P'84,'86

Mr. Michael G. Haag '17

Mr. Kevin R. Hackett '67

Mr. Gabriel D. Hadland '17

Ms. Valentina Hadland P'17

Mr. Carl J. Hafner '61

Mr. Edward F. Hagan '64

Ms. Rosanne Haggerty P'04

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Haggerty P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Hagstrom P'18

Mr. Sandor V. Halasz '70

Mr. John L. Haley '87

Mr. Robert M. Haley '80

Mr. and Mrs. James Hall

Mr. Seamus R. Hall '16

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hall P'16

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Halleron

Mr. Timothy J. Haluska '96

Mr. Joseph V. Hamilton '47

Mr. Robert M. Hamilton '61

Mr. Stephen R. Hammond '58

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Hanlon '78

Mr. John R. Hanna '01

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hanna P'01

Mr. Mark J. Hannigan '01

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hannigan '73, P'01

Mr. Jason R. Hansen '04

Mr. Peter H. Hansen '72

Mr. Francis J. Hantke '62

Mrs. Dorothy M. Harkins

Mr. Francis J. Harkins '67

Harold Salant Strassfield & Spielberg

Mr. Christopher P. Harold '69

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Harrington

Mrs. Adrienne Harris P'88

Mr. Ernest Harris

Mr. James M. Harrison '69

Mr. Daniel Hart

Mr. John J. Hartigan '51

Mr. John D. Hartman '67

Mr. Robert B. Hartman

Mr. Michael C. Hartmere '93

Mr. Alexander C. Hartson '16

Mr. & Mrs. William Hartson P'16

Mr. Edmund P. Harvey '93

Mr. Paul A. Havekotte '52

Mrs. Carol Hayden P'70

Mr. Robert J. Hayden '70

Mr. & Mrs. William Hayduk P'14,'18

Mr. Michael L. Hayes '65

Mr. Henry R. Healey '56

Mr. John Healey '44

Mr. Charles C. Healy '58

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Healy '85, P'17

Ms. JoAnn Healy P'00

Mr. Thomas J. Healy '57

Mr. James T. Heaphy '67

Mr. Desmond J. Heathwood '59

Mr. Eamon P. Heavey '90

Mr. Noel A. Heavey '92

Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Heben P'98,'02

Mrs. Margaret L. Hebert P'85

Ms. Charlotte A. Heese P'83,'84

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Heilman

Mrs. Jacqueline Heinrich

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent G. Heintz '85

Mr. Patrick J. Heitmann '09

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Heitmann '66, P'02,'07,'09,'12

Mr. Brian W. Heller '64

Mr. Brian W. Heller '91

Mr. Robert J. Hemsing '60

Mr. Jonathan W. Henery '89

Mrs. Eileen Herbermann

Mr. Thomas P. Herrmann '60

Mr. George M. Hershey '13

Mr. Brendan C. Heslin '15

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis B. Heslin '83, P'15,'17,'19

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Heubel P'15

Mr. Donald T. Heyden '65

Mr. Daniel D. Hickey '84

Mr. Denis J. Hickey

Mrs. Martha D. Hickey

Mr. Paul T. Hickey '92

Col. Mark R. Hicks '79

Mr. Christopher Hiddleson '78

Mr. Taylor C. Hiel '05

Mr. Leo I. Higdon '64

Mr. Brendan T. Higgins '94

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Higgins

Mr. Peter J. Higgins

Mr. & Dr. Edward J. Higham P'13

Mr. Thomas V. Hildner '61

Mr. Mitchell C. Hilton

Drs. David & Lois Hinman P'95,'97

Rev. Michael R. Hoag '58

Mr. John T. Hobart '08

Mr. Timothy E. Hodgetts

Mr. John J. Hoey '57

Mr. Michael P. Hoffman

Mr. Erich H. Hoffmann '02

Mr. Ed Hogan

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Hoina '82, P'17

Mr. Matthew J. Holbrook '80

Mr. Kenneth E. Holden '49

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Holder P'04

Mr. William M. Holder '04

Mr. Glen M. Holland '81

Mr. John M. Holland '06

Mr. Ronald P. Holland '78

Mr. Walter P. Hollinger '52

Mrs. Karen Hollins

Mr. Daniel S. Hollman '86

Mr. John L. Hollwitz '03

Mr. Lawrence B. Holten '07

Holy Spirit School

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Homer

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hommel P'13

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Horgan '61, P'86,'88

Mr. J. Michael Horgan '70

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Horgan '48

Mr. Timothy F. Horgan '66

Mr. Jeffrey W. Horn '09

Mr. Akram Hossain '10

Mrs. Kimberley K. Hostetler

Mr. & Mrs. Duane D. Hough P'06,'09,'18

Mr. Christopher M. Houlihan '67

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Houlihan P'80

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Houlihan P'03

Mr. Thomas P. Houlihan '80

Ms. Jane House

Mr. Steven A. Hovani '63

Mr. Christopher G. Howard '11

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Howard '76

Mr. Kevin A. Howard '01

Mr. Joshua Howell '60

Dr. Christopher H. Hoyt '87

Mr. Alan X. Huang '11

Mr. William F. Huber '61

Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Huebner

Mr. Kyle K. Huebner '88

Mr. Conor F. Hughes '17

Mr. James A. Hughes '63

Mr. Michael G. Hughes '07

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Hughes P'17,'19

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hughes P'18

Mrs. Kathleen Hugin

Mr. Terri M. Hulse

Mr. Edmund Humen P'03

Mr. Edmund W. Humen '03

Ms. Ann Hundt

Mr. Douglas E. Hundt '98

Mr. Frederick W. Hundt '95

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Hunt '67, P'00,'03

Mr. Doyle P. Hunt '00

Mr. Eugene C. Hunt '51

Mr. Thomas M. Hunt '03

Hunts Point Alliance for Children

Mr. James D. Hurley '96

Mr. John C. Hurley '65, P'88,'96

Mr. Thomas E. Hurley '73

Mr. Lawrence J. Hutchison P'01

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Huvane '84, P'15

Mr. Kenneth C. Hyacinthe '08

Drs. Llewellyn & Monica Hyacinthe '80, P'08,'15

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice K. Hyacinthe '77, P'99,'08

Mrs. Phyllis Corsbie Hyacinthe P'77,'79,'80

Mr. James J. Hyde '71

Mrs. Andrea Hyer P'14,'18

Mr. Michael P. Iachetta '54

Mr. Paul V. Iaropoli '80

Dr. & Mrs. Ugochukwu B. Ike P'00

Mr. Elliot Ikheloa

Mr. Dominick J. Impemba '92

ING Foundation Community Matching Gifts Program

Mr. Sean T. Iodice '05

Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Iori P'15

Mr. Paul A. Iori '15

Mr. Charles J. Ippolito '69

Mr. Joseph T. Ippolito '70

Mr. Stephen J. Ippolito '64

Mr. Jesse A. Irmler '91

Mr. Louis V. Isganitis '72

Mr. Reginald E. Ivory

J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

Mr. Viju Jacob

Mr. William C. Jacob '69

Mr. Jesus C. Jaile IV '09

Dr. & Mrs. Jesus C. Jaile P'09

Mr. Wayne G. Jakobs '70

James G. Houlihan Family Second, LP

Deacon Raymond F. James '50

Mr. Robert L. James '53

Mr. Michael L. Janny '13

Mr. David G. Jenkins '11

Mr. Robert J. Jennett '69

Mr. Edward M. Jennings '08

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Jennings P'08,'10,'14

Mr. Ryan S. Jennings '93

Mr. Thomas A. Jennings '10

Ms. Julia H. Jernigan

Mr. David R. Jeshiva '98

Jesuit Dallas Prep

Mr. John J. Jetzt '59

Jewish Communal Fund

Mr. Tomas I. Jimenez-Stuard '04

Joe W. Gerrity Jr. Foundation

John R. and Dorothy D. Caples Fund

Mr. Christian B. Johnson '98

Mr. Christopher P. Johnson '08

LTC Donald M. Johnson '70

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Johnson P'18

Mr. Julian C. Johnson '70

Mr. Mark C. Johnson '72

Mr. Thomas E. Johnson '96

Mr. George F. Joiner '57

Mr. Alfredo Jones '94

Mr. Christopher H. Jones '84

Mr. George G. Jones '66

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jones P'17

Mr. Stephen B. Jones '79

Mr. Jeremy J. Jordan '03

Mr. John G. Jordan '70

Mr. Brian J. Jost '10

Mr. Michael E. Jost '17

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jost P'10,'17

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Joyce P'01,'05

Mr. Kevin B. Joyce '01

Mr. Owen P. Joyce '05

JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.

Ms. Susan K. Jung

Mr. A. Greg Junge '88

Mr. John T. Junior '12

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kaffle

Mr. Christopher D. Kalian '86

Mrs. Dara M. Kane P'94,'96,'98

Mr. Ravi A. Kantha '03

Dr. & Mrs. Wesley K. Kaplow '79

Mr. Nitin Karnani

Mr. Steven D. Karpin '79

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Karr '68

Mr. Michael E. Kaufmann '97

Mr. John R. Keane '49

Mr. Paul M. Keane '64

Mr. William T. Keane '86

Ms. Christina Kear

Mr. John A. Kearney '97

Mr. Richard P. Kearney '66, P'97,'05

Mr. Robert E. Kearns '60

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kearse P'13

Mr. James O. Keating '92

Mr. Lucas J. Keefer '12

Mr. Matthew J. Keefer '07

Ms. Regina Keenan

Mr. Richard Kehoe

Mr. Thomas L. Keily '47

Mr. Adam G. Keith '08

Mr. Ryan T. Keith '05

Mr. Daniel J. Kelleher '57

Mr. Daniel J. Kelleher '63

Mr. Anton C. Keller '54

Mr. Kevin F. Keller '02

Mr. Matthew F. Keller '99

Mr. Alfred F. Kelly '47

Col. Joseph J. Kelly '35

Mr. Lawrence J. Kelly '56

Mr. Martin C. Kelly '59

Mr. Richard P. Kelly '59

Mr. Stephen P. Kelly '67

Mr. Thomas E. Kelly '62

Mr. Thomas J. Kelly '64

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Kennedy P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kennedy P'17

Mr. Micheal P. Kennedy '17

Mr. William E. Kennedy '51

Mr. Dennis R. Kennelly '12

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kennelly P'12,'14

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kennon P'10,'14

Mr. Anderson Kenny

Mr. Daniel C. Kenny '96

Mr. John T. Kenny '57

Mr. Kevin P. Kenny '93

Mr. Paul M. Kenny '60

Mr. John D. Keogh '81

Mr. John W. Keogh '59

Mr. & Mrs. William Keogh

Lt. Gen. Michael C. Kerby '54

Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. Keremedjiev

Mr. Adrian V. Kerrigan '80

Mr. Amarlal Keswani

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Ketcham

Mr. William N. Kettering

Mr. Sohan M. Khan '05

Mr. & Mrs. Kieran Kilduff P'14,'16

Mr. Kieran J. Kilduff '16

Mr. Noah P. Kilduff '14

Mr. Donald T. Kiley '46

Mr. Philip A. Kilkenny '82

Mr. Francis C. Killackey '62

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Killip P'12

Mr. James P. Kilsheimer '65

Mr. John R. Kilsheimer '41

Mr. Hung N. Kim '82

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kim P'18

Mr. Matthew Kimble

Mr. Maxwell S. Kinder '11

Ms. Pamela P. Kindler

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. King P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. King P'91

Ms. Patricia King

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. King P'12

Mr. Albert J. Kirchner '58

Mr. John P. Kirk '56

Mr. Bashiri R. Kirven '03

Mr. Thomas F. Kirwin '68

Mr. Kevin M. Kitson '05

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Kivlan P'97,'04

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Klein P'08

Mrs. Kathleen R. Klein

Mr. William W. Klein '08

KLM Foundation

Mr. Werner A. Kloepfer '57

Mr. William C. Kloepfer '62

Mr. & Mrs. Roger T. Knight

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Kobeck P'20

Mr. Raymond A. Koch '66

Mr. Frank T. Koelble '55

Mr. Richard J. Koeltl '60

Mr. Edward L. Koester

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Kohler P'19

Mr. Thomas F. Konop '60

Mr. John R. Kontrick

Mr. Robert N. Koppel '55

Mr. William M. Korchak '76

Mr. Steven R. Korf

Mr. James Korinek

Mr. Nicolaos C. Koutoulas '17

Dr. & Mrs. Orest J. Kozicky '73, P'02

Mr. & Mrs. Roman G. Kozicky '76, P'07,'10

Mr. Peter L. Kozik '72

Mr. Robert J. Kozubal

Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Kraemer P'14

Mr. Charles J. Krammer '10

Mr. Michael Kravatz

Mr. William W. Krawec '86

Mr. Matthew W. Krawiec P'18

Mr. Edward J. Krol '64

Mr. Robert G. Krusz '03

Mr. Matthew W. Kukowski '14

Mr. V. Anthony Kullen '96

Mrs. Karin Kulsar

Mr. Thomas W. Kwalwasser '84

Mr. & Mrs. Courtney J. Kwas P'19

Mr. Peter D. Kwauk '14

Ms. Rosemary Kwauk P'14

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Lacalamita P'19

Hon. John R. LaCava '65

Mr. David W. Lacey '62

Mr. Tyrik D. LaCruise '13

Mr. Thomas S. Lacy '49

Mr. John Q. LaFond '61

Mr. Dylan P. LaGamma '09

Mr. Sean P. LaGamma '05

Mr. & Mrs. Victor LaGamma P'05,'09

Mr. Kenneth A. Lagana '60

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Lagen

Mr. Herbert C. Lahey '60

Dr. John Lahey '64

Mr. & Mrs. Sadhu J. Lall '94, P'19

Mr. John F. Lamb '66

Mr. Henry D. Lambert '56

Mr. Christian S. Lambow '10

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lambros P'12

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lamonaca P'03

Mr. William J. LaMonica '57

Mr. Charles J. Lancelot '58

Mr. Richard Land

Mr. Clement R. Landanno '65

Mr. Christopher Lane '59

Mr. Peter F. Lane '84

Mr. Edward A. Lang '73

Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Lang

Ms. Kathleen A. Langan P'95,'96,'99

Mr. Christian H. Lange '97

Mr. Stephen J. Langelotti '03

Mr. Bradley M. Langer '92

Drs. Jose & Teresa L. Lantin P'14

Mr. Donald C. Lanza '75

Mr. & Mrs. Gene A. Lanza '55, P'78,'80,'84

Mr. Gene A. Lanza '78

Ms. Kimberly LaPointe P'18

Mr. Donald P. Larkin '59

Las Americas Cafe Restaurant, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Francis LaSalla P'20

Mr. Vincent J. Latteri '68

Mr. Gregory O. Lau '99

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Lau P'99

Mr. Christopher D. Lauber '79, P'08

Mrs. Gloria Lauber P'79

Mr. Paul D. Lauber '08

Mr. Hubert A. Laubis '57

Mrs. Cheryl Lauder P'87,'92

Mr. John J. LaVecchia '62

Mr. Jack P. Lavin '02

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Lavin '97

Mr. Desmond F. Lawler '64

Mr. John Lawton P'06

Mr. John B. Lazzari '59, P'84,85

Mr. John B. Lazzari '84

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Leach P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Leach

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Leahy P'92

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Leardi

Mr. Alan R. Learnard '54

Mr. Edward R. Leclerc-Bonanno '76

Mr. Gary R. Lednar '68

Mr. Christopher P. Lee '86

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lee P'86,'94

Mr. & Mrs. John Lee P'14,'15

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Lee '81, P'12,'17

Mr. Kevin P. Leech '89

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lefever P'20

Mr. Peter G. Leider '66

Mr. Edward M. Leight '66

Mr. John J. Leitner '15

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Leitner P'15

Mr. Edward K. Lenci '81

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Lener P'76,'81

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lento

Mr. Andrew W. Lenzi '10

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lenzi P'10

Mr. Nicholas V. Leone '17

Mr. Eric Lester

Mr. Michael H. Lester '12

Mr. James R. Letsen '15

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Letsen '78, P'15

Mr. Brian P. Levack '61

Mrs. Stephanie C. Leveille

Mr. Robert Levine P'15

Mr. Robert J. Levine '15

Mr. James P. Lewis '00

Mr. Jason A. Lewis '92

Mr. Michael J. Leyden '07

Mr. Timothy P. Leyden '12

Mr. James S. Liao '72

Mr. & Mrs. Samson Liao '71

Mr. Daniel J. Liberatori '06

Liberty Contracting Corp.

Mr. Arnold L. Licht

Mr. Gregory D. Liegey '63

Mr. & Mrs. Carl D. Liggio '61

Mr. Stephen W. Lilienthal '67

Mr. Jeffrey P. Limoncelli '12

Mr. Andres S. Linares '78

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lindblom P'16

Mr. Stefan K. Lindblom '16

Mr. Ernest W. Linneman '53

Ms. Jayne Lipman

Mr. Alphonse A. Liquorie '53

Mr. Paul T. Lisy '10

Mr. John T. Liszewski '96

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Liteplo P'98

Mr. Francis P. Lively '00

Mr. Jan-Michael E. Llanes '08

Mr. Stephen R. LoBello '75

Mr. Richard W. LoCascio '59

Mr. John J. Locher '62

Mr. Christopher F. Lockwood '93

Mr. Atif Lodhi

Mr. Andrew Loffredo

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Loffredo P'18,'20

Mr. J. Geoffrey Loftus '72

Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus S. Logan P'08

Mr. & Mrs. John Lombardi P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Long P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Long P'20

Mr. William Longo

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Look P'18

Mr. Gerard F. Looser '05

Dr. Patrick M. Looser '03

Dr. & Mrs. Gustavo C. Lopez P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Jose N. Lopez P'99

Mr. Nivardo Lopez '99

Mr. Anthony Lopresti P'07

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Lorusso P'15

Mr. Adam D. Loughlin '12

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Loughlin P'12

Loyal Christian Benefit Association

Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Mr. Christopher E. Luboja '08

Mr. & Mrs.  Edward S. Luboja '42, P'72,'76

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gary Luboja '72, P'04,'08

Mr. & Mrs. Domenico Lucciola P'17

Mr. Gino Lucciola '17

Mr. William E. Lucey '66

Mr. William J. Lucey '87

Mr. Carmine Lucia '68

Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Lucianna

Mr. John J. Luetich '69

Mr. & Mrs. Benedict Lukito P'20

Mr. A. Richard Lumelleau '60

Mr. Ian M. Lundahl '03

Mr. Conor T. Lundy '16

Mr. & Mrs. James Lundy P'05,'16

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Lundy '48, P'16

Mr. James P. Lundy '05

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Lupardi P'12

Mr. Sergio J. Lupetin '80

Mrs. Eileen Lutz

Mr. Eugene R. Lutz '95

Rev. Joseph W. Lux '58

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lynch P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lynch

Mr. Eric S. Lynch '10

Mr. James A. Lynch '43

Ms. Nicole D. Lynch

Mr. Robert T. Lynch '01

Mr. Valentine F. Lynch '58

Mr. Francis Lyons '67

Mr. George P. Lyons '00

Mr. John P. Lyons '64

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lyons P'18

Mr. Michael P. Lyons '93

Mr. Marc A. Lypen '09

Mr. George M. Macdonald '84

Mr. Scott E. MacDonall '02

Mr. & Mrs. David MacGown P'14,'16

Mr. William J. Machida '65

Mr. Stephen Mack

Mr. William T. Mack '69

Mr. Douglas A. Mackenzie

Mr. Ronald S. Maclachlan '62

Mr. Stephen S. Madaffari '64

Madison Service Corp.

Mr. Peter F. Madonia '70

Mr. Paul P. Maffei '59

Mr. Robert M. Magilton '83

Mr. Thomas P. Maginnis '56

Mr. Brendan L. Maguire '99

Mr. John J. Maguire '49

Mr. James V. Maher '60

Mr. Clifford V. Mahoney '03

Mr. Kieran V. Mahoney '75

Mr. Anthony J. Malara '88

Mr. David A. Maldonado '87

Mr. Peter V. Malfa '06

Mr. Patrick M. Malgieri '72

Mr. John L. Mallinson '85

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Malloy P'18,'20

Mr. John F. Malone '64

Mr. Luke W. Malone '07

Mr. John J. Maloney '47

Mr. Kenneth Maloney

Mr. Maurice Maloney

Mr. Robert F. Maloney '64

Mr. Marc M. Malpeli '08

Mr. Stephen A. Mamikonian '64

Mr. Richard A. Mancini '64

Mrs. Mary Ann Manfredonia P'94

Maj. Bryan T. Mangan '89

Mr. James J. Mangan '88

Mr. Thomas J. Mangano '79

Mr. Frank J. Mangieri '83

Mr. Ronald P. Mangione '65

Mr. Robert L. Manniello '63

Mr. Adrian L. Mansylla '09

Mr. Joseph M. March P'96

Mr. Anthony J. Marciano '90

Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Marciano P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Marcon P'87

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Marcotullio P'20

Mr. Joseph Marcus

Mr. Stephen R. Mare '83

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mari

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mariani P'19

Mr. Edward J. Markey '57

Mr. Theodore J. Markowitz '70

Mr. Dennis W. Marks '62

Mr. Arthur F. Marotti '57

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marra P'18

Mr. Patrick J. Marrinan '74

Mr. Michael Marsallo

Mr. David H. Marshall '87

Mr. Lynn V. Marshall '46, P'83,'87,'89

Mr. Peter A. Marshall '79

Mr. Francois A. Martin '94

Mr. Gregory W. Martin '12

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Martin P'18

Mr. Lawrence P. Martin '55

Mr. Stephen J. Martin '63

Mr. Thomas A. Martin '77

Mr. Michael A. Martinelli '97

Mr. Alejandro J. Martinez '17

Mrs. Idalia Martinez P'15

Mr. Jude-Esai N. Martinez '13

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Martino P'12,'19

Mr. & Mrs. Joao A. Martins P'90

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Marx P'18,'20

Mr. George J. Marx

Mr. Robert J. Marzziotti '50

Mr. & Mrs. Lino Maschi P'10

Mr. John R. Massaua '65

Mr. Patrick G. Masseo '07

Ms. Maura B. Mast

Mr. Joseph H. Masterson '71

Mr. Gianni F. Matera '10

Mr. Thomas C. Matera '14

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Math P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Mathison P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Matranga P'19

Mr. Richard L. Mattiaccio '71

Mrs. Robert J. Mauch P'84

Mr. James J. Maun '45

Mr. Thomas D. Mauriello '80

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I. Maxwell P'95

Mr. & Mrs. Cary May

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen May P'06

Mr. Thomas P. May '72

Mr. Brendan J. Mayer '94

Mr. John A. Mayer '52

Mrs. Marguerite M. Mayers

Mayfair Dental Associates

Maze Men's Health

Ms. Rebecca A. Mazin

Mr. Sigmund V. Mazur '64

Mr. Anthony J. Mazza '63

Mr. Michael L. Mazzullo '08

Mr. Arthur Mbanefo P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McAllister P'19

Mr. Edward G. McAnaney '57

Mr. Neil D. McAuliffe '64

Mr. John J. McAvoy '76

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McAward P'16

Mr. Brian J. McCabe '04

Mr. Daniel J. McCabe '82

Mr. Edward J. McCabe '82

Mrs. Eileen E. McCabe P'75,'76,'81,'82,'87

Mr. Gerard F. McCabe '52

Mr. John J. McCabe '81

Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCabe P'04

Mr. Stephen V. McCabe '09

Mr. Thomas G. McCabe '01

Mr. & Mrs. William J. McCabe '76

Mr. John T. McCafferty '65

Ms. Josephine R. McCaffrey P'08

Mr. Charles P. McCaghey '83

Mr. Joseph J. McCann '57

Mr. William J. McCarren '67

Mr. Brian J. McCarthy '71

Dr. Colm J. McCarthy '01

Dr. Cornelius F. McCarthy '53

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McCarthy P'17

Mrs. Eileen McCarthy P'04

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kevin McCarthy

Mr. James D. McCarthy '17

Mr. John G. McCarthy '84

Mr. & Mrs. John P. McCarthy P'17,'19

Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy

Mr. Michael T. McCarthy '67

Mr. Owen F. McCarthy '04

Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. McCarthy P'01

Mr. Robert A. McCarthy '69

Mr. Robert E. McCarthy '60

Mr. Robert J. McCarthy '10

Ms. Sheila McCarthy

Mr. Thomas F. McCarthy '17

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McColgan

Mr. & Mrs. Evan McCordick P'17

Mr. Edwin J. McCormack '72

Mr. & Mrs. James McCormack P'17

Mr. James A. McCormack '17

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McCormick P'19

Mr. Joseph E. McCourt '80

Mr. Calvin A. McCoy '08

Mr. Gene F. McCullough '70

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. McCusker P'12,'18,'19

Mr. Brian McDermott

Mr. Daniel G. McDermott '67

Mr. & Mrs. Donald McDermott

Mr. Edward J. McDermott '77

Mr. Gerard F. McDermott '64

Mr. & Mrs. John McDermott P'20

Mr. John J. McDermott '46

Mr. Joseph P. McDermott '79

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. McDermott P'20

Mr. Sean P. McDermott '97

Mr. Charles T. McDonald '67

Mr. Robert G. McDonald '60

Mr. Michael W. McDonnell '06

Mr. & Mrs. Terence J. McDonnell

Mr. Gerald M. McElhatton '93

Mr. Conor P. McEvily '00

Mr. Thomas F. McEvily '69, P'95

Mr. & Mrs. James McEvoy

Mr. & Mrs. James B. McEvoy P'02

Mr. & Mrs. James B. McEvoy P'19

Mr. James R. McEvoy '02

Mr. Michael J. McEvoy '03

Mr. Carter McFarland

Mr. John J. McFarland '08

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh W. McGahran P'94

Dr. Stephen J. McGeady '59

Mr. Brian J. McGee '88

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. McGee P'88

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McGillicuddy

Mr. Robert J. McGinn '60

Mr. John T. McGirl '59

Mr. & Mrs. Damien P. McGough '95

Mr. Adam J. McGovern '98

Mr. Donald A. McGovern

Mr. Joseph J. McGovern '60

Mr. Lawrence F. McGovern '65, P'98

Mr. Joseph A. McGowan '88

Mrs. Lynn McGowan P'04

Mr. Kevin R. McGrane '10

Mr. Aidan J. McGrath '17

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. McGrath P'14,'17

Mr. Christopher J. McGrath '14

Mr. Kevin J. McGrath '61

Mr. Terence J. McGrath '51

Mr. Timothy C. McGrath '87

Mr. Walter J. McGrath '57

Mr. Peter M. McGroddy '67

Mr. & Mrs. P.J. McGuigan

Mr. Andrew T. McGuire '58

Mr. Christopher J. McGuire '87

Mr. Eugene McGuire

Ms. Patricia McGuire

Mr. Thomas F. McGuire '68

Mr. Dwight W. McGuirk '74

Mr. Douglas J. McHale

Mr. James P. McHale '14

Mr. & Mrs. James P. McHale P'14,'18,'20

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. McHale P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. McHale

Mr. & Mrs. Sean McHugh P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McInerney P'17

Mr. Patrick J. McInerney '64

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKay P'09,'16

Mr. Michael T. McKay '09

Mr. William C. McKay '16

Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. McKee

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McKee

Mr. George P. McKeegan '65

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. McKeever '61

Mr. Kenneth G. McKenna '07

Mr. Peter T. McKenna '02

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. McKenna '77, P'14

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. McKenzie-Hamilton P'20

Mr. Anthony R. McKeon '58

Mrs. Virginia M. McKeon P'05

Mr. Peter G. McKiernan '75

Mr. Robert J. McKiernan '60

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan McKigney P'14

Mr. Kevin J. McKigney '14

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McLaughlin P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. McLaughlin

Mr. & Mrs. Roy C. McLaughlin P'86,'90,'95

Mr. Sean J. McLaughlin '95

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. McLaughlin P'19,'20

Mr. Walter J. McLaughlin '49

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McLoughlin P'80,'81,'83

Mr. Robert J. McLoughlin '68

Mr. Gavin C. McMahon '03

Mr. John J. McMahon '11

Mr. John M. McMahon '64

Mr. Mark S. McMahon '77

Mr. John R. McMenimon '16

Mr. James McMillan

Mr. Gerald C. McNamara '72

Mr. Gregory O. McNamara '12

Mr. James J. McNamara '75

Mr. John J. McNamara '64

Mr. Matthew J. McNamara '67

Mr. Michael McNamara '11

Mr. & Mrs. Peter McNamara P'13,'16

Mr. William J. McNamara '96

Mr. William P. McNamara '68

Mr. Patrick J. McNierney '79

Mr. Joseph P. McNiff '68

Mr. Robert B. McNiff '52

Mr. Michael J. McNulty '69

Mr. Richard T. McNulty '91

Mr. Thomas H. McQuillan '71

McQuilling Partners, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. McShane P'93,'99

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. McShane '74, P'10

Mr. Thomas E. McShane '10

Mr. Conor McStay '15

Mrs. Eileen McStay P'15,'18,'19

Mr. Lawrence J. McTague '78

Mr. Michael G. McTigue '06

Mr. Michael T. McTigue '92

Mr. Thomas B. McTigue

Mr. Daniel Meagher

Mr. Brendan J. Meaney '12

Mrs. Luz Medina P'17

Mr. Pablo F. Medina '66

Ms. Martha Medranda P'15

Mr. Bernard N. Meehan '57

Mr. William F. Meehan '70

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Mehler P'19

Mr. Juan R. Melendez '85

Mr. James P. Melican '58

Mr. Samuel V. Melikian '13

Mr. Edwin R. Mellett '56

Mr. Ralph J. Mellusi '63

Mrs. Mary Ellen Melnyk P'82,'90

Mr. Vincent A. Memoli '68

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Menard P'93

Bro. Jerome P. Menkhaus '61

Mr. Gustave F. Menocal '14

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Menta P'19

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Mercorella P'07

Mr. John A. Mercorella '07

Meredith Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Merkel

Mr. Paul A. Merolla '65

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Messana P'16

Metro New York Christian Life Inc.

Mr. Colin P. Meyers '17

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Meyers P'17

Mr. Christopher J. Micallef '13

Mr. Christopher J. Michailoff '85

Mr. Arthur J. Micheli '08

Mr. Angelo V. Michilli '80

Mid Atlantic Capital Management LLC

Mr. Lawrence E. Miggins '43

Lt. Joseph N. Migliaccio '05

Mr. Michael J. Mignogna '54

Mr. Roberto A. Mignone '88

Mr. Robert J. Mihok '43

Mongi G. Mikhail

Mr. Raymond J. Mikovits '85

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mikus P'17

Mr. John F. Mikus '17

Mr. & Mrs. William Milaccio P'18

Mr. Ferdinand J. Milano '71

Mr. & Mrs. Dickerson Miles P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Miller P'98

Dr. Edward Miller P'11

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Miller

Mr. John J. Miller '59

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Miller

Mr. Henry A. Miller-Jones '56

Mrs. Darlene Milone P'07,'14

Mrs. Joseph Milone P'07,'14

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Milot

Mr. Daniel P. Minogue '54

Mr. Donald C. Minogue '64

Mr. William M. Minozzi '69

Mr. Anthony J. Mirabito '65

Mr. Kam Miramadi

Mr. Paul B. Mischenko

Mr. Donald J. Mitchell '77

Mr. Michael R. Mitchell '89

Mrs. Robert J. Mitchell P'91

Mr. Thomas J. Mitchell '62

Mr. Michael Mitchelson '70

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moderelli P'18,'20

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moderelli

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Modica

Mr. Joseph H. Moglia '67

Mr. Antonio X. Molestina '81

Mr. Alexis O. Molina '96, P'15

Dr. Daniel P. Molloy '65

Mr. & Mrs. Shane Molloy P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Monaco P'20

Mr. Martin A. Monahan '53

Mr. Thomas C. Monahan '64

Mr. Alessandro Mone '84

Mr. Jason P. Monserrate '96

Mr. Roy F. Montana '53

Mrs. Mara Montes P'15

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Mooney P'15,'19

Mr. Timothy J. Mooney

Mr. Allan R. Moore '64

Mr. Alton W. Moore '95

Mr. & Mrs. David Moore P'17

Mr. Edward W. Moore '96

Mr. James G. Moore '07

Mr. Kevin O. Moore '69

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Moran P'17,'20

Mr. Christopher E. Morea '90

Mr. Michael J. Morelli '73

Morgan Stanley Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moriarty

Mr. & Mrs. Hiroshi K. Morimoto P'00

Mr. Robert Moritz

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Morley P'11

Mr. Kevin T. Morley '11

Mr. Brian M. Moroney '00

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Moroney P'97,'00

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore L. Morra P'95

Mr. William M. Morrell '09

Mr. Liz Morris

Dr. Patricia M. Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Morris P'92

Mr. Daniel W. Morrison '76

Mr. William H. Morrison '60

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morrissey P'05,'07

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Morrissey P'20

Mr. Luciano Moschetta '77

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Mosher P'19

Mr. Gerard F. Moss '68

Mr. Anthony P. Motta '64

Mr. Joseph E. Mottola '58

Mr. John C. Moukad '76

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Moy '61, P'94

Mr. Roderick D. Mulcahy '09

Mrs. Jean A. Mulhern

Mr. James J. Mulholland '57

Mr. John R. Mulholland '56

Mr. Kevin J. Mullaney '06

Mr. Gerald T. Mullarkey '84

Mr. Jack D. Mullen '74

Mr. & Mrs. John Mulligan P'04,'07,'13

Mr. Stephen E. Mulligan '69

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Mullin P'20

Mr. William J. Mulrow '74

Mr. Mohamad Alim I. Munruddin '03

Mr. & Mrs. Brendan J. Murphy P'20

Mr. Brendan T. Murphy '61

Mr. Brian S. Murphy '75

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Murphy

Mr. Daniel T. Murphy '11

Col. Donald J. Murphy '54

Mr. Harry F. Murphy '07

Mr. James C. Murphy '84

Mr. James J. Murphy '03

Mr. John F. Murphy '60

Mr. Lawrence A. Murphy '79

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds M. Murphy P'20

Mr. Robert J. Murphy '62

Dr. Robert X. Murphy '72

Mr. Todd W. Murphy '90

Mr. William J. Murphy '52

Mr. William P. Murphy '58

Mr. Francis B. Murray '45

Mr. & Dr. James E. Murray '85, P'15,'18,'20

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Murray '63

Mr. John F. Murray '50

Mr. John W. Murray '56

Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Murray '94

Mr. Malcolm B. Murray '10

Mr. Michael G. Murray '01

Mr. Peter E. Murray '63, P'91

Mr. Raymond F. Murray '67

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Murray

Mr. Roderick J. Murray '78

Mr. Vincent E. Murray '98

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent P. Murray P'98,'01

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Murray '63

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Murtagh '78, P'05,'10

Mr. John M. Murtagh '05

Mrs. Mary B. Murtagh P'70,'78

Mr. Thomas P. Murtagh '70

Mr. Joseph S. Naber '10

Mr. Mario R. Nacinovich '90

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Nacinovich P'87

Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse M. Naclerio '67, P'01

Mr. Richard A. Naclerio '88

Mr. Stephen M. Naclerio '01

Ms. Lorraine Nadler

Mr. Timothy J. Nagle '64

Mr. Michael C. Nahon '70

Mr. Roger R. Nani '02

Mr. Blaise M. Narcisco '17

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Narcisco P'17

Mr. Christopher Nardi '17

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Nardi P'17

Mr. Dennis P. Nash '53

Mr. Timothy J. Nast '03

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Natale P'15

Mr. Stephen V. Natale '54

Mr. John A. Natali '58

Mrs. Dorothy A. Nathan

National Christian Foundation

National Philanthropic Trust

Mr. Kevin D. Navas '95

Mr. Brendan E. Neary '89

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Neary '87

Mr. Kyle J. Neblo '16

Mr. Joseph P. Neckles '00

Mr. John F. Needham '62

Network For Good

Mr. John J. Neubauer '64

New York Botanical/Zoological Photographic Society

New York Life Foundation

New York Nativity Mission Center

New York State Council - Knights of Columbus

Mr. C. Michael Newbrand '61

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newton P'95

Mr. Robert R. Newton '79

Mr. Edward T. Ng '77

Mr. Dylan Nicaj '17

Mr. & Mrs. Gieto Nicaj P'16,'17

Mr. Alexander M. Niedzwiecki '04

Mr. Peter J. Niemiec '69

Mr. Anthony Nigro '99

Mr. William J. Nihan '59

Mr. Stephen A. Noceti '67

Mr. Christopher J. Nogeire '64

Nitin M. Nohria (Harvard Business School)

Capt. Charles F. Noll '52

Mr. James Noonan '03

North Yonkers Scholarship

Mr. Gerard F. Norton '55

Mr. Kevin P. Norton '71

Mr. Stephen J. Norton '69

Mr. Connor H. Nugent '06

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nurzia P'15

Mr. Daniel J. Nyarady '64

Mr. Christopher A. Oberhauser '86

Mr. Anthony F. O'Boyle '46

Mr. Aidan T. O'Brien '17

Mr. Dennis M. O'Brien '69

Mr. Edward C. O'Brien '52

Mr. Francis J. O'Brien '60

Mrs. Joan Y. O'Brien P'74

Mr. John R. O'Brien '66

Mr. Joseph D. O'Brien '57

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. O'Brien P'86

Mr. Kenneth S. O'Brien '09

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. O'Brien

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew O'Brien P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. O'Brien P'14

Mr. Thomas H. O'Brien '62

Mr. John H. O'Byrne '64

Mr. Barry S. O'Connell '68

Mr. Donald J. O'Connell '49

Mr. James E. O'Connell '56

Mrs. Kathleen M. O'Connell

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. O'Connell '55

Mr. Terrence R. O'Connell '96

Mr. Brendan C. O'Connor '88

Mr. Charles G. O'Connor '20

Mr. Daniel C. O'Connor '10

Mr. Dennis A. O'Connor '67

Mr. Donald J. O'Connor '59

Mr. Edward J. O'Connor '70

Mr. Eugene J. O'Connor '68

Mr. John M. O'Connor '64

Mr. John T. O'Connor '12

Mrs. Karina O'Connor P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O'Connor P'18,'20

Mr. Kevin J. O'Connor '81

Mr. Kevin J. O'Connor '64

Mr. Kevin W. O'Connor '61

Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. O'Connor P'10,'12

Mr. Mark J. O'Connor '10

Mr. Patrick J. O'Connor '93

Mr. Robert B. O'Connor '85

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. O'Connor '61

Mrs. Claire O'Donnell

Mr. Hugh K. O'Donnell '59

Mr. Matthew O'Donnell '68

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. O'Donnell '64, P'97

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Donnell

Mr. William J. O'Donnell '62

Mr. & Mrs. Conor O'Driscoll P'14

Mr. Samuel L. O'Driscoll '14

Mr. & Mrs. Colin W. O'Dwyer '02

Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Oechsle

Mr. Stephen G. Oed '64

Mr. Christopher W. O'Gilvie '87

Mr. Jeremiah J. O'Gorman '64

Mr. Kieran O'Gorman

Mr. Olayinka E. Ogunro

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. O'Halloran P'09

Mr. Neil R. O'Hanlon '68

Mr. Thomas J. O'Hanlon '61

Mr. George M. O'Har '66

Ms. Catherine O'Hara

Mr. Richard L. O'Hara '47

Mr. & Mrs. Brian O'Kane

Mr. Theodore A. Okon '71

Mr. Thomas B. Okon '87

Rev. Stanley O'Konsky, SJ

Mr. John Z. Oldak '04

Mr. John D. O'Leary '67

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Olejarczyk P'20

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ollquist

Mr. John N. O'Loughlin '60

Dr. & Mrs. Folarin Olubowale

Mr. Thomas M. O'Malley '65

Mr. W. Paul O'Mara '64

Mr. Andrew D. O'Neill '03

Mr. Brendan T. O'Neill '75

Mr. & Mrs. Colin R. O'Neill '96

Mr. Eugene F. O'Neill '72

Mr. Jack C. O'Neill '17

Mr. & Mrs. James O'Neill P'17

Mr. & Mrs. James O'Neill

Mr. James G. O'Neill '60

Mr. James R. O'Neill '07

Mr. Kevin T. O'Neill '05

Mr. Peter M. O'Neill '95

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. O'Neill P'99,'03

Mr. Thomas J. O'Neill '52

Mr. Joseph G. Opp '64

Mr. Brendan P. O'Reilly '87

Mr. John C. O'Reilly '07

Mr. John J. O'Reilly '60

Orender Family Home for Funerals

Mr. Peter M. Orlando '05

Dr. Frank J. Orosz '64

Mr. Tony Oroszlany (Loyola HS)

Mr. & Mrs. Brendan J. O'Rourke P'08,'16

Mr. Brian C. O'Rourke '75

Mr. Brian P. O'Rourke '86

Mr. Brian P. O'Rourke '12

Mr. Colin J. O'Rourke '08

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond O'Rourke P'18

Mr. Riley T. O'Rourke '08

Mr. Ernest S. Orphanos '84

Mr. Amado M. Ortiz '65

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. O'Shea P'13

Mr. Daniel P. O'Shea '64

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene O'Shea P'18

Mr. Eugene O'Shea

Mr. John C. O'Shea '09

Mr. Kenneth S. Shea '81

Mr. Patrick J. O'Shea '14

Mr. & Mrs. Sean O'Shea P'14,'17,'20

Mr. Thomas R. O'Shea '17

Mr. Denis F. O'Sullivan '48

Mrs. Helen O'Sullivan P'87

Mr. Kenneth E. O'Sullivan '59

Mr. Kevin O'Sullivan

Mr. Patrick O'Sullivan

Mr. Thomas J. O'Sullivan '98

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Otero P'20

Mr. James M. O'Toole '89

Mr. Daniel M. Ottaviano '69

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Owen P'18

Mr. Patrick M. Owens '01

Mr. Robert D. Owens

Mr. Robert E. Owens '05

Mr. Jason J. Pabon '91

Mr. David N. Pacchiana

Mrs. Jeanne Pacchiana P'76,'79

Mr. Christopher C. Pace '16

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Pace P'16

Mr. Marco A. Pace '93

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Pace P'20

Mr. John A. Pacifico '02

Mr. Brian M. Padgett '01

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Padian P'20

Mrs. Ismelda Padilla

Mr. Louis Padilla P'85

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Padilla P'18

Dr. Frank J. Padrone '58

Mr. Peter J. Paganussi '75

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Pagliarulo P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Paladino P'17

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Palancia

Mr. Richard Palandrani P'17

Mr. Dominic V. Palazzo '48

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Palazzola

Mr. Vincent C. Palermo P'14,'19

Mr. Vincent M. Palermo '14

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Palmer P'12

Mr. & Mrs. Alec A. Pandaleon P'75,'78,'80

Mr. John A. Pane '64

Mr. Nicholas M. Pane '01

Mr. Robert D. Pane '66

Ms. Leonore C. Panno

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Paolicelli '72, P'13

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Papaleo P'17

Mr. Michael S. Papaleo '17

Mr. Bryant Pappas '91

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Pappas P'07

Mr. Michael E. Paranac '06

Mr. Gregory J. Paravati '63

Mr. Douglas T. Pardo '77

Mr. Edward R. Pardon '58

Mr. & Mrs. Chan-Kwon Park P'19

Mrs. Shawn Parker P'08,'18

Mr. William S. Pascocello '16

Mr. & Mrs. Arnaldo Passacantando Neto P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew A. Paterno '64

Patrick J. Broderick Memorial Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Lance Patrouch P'14

Mr. John B. Patterson

Mr. Robert C. Paul '78

Pauline V. & William F. Garvey Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Pearson P'15

Mr. James S. Pecchia '17

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pecchia P'17

Mr. Randall J. Pedro P'12,'17

Mr. Richard P. Peduto '61

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Peel P'17

Mr. Charles J. Pelisson '53

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J. Pelisson '61

Mr. James L. Peloquen

PepsiCo Foundation

Mr. Albert R. Peraino '58

Mr. & Mrs. Bardhok Peraj P'18

Mr. Neil Pere Check '16

Dr. Joyce Pere P'16,'19

Mr. Gregory J. Perito '11

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Perkins

Mr. Joseph F. Perkowski '72

Dr. Augustine L. Perrotta '56

Mr. & Mrs. James Perrotta P'19

Mr. William M. Perry '64

Mr. Ravindra Persaud '10

Ms. Mariann G. Perseo P'01

Mr. John Persteins '98

Mr. Waldo Persteins '93

Peter & Adeline Ruffin Foundation

Mr. John Peters

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peters P'18

Ms. Gwendolyn A. Peterson

Mr. Albert W. Petraglia '64

Mr. Thomas L. Petriccione '10

Mr. Glenn S. Petriello '03

Mr. Joseph A. Petriello '98

Mr. Alex Petrilak

Mr. Frank J. Petrilli '68, P'87,'89

Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Petrillo

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Petrocelli '55, P'96

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Petrocelli P'86

Mr. Robert P. Petrocine '76

Mr. & Mrs. John Petrozzi P'18

Mr. John J. Pettinelli '76

Mr. Christopher R. Pettus '13

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pettus P'13

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pettus P'17,'19

Mr. William R. Pettus '82

Pfizer Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. James Pharo P'18

Mr. John J. Phelan '59, P'85,'90

Mr. Paul A. Philbin '59

Mr. William J. Philbin '62

Mr. David P. Piacente '96

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Picone P'19

Mr. John F. Pierce '74, P'07

Mr. John J. Pilkington '66

Mr. John C. Pine '72

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pinkowish P'07

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Pinter P'19

Mr. Nicholas A. Pirulli '85

Mr. John M. Pisani '60

Mr. Joseph R. Pisani '56

Mr. Matthew T. Pisciotta '10

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pisciotta P'10

Mr. & Mrs. John Piskora P'20

Mr. Joseph D. Pizzurro '69

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Plantemoli P'20

Mr. Fredric J. Pocci '67

Mr. Juan C. Polanco '95

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Policano

Mr. & Mrs. Vicente Polimeni P'05

Mr. Dean T. Politopoulos '97

Mr. David P. Polizzi '96

Mr. William B. Pollard P'89

Mr. Hans W. Polzer '65

Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Pond P'02

Mr. Robert J. Ponzini '64

Mr. Sean A. Pope '06

Mr. George Popel '61

Dr. & Mrs. Dix Poppas P'16

Mr. Phillip J. Poppas '16

Mr. Eugene J. Porcaro '62

Mr. William C. Porcaro '67, P'00

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Porco P'13

Mr. Thomas C. Porter '68

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. Porter

Mr. Thomas J. Porto '68

Mr. Paul F. Posoli '56

Mr. Erick V. Posser '06

Mr. Henry J. Powell '60

Mrs. Jane F. Power P'06

Mr. Frank V. Powers '02

Mr. Joseph E. Powers '91

Mr. Mark J. Powers '02

Mr. Paul J. Powers '60

Mr. John P. Prager '04

Mr. Richard A. Pregiato '59, P'89

Mr. Alfonse J. Preisser '57

Mr. Bernhard F. Preisser '64, P'94,'97

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Mr. Trevor A. Prince '03

Mr. James A. Prior '51

Mr. Richard A. Prior '54

Mr. Christopher A. Proscia '12

Mr. Harold W. Pskowski '67

Mr. Bryan P. Ptucha '10

Mr. Matthew T. Ptucha '17

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Ptucha P'10,'17

Mr. Alfred R. Pucci '77

Mr. Robert N. Pucci '74

Mr. Joseph M. Puglia '00

Mr. Thomas P. Pullano '70

Mr. Corey Punter '07

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Puppo

Maj. Jim J. Purekal '94

Lt. Col. Robert J. Putlock '57

Mr. Shane T. Queenan '17

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Queenan P'14,'17

Mr. David J. Quigley '10

Mr. Robert C. Quigley '58

Mr. Jesse P. Quinlan '92

Mr. Shane M. Quinlan '95

Mr. Brian M. Quinn '05

Dr. & Mrs. James C. Quinn P'00

Mr. John P. Quinn '60

Mrs. Rosina G. Quinn

Capt. Sean J. Quinn '00

Mr. Kenneth R. Quintano '08

Mr. Louis R. Quintano '66

Mr. Christian J. Quinttus '10

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Quinttus P'10

Ms. Anne E. Quirk

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Quirke P'14

Mr. Vito Quivelli P'18

Mr. Jenik R. Radon '63

Mr. Eric T. Ragone '12

Mr. Nicholas C. Raguso '00

Mr. Lennard K. Rambusch '52

Mr. Viggo B. Rambusch '49

Mr. Alexander R. Rankin '52

Mr. John J. Rapawy '88

Mr. Jon L. Rapillo '82

Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Rapillo '78, P'12

Mr. John J. Ray '72

Mr. Joseph F. Realini '56

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Recine P'12,'15

Mr. Christopher J. Recine '12

Mr. Patrick A. Recine '15

Mr. Christopher L. Reda '91

Mr. Paul P. Rega '66

Mr. Hugh S. Regan '72

Mr. John M. Regan '60

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Regan

Mr. Neil Regan '08

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Regis High School

Mr. George F. Reich '61

Mr. John D. Reich '57

Mr. Jovan A. Reid '13

Mr. & Dr. Robert J. Reid '64

Mr. Philip A. Reid-Francisco '10

Mr. Gavin T. Reidy '10

Mr. Maurice T. Reidy '93

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Reilly P'19

Mr. John J. Reilly '73

Mr. John P. Reilly '12

Mr. Kevin P. Reilly '67

Mr. Lawrence F. Reilly '57

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Reilly P'12

Mr. Richard W. Reilly '57

Ms. Rosemary Reilly

Mr. William S. Reilly '68

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Reinhold

Mr. Aidan H. Reisman '19

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reisman P'19

Ms. Christine Reiss

Mr. Paul J. Reiss '75

Dr. & Mrs. Paul J. Reiss P'75,'76,'77,'81,'84

Mr. Steven J. Reiss '84

Mr. George Reisz '67

Mr. Marko C. Remec '76

Mr. Robert F. Reninger '54

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Repic

Mr. Edward A. Resina '80

Mrs. Barbara Reynolds

Mr. Daniel E. Reynolds '82

Mrs. Eileen Reynolds P'82

Mr. Sean M. Reynolds '64, P'93,'95

Mr. Frank J. Reysen '59

Mr. Joseph T. Ricci '64

Mr. Lawrence R. Ricciardi '58

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Riccio P'14,'16,'18

Mr. Alfred P. Riccomini '52

Richard and Christine Mack Family Foundation

Mr. Carl B. Rifino '55

Mr. William G. Rimmer '65

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Rinaldi P'84

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Richard J. Rinaldo

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Ring P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Russ Ringelstein P'18

Mr. Gregory F. Rinn '57

Mr. Dennis P. Riordan '66

Mr. Nelson G. Ritter '96

Mr. Aaron Rivera '15

Mr. Alfredo S. Rivera '02

Mr. James R. Riviello '66

Mr. William J. Rizzo '86

Robert and Sydney Kindler Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Miles Robert P'18

Mr. William P. Roberts '49

Mr. Ernest A. Robertson '76

Mrs. Mary Robichaux

Mr. & Mrs. George Robinson P'18

Mr. George J. Robinson '64

Mr. & Mrs. Steve G. Robling

Mr. Thomas J. Rocchio '49

Col. James E. Roche '53

Mr. Peter T. Roche '65

Rockefeller Foundation

Mr. Carlos J. Rodrigues

Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Rodriguez P'01

Mr. Peter M. Rodriguez '77

Mr. Roger A. Rodriguez '87

Mr. Christopher J. Rohrs '67

Mr. Cesar D. Roman '11

Mr. Irving P. Roman '91

Mr. Richard V. Romer '59

Ms. Kathleen Rommelsbacher

Mr. John P. Rooney '17

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Rooney '88, P'17

Mr. Daniel K. Roque '98

Ms. Victoria Rosamond

Mr. Raymond Rosario '83

Mr. Giulio J. Rosasco '53

Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Rosato P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Rose P'06

Mr. Kenneth R. Rosenstein

Mr. Donald K. Ross '61

Mr. Matthew J. Ross '84

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rossi P'17

Mr. Michael F. Rossi '17

Mr. David J. Rosso '55

Fordham ROTC

Mr. James J. Roth '98

Mr. Michael J. Roth '03

Mrs. Helen Rothlein

Mr. Robert T. Rotondi '65

Mr. & Mrs. James S. Rowen '82

Mr. John D. Roy '64

Mr. Lester F. Rozycki '71

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Ruebenacker

Ms. Kathy A. Ruffing

Mr. Steven A. Ruggiero '77

Mr. Joseph Rush

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Russell '70, P'16

Mr. John W. Russell '64

Mr. Bernard K. Russiello '64

Mr. Dennis M. Russo '70

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Russo P'09

Mr. Richard J. Russo '67

Mr. David V. Ryan '07

Mr. Garry P. Ryan '69

Mr. James J. Ryan '70

Mr. James W. Ryan '65

Mr. Joseph F. Ryan '55

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Ryan P'09

Mr. Neal T. Ryan '81

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ryan P'20

Mr. Thomas Ryan

Mr. Thomas J. Ryan '88

Mr. Andres L. Saavedra '86

Ms. Rhona Saba

Mr. John C. Saccenti '64

Dr. Albert N. Sackey '94

Mr. Alfred J. Saint-Jacques '74

Saints John and Paul  Church

Mr. Barry P. Sales

Hon. Charles B. Salmon '55

Mr. Robert A. Saltzman '11

Mr. Angelo Salvatico '06

Mr. Joseph A. Salzo '16

Mr. John Samuelsen

Mr. Gregory L. San George '68

Mr. Richard C. San George '69

Mr. Ronald A. Sancetta '73

Mr. Ojilvy A. Sanchez '88

Mr. Norbert W. Sander '60

Mr. John R. Sandleitner '85

Mr. Dominic F. Sankar '92

Mr. Steven J. Santacroce '03

Mrs. Susan A. Santangelo P'87

Mr. David A. Santarelli '09

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Santarelli P'09

Mr. Jonathan N. Santelli '89

Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Santinelli

Mr. Matthew S. Santirocco '67

Dr. Anthony M. Santomero '64

Mr. Camillo M. Santomero '75

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Santomero '87

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Sapanski

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Sarcinella '80, P'03

Mr. Edward G. Sartore '58

Mr. Richard G. Sartore '59

Mr. Alexander B. Satloff '15

Mr. & Mrs. Averell W. Satloff P'15

Mr. John F. Saunders '77

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Saunders P'88,'90

Mr. John D. Savage '12

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Savage P'12,'18

Dr. Michael J. Savage '59

Mr. Roland J. Savage '64

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Saverino P'11

Mr. Thomas M. Savino '81

Mr. Scott L. Sayegh '96

Mr. Patrick C. Sbano '85

Mr. John J. Scafuri '54

Mr. Joseph C. Scalisi '82, P'16

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Scallion

Mr. Arthur Scanlon

Mr. & Mrs. Brendan R. Scanlon P'20

Mr. Neil A. Scanlon '94

Mr. Santo C. Scarcella '55

Mr. Paul Scariano

Mr. Richard J. Scarinci '99

Mr. John E. Scarpelli '61

Mr. Michael J. Scarpelli '57

Mr. Richard G. Scarpelli '59

Scarsdale Oral Surgery

Mr. Michael E. Scelsi '85

Mr. & Mrs. Ernst R. Schaaf P'86,'90

Mr. Gregory J. Schaentzler '05

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Schaller '68, P'95,'01

Mr. Robert F. Scheuble '63

Mr. James J. Schindler '08

Mr. Christopher G. Schipper '73

Mr. Timothy P. Schipper '79

Mr. Douglas R. Schirripa '72

Mrs. Marie A. Schirripa P'72

Mr. Peter Schlegel

Mr. Walter E. Schluter '60

Mr. Robert J. Schneider '67

Mr. Russell M. Schneider '66

Mr. & Mrs. William Schneider P'16

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Schnier P'19

Mr. David R. Schnitzer '03

Scholarship America

Mr. John O. Schopfer '02

Dr. Arthur H. Schore P'87

Mr. & Mrs. David Schore

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Schramm P'03,'06

Mr. Patrick R. Schramm '06

Mr. & Mrs. John Schrynemakers P'15

Mrs. Margaret C. Schum

Mr. Robert J. Schuster '67

Mr. Christopher J. Schuyler '77

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Mr. Richard A. Schwam '02

Mrs. Patricia M. Schweitzer

Mr. Joseph Scioscia '88

Mrs. Carol (RIP) C. Scolaro

Mr. Mario A. Scolaro P'73

Mr. Anthony J. Scotti '12


Scranton Preparatory School

Mr. Angelo A. Sedacca '89, P'16

Mr. & Mrs. Gustavo Segnini P'19

Ms. Jodee Seitz

Mrs. Mary Semack

Mrs. Pauline Semetis

Mr. Brian A. Seminario '08

Mr. Michael V. Seminario '11

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Seminario P'08,'11

Mr. Paul Seo '13

Mr. Robert P. Serafin '70

Mr. William S. Serletis '71

Mr. Trevor W. Serman '16

Mr. Charles A. Serra '59

Mr. Eric P. Serrilli '80

Mr. Bradley J. Serton '95

Mr. Douglas C. Serton '00

Mr. & Mrs. Evan C. Serton '94

Mr. Anthony F. Sgueglia '61

Mr. Adam Shakoor '02

Mr. Robert Shapiro

Mr. Scott J. Shapiro '08

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sharnsky P'17

Mr. Denis R. Shea '71

Mr. Michael E. Shea '80

Mr. Richard T. Sheahan '67, P'97

Mr. John J. Sheehan '51

Mr. Lawrence G. Sheehan '77

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Sheehan

Mr. John M. Sheehy '80

Mr. David R. Sheil '74

Dr. & Mrs. Rajesh Shenoy P'17

Mr. Ben W. Shephard '01

Mr. Michael J. Sheridan '88

Mr. Daniel I. Sherman '01

Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Sherwood P'99

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Shine

Mr. Harold J. Shinsato '80

Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Shinsato P'80

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Shortall P'18

Mr. Jason A. Shramko '89

Mr. Jonathan D. Shramko '72

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sibley P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick A. Signorile P'09

Mr. Frank A. Silane '63

Mr. Michael F. Silane '61

Mr. Raymond P. Silliere '74

Mr. John M. Silvanie '66

Mr. Michael I. Silverstein '75

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silvestri P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Karel Simek P'09

Mr. Alexander B. Simeone '12

Mr. John L. Simermeyer '46

Mr. Ronald F. Simi '64

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Simmons P'19

Mr. Joseph Simone

Mr. Joseph A. Simpson '95

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Singer

Mrs. Frances Sinon P'82,'83

Mr. Gabriel J. Sipiora '14

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sisk P'19

Mr. John T. Skehan '49

Mr. William M. Skehan '57

Mrs. Maria Skiba

Mr. James T. Slane '63

Mr. Dennis M. Slater '05

Mr. & Mrs. Cary Sleeper P'09,'12

Mr. James M. Slevin '90

Mr. Charles A. Slivinski '64

Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Sloan

Mr. Tor E. Smeland '78

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith P'16

Mr. Bradley W. Smith '95

Mr. Christopher J. Smith '11

Mr. and Dr. Christopher M. Smith P'11,'14

Mr. Connor M. Smith '14

Mr. Craig Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Smith P'20

Mr. Gerard J. Smith '44

Mr. James T. Smith '88

Mr. Kenneth J. Smith '66

Mr. Kevin B. Smith '65

LTC Kevin E. Smith '68

Mr. Matthew S. Smith '68

Mrs. Michael Smith P'18

Mr. R. J. Smith

Mr. Robert B. Smith '67

Mr. Stephen J. Smith '64

Col. William G. Smith '54

Mr. John J. Snee '52

Mr. Michael J. Sniffen '67, P'89

Snow Fresh Foods

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Snow P'08

Mr. Andrew C. Snyder '11

Mr. Charles R. Snyder '65

Mr. & Mrs. John Soares P'89,'92

Mr. Kevin J. Sohr '93

Mr. Kevin M. Sohr '15

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Sohr '83, P'15

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sohr P'82,'83,'86,'93

Mr. Joseph J. Sokol '05

Mr. Dan C. Somma '62

Mr. James S. Sonn

Ms. Julissa Soriano P'19

Mr. Christopher A. South '72

Mr. Christopher C. Souther '07

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Souther P'07

Mr. James J. Spach '69

Mr. Richard G. Sparzani '64

Mr. L. Anthony Specchierla '82

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Specchierla P'82,'87

Mr. Michael F. Specchierla '87

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Spellman P'73

Mr. Nicholas A. Speranza '78

Mr. & Mrs. Aristidis Speres

Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Speres P'17,'19

Mr. Fontene Speres

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Spiegel '52, P'17

Mr. John J. Spillane '93

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Spillane P'93,'95

Mr. Michael F. Spillane '09

Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Spillane P'09

Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Spitzer P'12,'15

Mr. Anthony P. Spohr '58

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Spollen P'95

Mr. Laurence P. Spollen '95

Mr. Robert A. Spolzino '76

Mr. Edward C. Squire '50

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Squitieri P'14

St. Ignatius High School

St. Ignatius School

St. Mary's Orthodox Church of India, Inc.

St. Michael R.C. Church

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph St. Onge P'07,'09

Mr. Joseph E. St. Onge '07

St. Raymond Elementary School

Mr. Daniel P. Staff '09

Mr. Patrick J. Stallard '67

Mr. Timothy J. Stanton '80

Dr. Paul J. Stapleton '83

Start Elevator

Mr. James Staudt '70

Mr. Robert J. Steinberger '55

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Stella P'19

Mr. August A. Stellwag '49

Ms. Rita M. Stephanz P'20

Mr. James R. Stephens '56

Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation

Mr. John E. Stevens '64

Mr. Joseph D. Stewart-Pirone '90

Mr. Cary J. Stier Jr. '16

Mr. & Mrs. Cary Stier P'16

Mr. Robert E. Stillman '72

Mr. Joseph Stilwell P'15

Mr. John S. Stine '09

Mr. John A. Stipicevic '02

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Stone P'18

Mr. Thomas J. Stone

Mr. Robert L. Storch '61

Mr. Edward A. Strada '94

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Strada P'91,'94

Mr. Martin J. Stransky '74

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Straub P'19

Mr. Richard Strauss

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Strobel P'10

Mr. William P. Strobel '10

Mr. Ralph E. Stubbs '64

Mr. Peter T. Stubenvoll '64

Mr. Donald P. Suchy '64

Mr. Robert J. Suchy '60

Mr. Thomas J. Sugrue '64

Mr. Brian E. Sullivan '96

Mr. Dermod O. Sullivan P'03

Mr. Griffin A. Sullivan '03

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Sullivan P'14,'18

Mr. John C. Sullivan '12

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Sullivan P'12,'14

Mr. John K. Sullivan '57

Ms. Margaret D. Sullivan

Mrs. Margaret F. Sullivan

Mr. Matthew J. Sullivan '07

Mr. Michael D. Sullivan '79

Mr. Patrick T. Sullivan '87

Mr. Ryan T. Sullivan '14

Ms. Jennifer Sundt P'18

Mr. Francis X. Suozzi '58

Mr. Aidan J. Suttlehan '17

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Suttlehan P'13,'17

Mr. Graig C. Suvannavejh '88

Mr. Richard Swartzwelder

Mr. Daniel J. Sweeney '48

Rev. Raymond M. Sweitzer, SJ

Mr. Stephen G. Swieciki '04

Mr. Patrick F. Swift '62

Mr. John A. Szczepanski '20

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Szczepanski P'20

Mr. James F. Szivos '74

Mr. Ron Christopher C. Tacandong '16

Mr. Andrew J. Taddei '61

Mr. Joseph J. Tafuri '79

Dr. & Mrs. Alfonso Tagliavia P'14

Mr. Philip Talamo '86

Mr. Vincent J. Talamo '93

Mr. Ronald S. Tamoschat '55

Ms. Joan Tana

Mr. & Mrs. Noel Tannian P'14,'19

Mr. Marco A. Taormina '14

Mr. Terence A. Tarateta '91

Ms. Teresa Tarillo

Mrs. Frances Tavolilla P'04

Mr. Ronald Temple

Mr. Michael W. Tenney

Mr. Patrick Tenney

Mr. Lawrence S. Terrafranca

Mr. Anthony M. Terranova '96

Mr. Roberto Terranova '03

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Terry

Mr. Steven F. Tesoro '05

Mr. Gregory A. Teti '17

Mr. Immac J. Thampoe '76

The Ayco Charitable Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Boeing Company

The Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association

The Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation

The Chicago Community Foundation

The Coleman Foundation

The Delaney Foundation

The Eloise Susanna Gale Foundation

The Giving Fund

The Griffin Family Foundation

The Jesuits of Fordham, Inc.

The Landegger Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Merck Company Foundation

The National Italian American Foundation

The Partnership for Inner-City Education (The Partnership)

The Santomero Family Foundation Inc.

The Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick

The Speedwell Foundation

The Travelers Corporation

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

The/USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus

Thomas Lemons Foundation

Mr. Brian Thomas

Mr. Mark W. Thomson '75

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Thumen P'06

Mr. & Mrs. Rhett D. Thurman P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Thwaites P'13,'19,'20

Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Tierney '56, P'81

Mr. Scott Tierney

Mr. Steven T. Tierney '15

Mr. Richard G. Tilghman '63

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Tinson P'20

Mr. Vito F. Tirone '74

Mr. William S. Titus '06

Mr. Thuat T. To '03

Dr. Edward F. Tobia '64

Mr. & Mrs. John Tobin P'19

Col. Gary J. Tocchet '73

Mr. John R. Toedtman '62

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Tognino P'88

Mr. August J. Tolomer '42

Tom & Cashie Egan Family Foundation

Mr. Joseph S. Tomaselli '92

Mrs. Patricia M. Tomassi P'93

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Tomei P'20

Mr. & Mrs. John Tomsen P'18

Mr. Noel A. Tomy '17

Mr. John P. Toolan '48

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Toomey

Ms. Carolina R. Topolewski

Mr. Vincent J. Torna '69

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Torres P'19,'20

Mr. William M. Tortorella '55

Mr. Timothy R. Tostanoski '74

Mr. & Mrs. Mark I. Townsell P'05,'10

Mr. & Mrs. James Townsend P'18

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Tozzi P'18

Mr. Arnold H. Tracy '52

Mr. David C. Trahan '83

Dr. Russell F. Trahan '77

Mrs. Erin Trainor

Mrs. Joyce M. Trammell

Ms. Thao Tran P'20

Mr. Joseph J. Trautlein '58

Mr. Edward A. Trawinski '69

Mr. Dennis P. Treanor '45

Mr. & Mrs. Jason D. Trennert P'20

Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Triscari P'18

Mr. Andrew J. Trovato '10

Mr. Alexander S. Trovini '15

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Trovini '85, P'15

Mr. Christopher D. Truchan '96

Mr. Joseph A. Trumino '62

Trust Company of Vermont

Mr. Karl Jansen B. Tubo '03

Mr. Frank J. Tubridy '61

Mr. Jerome J. Tuccille '54

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tuccillo

Mrs. Robin Tuch P'20

Mr. Gregory J. Tully '73

Mr. Mark E. Tully '93

Mr. Bryan Tunney

Mr. & Mrs. Girard Tunney P'16,'18

Mrs. Nancy B. Tunney

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Turley P'00

Mr. William J. Twohig '59

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Twomey P'01

Mr. Paul B. Twomey '51

Mr. Thomas J. Tyler

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Tym P'19

Mr. James J. Tyrrell '07

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tyrrell P'07

UBS Financial Services, Inc.

UBS Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Uddoh P'18

Dr. & Mrs. John Uglum P'20

Mr. Ryan T. Ujazdowski '04

Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus J. Ujazdowski P'05

Mr. Gerard M. Ulrich '87

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Uranga

Ms. Catherine Urso

Mr. James A. Vahey

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Valdes P'20

Mrs. Elizabeth Valecce

Mr. & Mrs. John Valecce P'18

Mr. Joseph Valente

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Valentino P'14

Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc

Mr. Robert J. Valla '75

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Mr. Stephen M. Varley '61

Mr. and Mrs. George (RIP) Vasilakis

Mr. Alfred C. Vasso '87

Mr. Nicholas C. Vasti '75

Mr. Aidan N. Velle '12

Mrs. Eileen P. Venditto P'01,'04,'10

Mr. Michael A. Ventorino '99

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Ventorino P'99

Mr. Matthew P. Ventura '01

Mr. Quince V. Venturino '81

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Vercollone

Mr. Joseph J. Verdicchio '63

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Verhaegen '69

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Verini P'15

Mr. Vincent J. Verlezza P'94

Veterans of Foreign Wars 2285

Mr. & Mrs. Dante Viano P'99

Hon. & Mrs. Paul A. Victor '50, P'83

Mr. & Mrs. Diego F. Vidal P'19

Mr. Michael J. Viele '01

Ms. Marlene Viera

Mr. John M. Viertl '59

Mr. Brian J. Vignali '05

Mr. Daniel O. Vigorito '08

Mr. Thomas G. Villani '03

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffren A. Villarba P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Villegas P'15

Mr. Matthew R. Viola '14

Mr. Gregory L. Violante '13

Mr. David H. Vitiello '15

Mr. Nicholas F. Vitulli '69

Mr. Alfred E. Vogl '16

Mr. James J. Vogt '68

Mr. Edward P. Voli '77

Dr. Joseph F. Voli '84

Mr. Richard A. Volpe '60

Mr. George S. Vrionis

Mr. John J. Vrionis '64

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Vujtech P'20

Mr. Douglas W. Vunic '87

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wacyk P'19

Mr. George J. Wade '55

Mr. Bruce V. Wagner '86

Mr. Robert I. Wagner '54

Mr. John C. Walcutt '64

Mr. Fred M. Walker '52

Mr. Bryan C. Wallace '90

Mr. Kevin J. Wallace '03

Walsh Jesuit

Mr. Christopher J. Walsh Jr. '17

Mr. Brendan Walsh '60

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Walsh P'17,'20

Mr. & Mrs. Denis Walsh P'16

Mr. Edgar S. Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Walsh '48, P'83

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Walsh P'19

Mr. Peter W. Walsh '92

Mr. Simon L. Walsh '83

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Walsh P'16,'18

Mr. John J. Walzer IV '16

Mrs. Riska Wanago P'00

Ms. Eileen E. Ward P'92

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Ward P'19

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wartman P'13

Mr. John B. Waters '96

Mr. Martin J. Waters '57, P'84,'96

Mr. William M. Watkins '60

Mr. & Mrs. Allen A. Weaver

Mr. Thomas G. Webber '62

Mr. John H. Webster

Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Weiden P'06

Mr. Colum J. Weiden '06

Ms. Dorothy Weinberger

Mr. & Mrs. Mary Lou Weinzimmer

Mr. Robert E. Weitzman '96

Mr. Charles T. Welsh '12

Mr. James A. Welsh '86

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Welsh P'09,'12

Mr. Michael G. Welsh '09

Mr. Robert W. Werner '09

Mr. William J. Werner '03

Mr. Andrew R. Westphal '01

Mr. Robert F. Wetjen '55

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew G. Wetty P'19

Mr. Joseph T. Whalen '55

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Whelan '90, P'18

Mr. William J. Whelan '76

Mr. Andrew G. White '86

Mr. Edward White

Capt. Edward S. White '79

Mrs. Helen M. White P'79,'81,'86

Mr. Henry F. White '63

Mr. James L. Whitney '69

Mr. Walter E. Wiedemann '44

Mr. Peter M. Wierich '87

Mr. Pierce B. Wilkinson '55

William & Ann Murphy Family Charitable Foundation

William and Phyllis Mack Family Foundation Inc.

Mr. David C. Williams

Mr. Jeffrey M. Williams '68

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Williams '56

Mrs. Bevolyn Williams-Harold P'18

Mr. Anthony J. Williamson '68

Mr. Evan S. Williamson '11

Mr. Logan P. Williamson '13

Mr. Thomas E. Willoughby '67

Mrs. Elisa Wilson

Mr. Gerard P. Wilson '63

Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Wilson

Mr. Mark A. Wines '77

Dr. Roger A. Wines P'77,78

Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Winiarski P'20

Mr. Edward H. Winkler

Mr. Joseph E. Winston '70

Mr. Frank Wolf

Mr. & Mrs. Allen R. Wolff P'17

Ms. Joan Wollman P'85

Mr. William J. Wollman '85

Mr. & Mrs. John Woodruff P'18

Mr. Lawrence S. Woods '60

Mr. Christian X. Wright '11

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen X. Wright P'11

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wrotniak P'08,'14

Mr. Michael A. Wrotniak '08

Mr. William J. Wrotniak '14

Mr. Kevin W. Wyatt '75

Mr. Timothy T. Yates

Mr. Frank M. Yodice '07

Mr. Francis X. Young '76, P'18

Ms. Leigh C. Young P'18

Mr. Robert C. Young '69

Mr. Andrew C. Zaback '16

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Zaback P'16

Mr. Jison C. Zabala '07

Mr. Robert F. Zachariasiewicz '64

Mr. Joseph M. Zajac '14

Mrs. Amina Zakari P'17

Mr. Hussain M. Zakari '17

Mr. George J. Zambetti '68

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Zanolla P'20

Mr. Jose L. Zardoya '86

Mr. H. Paul Zellweger '69

Mr. & Mrs. Luciano Zeolla

Mr. & Mrs. Omar Zeolla P'18

Mr. Leon J. Zick '64, P'92

Mr. Leon J. Zick '92

Mr. Victor D. Ziminsky '75

Mr. Joseph S. Zimmatore '60

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Zimmer P'17

Mr. Victor L. Zimmermann '70

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Zipprich

Mr. Frank Zirpolo '73

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Zucaro

Mr. Orest J. Zuk '72

Mr. & Mrs. Marc L. Zupicich P'19

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