Academics /  Final Exams 2020

Final Exam Schedule 2020
revised January 10
Friday, May 29 to Friday, June 5

School dress is required on exam days.

Students with conflicts (exams scheduled at the same time) must see the Registrar.
Students with extended time who are taking a 3-hour exam should report to the scheduled exam room.
Students taking exams with extended time should report to rooms 408, 410 or 411 - signs will be posted letting you know which room your grade is being assigned to.


9 AM

12 PM

Monday 1/13

Greek 1H
Latin 1

French 1H, 2H, 3H
German 2H, 3H
Italian 1, 2, 2H
Spanish 1, 2, 2H, 3H
AP Chinese Language & Culture
AP Spanish Language & Culture
AP Spanish Literature & Culture

Latin 5 Ind. Study
AP Latin (3-hour exam)

Religious Studies 2, 3
Christian Quest for Social Justice
Theology of Sport

Tuesday 1/14

Greek 2H, 4H
Latin 2H, 3, 3 ADV H
Mandarin 2H, 3H, 4H

English 1
The Quest Motif in Literature H
AP English Language - Composition
AP English Literature - Composition (3-hour exam)

Mandarin 1H

Wednesday 1/15

Geometry H
Precalculus H
Calculus H
AP Calculus AB

Algebra 1
Algebra 2-Trig 
Algebra 2-Trig H
Algebra 2-Trig ADV H
AP Statistics (3-hour exam)

Thursday 1/16

Global 1, 1H
Global 2, 2H
US History
US History H
AP US History
AP US Gov't & Politics
AP Psychology

AP European History
AP Macroeconomics
AP World History: Modern

Economics H

Friday 1/17



Biology H
Physics H
AP Biology

Biochemistry H
Chemistry H
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1 (3-hour exam)

AP Art History

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