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Fordham Prep Cross Country 2016

 Results – Regis Invitational
Van Cortland Park - 2.5 Mile Course
Saturday September 17, 2016
Weather  -  Warm, 80° F

Sophomore Boys  - 5th Place

9 Charles Gstalder       10 Fordham Prep         15:25.43    
15 Jared Copeland        10 Fordham Prep         15:50.61
26 Jackson Chung         10 Fordham Prep         16:25.34
30 August Alexander      10 Fordham Prep         16:44.47
42 Terence Deneny        10 Fordham Prep         17:30.58
52 Michael Barrett       10 Fordham Prep         17:57.81
77 William Elmlinger     10 Fordham Prep         19:11.49    
78 Alexander Colella     10 Fordham Prep         19:15.29       
79 Ryan Fodero           10 Fordham Prep         19:22.63
98 Joseph Marcovici      10 Fordham Prep         23:46.00 
104 Joshua Kohler        10 Fordham Prep         23:56.00 
111 Mark Jouiad          10 Fordham Prep         34:33.00 
Junior Boys 4th Place
13 William Maghak        11 Fordham Prep         15:02.57
16 Jonah Shortall        11 Fordham Prep         15:05.35
35 Wil O’Oconnor         11 Fordham Prep         15:50.7
48 Craig Certo           11 Fordham Prep         16:12.86
57 Enmanuel Cruz         11 Fordham Prep         16:28.96 
70 Daniel Chacko         11 Fordham Prep         17:09.51     
71 Edgar Aguirre         11 Fordham Prep         17:10.62     
76 Matthew Look          11 Fordham Prep         17:32.63       
80 Matthew Ring          11 Fordham Prep         17:45.47       
83 Jed Nash              11 Fordham Prep         17:51.77              
86 Dean D'Addario        11 Fordham Prep         17:58.20       
87 William Frost         11 Fordham Prep         18:07.04       
91 Jack Kelleher         11 Fordham Prep         18:14.27       
92 William Hyer          11 Fordham Prep         18:24.09
   Hector Rivera         11 Fordham Prep           NT
Varsity Boys  4th Place
15 Arthur Gooden         12 Fordham Prep         14:40.12
24 Ben Cruz              12 Fordham Prep         15:22.21
33 Christopher Walsh     12 Fordham Prep         15:38.80
48 Nicolas Santos        12 Fordham Prep         16:22.59
59 Hunter Wiles          12 Fordham Prep         17:06.67     
63 Anthony Cicileo       12 Fordham Prep         17:11.45 
90 Brian Casper          12 Fordham Prep         20:13.31 
Freshman Race – 1.5 Miles  - 2nd/6 teams        

4  Niall Ryan             9 Fordham Prep          9:27.77      4

 14 Roman Cammorata        9 Fordham Prep          9:57.21      8

 15 Miguel Negrete         9 Fordham Prep          9:58.18      9

 17 Charles Moderelli      9 Fordham Prep         10:12.10     10

 26 Gavin Joyce            9 Fordham Prep         10:31.94     17

 36 Fabiano Zanetti        9 Fordham Prep         10:49.74     26

 38 Saverio Amelio         9 Fordham Prep         10:54.52     27

 42 Connor Tinson          9 Fordham Prep         11:04.42      

 50 Michael McCrory        9 Fordham Prep         11:20.37      

 56 Alexander Kosko        9 Fordham Prep         11:28.81      

 58 Charles O'Connor       9 Fordham Prep         11:31.88      

 59 Kevin Woods            9 Fordham Prep         11:32.36      

 60 Joseph Jones           9 Fordham Prep         11:32.95      

 62 Dawson Tesgallo        9 Fordham Prep         11:34.95      

 65 Aidan Curry            9 Fordham Prep         11:45.38      

 67 Giovanni La Vecchia    9 Fordham Prep         11:46.67      

 68 Skyler Antonio         9 Fordham Prep         11:48.20      

 69 John Lundin            9 Fordham Prep         11:53.05      

 74 Stephan Thompson       9 Fordham Prep         12:04.46      

 75 John Melly             9 Fordham Prep         12:14.69      

 76 Brendan Hamilton       9 Fordham Prep         12:16.60      

 82 James Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:01.89      

 83 Kristian Romero        9 Fordham Prep         13:03.12      

 85 Rowan Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:07.91      

 87 Justin Jordaens        9 Fordham Prep         13:19.15      

 89 Elijah Suero           9 Fordham Prep         13:33.11      

 91 Giordanis Guerrero     9 Fordham Prep         13:41.82      

 92 Steven Ogando          9 Fordham Prep         13:42.03      

 94 Finnian Mchale         9 Fordham Prep         13:52.47      

 95 Iestyn Fitzpatrick     9 Fordham Prep         14:01.10      

 96 Samuel O'connor        9 Fordham Prep         14:05.57      

 98 Patrick Gayanelo       9 Fordham Prep         14:29.03      

 99 Michael Mcloughlin     9 Fordham Prep         14:34.30      

104 Thomas Chen            9 Fordham Prep         18:06.00      

Pilgrim's Post Returns
Posted 05/26/2016 10:19AM

After a short hiatus, we are happy to resume our regular monthly Pilgim's Post. This month's post, Pentecost: An Illumination Drifts In, is written by Rosanne English, a member of the Prep's English Department.

Pentecost: An Illumination Drifts In
Rosanne English

Who turned the light on? Someone did. The LCD screen on your tablet or iPhone illuminates this line of text as you read. Fluorescent light flickers above my office desk. Even if it’s the dead of night, the sun is somewhere out there, hanging in the sky. I take this for granted sometimes.

May is a sunny month of milestones and celebrations: graduations, confirmations, first communions, wedding anniversaries and Mother’s Day. In some cultures, May 1st marks Earth’s return to spring. The season lags through April showers, and then we hope to meet a month of May flowers. It usually works out; the trees have burst into full canopies on the Fordham University campus this week.

This year, May also marks a milestone in the Church calendar. A frigid, early Easter season allowed us to enjoy the neatly symbolic alignment of a blooming May spring and a seminal moment in the history of our faith community: Pentecost.

The Acts of the Apostles recounts:

When the day of Pentecost came, all the believers were gathered together in one place. Suddenly there was a noise from the sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then they saw what looked like tongues of fire which spread out and touched each person there. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to speak. (Acts II, 1 - 4)

On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled the disciples with joy, confidence and the power to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, His love, and salvation for all their brothers and sisters. We celebrate this feast each year and remind ourselves that the Holy Spirit works within the Church and its members. We all walk in Christ and share His Good News through our faith, actions and love. We share this message and understanding as a faith community.

The Holy Spirit, however, comes to the disciples as more than just a message. It arrives on a wave of “noise” and “strong wind” and “what looked like tongues of fire… touched each person there.” The Holy Spirit reveals itself to the disciples with sensory, earthly tidings. Wind and sound stir through the room – when a breeze lifts into a quick gust and slams the kitchen door shut, it startles us, demands our attention. Fire, transformative and light-giving, seems to rest upon each disciple. A small candle can give enough light for me to read, when that same wind arrives with a summer storm and shorts out the electricity.

The Spirit doesn’t simply fill the hearts and minds of the disciples with gifts, but also fills the mouths of the apostles with language. The Holy Spirit will speak through each disciple to share the Good News. But observe that the Spirit speaks through the disciples in many tongues – not just one. The Spirit does not speak in one tongue, does not seek to play the Word on loop, as a monotone news anchor delivers a rote sound-bite on CNN News. Rather, the Holy Spirit encourages us to speak and listen to God in many good ways, through many good voices.

A central tenet of Jesuit spirituality is that we can live our lives “finding God in all things.” A tool that can help this practice is the Examen. In The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, James Martin, SJ describes the Examen in a simple and real way:

Push the play button and run through your day, from start to finish, from your rising in the morning to preparing to go to bed at night. Notice what made you happy, what made you stressed, what confused you, what helped you be more loving. Recall everything: sights, sounds, feelings, tastes, textures, conversations. Thoughts, words, and deeds, as Ignatius says. Each moment offers a window to where God has been in your day.

Wherever you are, there is God. It can be hard sometimes to stop and see, to be present to what and where He can be in our lives; yet the feast of Pentecost reminds us that the Holy Spirit comes with a fire, that can shed light on God in our lives, and blows in with a wind, which startles us and asks us to stop, look and listen.

I frequently find God in books; I am an English teacher. In Virginia Woolfe’s To the Lighthouse she writes:

She must rest for a moment. And, resting…the old question which transversed the sky of the soul perpetually, the vast, the general question which was apt to particularize itself at such moments as these…paused over her, darkened over her. What is the meaning of life? That was all — a simple question; one that tended to close in on one with years. The great revelation had never come. The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark; here was one.

What are your illuminations? What are the matches struck unexpectedly in your dark, in your daily life? Look for them and perhaps you will find a flicker where you least expect it. After all, as my Dad is apt to say: the sun is always shining. St. Ignatius inspires us: “go forth and set the world on fire!” but find that tiny tongue of flame first. Listen for it. Stop and sit a spell the next time the wind blows your kitchen door open.

Rosanne English is completing her 8th year at Fordham Prep teaching in the English Department.

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