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Fordham Prep Cross Country 2016

 Results – Regis Invitational
Van Cortland Park - 2.5 Mile Course
Saturday September 17, 2016
Weather  -  Warm, 80° F

Sophomore Boys  - 5th Place

9 Charles Gstalder       10 Fordham Prep         15:25.43    
15 Jared Copeland        10 Fordham Prep         15:50.61
26 Jackson Chung         10 Fordham Prep         16:25.34
30 August Alexander      10 Fordham Prep         16:44.47
42 Terence Deneny        10 Fordham Prep         17:30.58
52 Michael Barrett       10 Fordham Prep         17:57.81
77 William Elmlinger     10 Fordham Prep         19:11.49    
78 Alexander Colella     10 Fordham Prep         19:15.29       
79 Ryan Fodero           10 Fordham Prep         19:22.63
98 Joseph Marcovici      10 Fordham Prep         23:46.00 
104 Joshua Kohler        10 Fordham Prep         23:56.00 
111 Mark Jouiad          10 Fordham Prep         34:33.00 
Junior Boys 4th Place
13 William Maghak        11 Fordham Prep         15:02.57
16 Jonah Shortall        11 Fordham Prep         15:05.35
35 Wil O’Oconnor         11 Fordham Prep         15:50.7
48 Craig Certo           11 Fordham Prep         16:12.86
57 Enmanuel Cruz         11 Fordham Prep         16:28.96 
70 Daniel Chacko         11 Fordham Prep         17:09.51     
71 Edgar Aguirre         11 Fordham Prep         17:10.62     
76 Matthew Look          11 Fordham Prep         17:32.63       
80 Matthew Ring          11 Fordham Prep         17:45.47       
83 Jed Nash              11 Fordham Prep         17:51.77              
86 Dean D'Addario        11 Fordham Prep         17:58.20       
87 William Frost         11 Fordham Prep         18:07.04       
91 Jack Kelleher         11 Fordham Prep         18:14.27       
92 William Hyer          11 Fordham Prep         18:24.09
   Hector Rivera         11 Fordham Prep           NT
Varsity Boys  4th Place
15 Arthur Gooden         12 Fordham Prep         14:40.12
24 Ben Cruz              12 Fordham Prep         15:22.21
33 Christopher Walsh     12 Fordham Prep         15:38.80
48 Nicolas Santos        12 Fordham Prep         16:22.59
59 Hunter Wiles          12 Fordham Prep         17:06.67     
63 Anthony Cicileo       12 Fordham Prep         17:11.45 
90 Brian Casper          12 Fordham Prep         20:13.31 
Freshman Race – 1.5 Miles  - 2nd/6 teams        

4  Niall Ryan             9 Fordham Prep          9:27.77      4

 14 Roman Cammorata        9 Fordham Prep          9:57.21      8

 15 Miguel Negrete         9 Fordham Prep          9:58.18      9

 17 Charles Moderelli      9 Fordham Prep         10:12.10     10

 26 Gavin Joyce            9 Fordham Prep         10:31.94     17

 36 Fabiano Zanetti        9 Fordham Prep         10:49.74     26

 38 Saverio Amelio         9 Fordham Prep         10:54.52     27

 42 Connor Tinson          9 Fordham Prep         11:04.42      

 50 Michael McCrory        9 Fordham Prep         11:20.37      

 56 Alexander Kosko        9 Fordham Prep         11:28.81      

 58 Charles O'Connor       9 Fordham Prep         11:31.88      

 59 Kevin Woods            9 Fordham Prep         11:32.36      

 60 Joseph Jones           9 Fordham Prep         11:32.95      

 62 Dawson Tesgallo        9 Fordham Prep         11:34.95      

 65 Aidan Curry            9 Fordham Prep         11:45.38      

 67 Giovanni La Vecchia    9 Fordham Prep         11:46.67      

 68 Skyler Antonio         9 Fordham Prep         11:48.20      

 69 John Lundin            9 Fordham Prep         11:53.05      

 74 Stephan Thompson       9 Fordham Prep         12:04.46      

 75 John Melly             9 Fordham Prep         12:14.69      

 76 Brendan Hamilton       9 Fordham Prep         12:16.60      

 82 James Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:01.89      

 83 Kristian Romero        9 Fordham Prep         13:03.12      

 85 Rowan Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:07.91      

 87 Justin Jordaens        9 Fordham Prep         13:19.15      

 89 Elijah Suero           9 Fordham Prep         13:33.11      

 91 Giordanis Guerrero     9 Fordham Prep         13:41.82      

 92 Steven Ogando          9 Fordham Prep         13:42.03      

 94 Finnian Mchale         9 Fordham Prep         13:52.47      

 95 Iestyn Fitzpatrick     9 Fordham Prep         14:01.10      

 96 Samuel O'connor        9 Fordham Prep         14:05.57      

 98 Patrick Gayanelo       9 Fordham Prep         14:29.03      

 99 Michael Mcloughlin     9 Fordham Prep         14:34.30      

104 Thomas Chen            9 Fordham Prep         18:06.00      

Mr. Smith: Watching, Waiting, Praying and the Papal Conclave
Posted 09/21/2015 12:25PM

Watching, Waiting, Praying...A Journey to the Papal Conclave
Craig Smith, Ministry & Religious Studies

In the two and a half years since his election, Pope Francis has become a household name and a worldwide celebrity. From Rolling Stone to Fortune, and even in the coverage of his current visit to the United States, Francis is a media sensation. In many ways, it is safe to say the world loves Pope Francis. My personal relationship with the Holy Father began in the middle of March of 2013 before I knew who our next pope would be.

Each time I pray I always begin with the words, “Lead me, Lord.” I hope for and seek God’s guidance in the big picture of my life, but also in the little moments within the journey of each day. I never in my wildest dreams would have expected that very prayer to lead me somewhere physically, to an actual place. But lead me it did, in March of 2013, to Vatican City for the papal conclave and the election of a new pope. When asked by many why I traveled all the way to Rome by myself for this historic event, I often replied, “To pray. To hopefully and joyfully pray for the future of our Church.”  It just felt like the place for me to be, in that place at that moment in time.

What a powerful journey it was! I spent most of two whole days in St. Peter’s square that week, watching, waiting, praying. Each time smoke appeared, it was as if the entire crowd collectively stopped breathing. Time just stood still. Is it white? Are there bells ringing? Do we have a new pope? It was that third, charming time that it actually happened, and the crowd thundered with cheers, laughter and jubilation.  There is nothing like it. Those minutes in between, while we were waiting to greet our new pontiff, seemed like an eternity. And when Cardinal Bergoglio’s name was said and his choice to be called Francis announced, there was chaos, faithful chaos. A new continent? A new name? A Jesuit? Even before he stepped out onto that balcony, this pope was already a trailblazer.

The most profound and peaceful moment came as our Holy Father asked us, those present and the faithful throughout the entire world, to pray for him. Me, Craig Smith? Pray for you, Pope Francis? I recall the truest sense of hope as the theme of my prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide Pope Francis and our church to be filled with compassion, peace, welcome and love. The entire square of well over 100,000 people was silent in prayer. And then after, to receive the papal blessing marked by the sign of our faith, our triune God, I had never had an emotion like that. It was bigger than happiness, brighter than joy, deeper than peace.

Pope Francis is someone who embodies humility with a holiness that inspires. He is not “holier than thou” but “holier because of thou.” Whoever “thou” is. But most explicitly he cares for and is truly WITH the poor.

You know, desire changes everything. In my years, I have (unfortunately, but admittedly) begrudgingly volunteered at soup kitchens, food pantries and homeless shelters. I never really enjoyed it. But just after returning from Rome, I worked at the soup kitchen at my parish in New York City. My entire perspective had been changed by the words and example of our Holy Father. I could so clearly (and desired to) acknowledge God's presence within the guests of the kitchen. If I ever doubted it, I just took a moment, clasped my hands in prayer and reverenced the holiness within each person I served.

My pilgrimage to Rome helped me experience God in a new way. It was one in which I witnessed all that is good, all that is God, and I am eternally grateful. Never in my wildest dreams could I have hoped for such an experience. I think sometimes God dreams even bigger dreams for us than we could ever dream for ourselves.

To tell you the truth, even after all of these years, I think I sometimes doubted God’s work in my life because I felt unworthy, unholy or undeserving. But everything has changed. I am certain, now more than ever, of God's presence in my life, the life of others and the life of our church. Not because I am or we are more holy, more worthy or more deserving. Everything has changed because I am now more willing to acknowledge and receive the presence of God.

My prayer now not only begins with “Lead me, Lord,” but also “Lead us, Lord.” Lead your faithful to new places, new journeys and new opportunities to express love and peace. Lead us to follow new dreams and discover new hope. Lead us, loving God, to you.

Craig Smith teaches Religious Studies at Fordham Prep, works in Campus Ministry in addition to being the head tennis coach. He is currently completing a Ph.D in Religious Education at Fordham University.

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