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Fordham Prep Cross Country 2016

 Results – Regis Invitational
Van Cortland Park - 2.5 Mile Course
Saturday September 17, 2016
Weather  -  Warm, 80° F

Sophomore Boys  - 5th Place

9 Charles Gstalder       10 Fordham Prep         15:25.43    
15 Jared Copeland        10 Fordham Prep         15:50.61
26 Jackson Chung         10 Fordham Prep         16:25.34
30 August Alexander      10 Fordham Prep         16:44.47
42 Terence Deneny        10 Fordham Prep         17:30.58
52 Michael Barrett       10 Fordham Prep         17:57.81
77 William Elmlinger     10 Fordham Prep         19:11.49    
78 Alexander Colella     10 Fordham Prep         19:15.29       
79 Ryan Fodero           10 Fordham Prep         19:22.63
98 Joseph Marcovici      10 Fordham Prep         23:46.00 
104 Joshua Kohler        10 Fordham Prep         23:56.00 
111 Mark Jouiad          10 Fordham Prep         34:33.00 
Junior Boys 4th Place
13 William Maghak        11 Fordham Prep         15:02.57
16 Jonah Shortall        11 Fordham Prep         15:05.35
35 Wil O’Oconnor         11 Fordham Prep         15:50.7
48 Craig Certo           11 Fordham Prep         16:12.86
57 Enmanuel Cruz         11 Fordham Prep         16:28.96 
70 Daniel Chacko         11 Fordham Prep         17:09.51     
71 Edgar Aguirre         11 Fordham Prep         17:10.62     
76 Matthew Look          11 Fordham Prep         17:32.63       
80 Matthew Ring          11 Fordham Prep         17:45.47       
83 Jed Nash              11 Fordham Prep         17:51.77              
86 Dean D'Addario        11 Fordham Prep         17:58.20       
87 William Frost         11 Fordham Prep         18:07.04       
91 Jack Kelleher         11 Fordham Prep         18:14.27       
92 William Hyer          11 Fordham Prep         18:24.09
   Hector Rivera         11 Fordham Prep           NT
Varsity Boys  4th Place
15 Arthur Gooden         12 Fordham Prep         14:40.12
24 Ben Cruz              12 Fordham Prep         15:22.21
33 Christopher Walsh     12 Fordham Prep         15:38.80
48 Nicolas Santos        12 Fordham Prep         16:22.59
59 Hunter Wiles          12 Fordham Prep         17:06.67     
63 Anthony Cicileo       12 Fordham Prep         17:11.45 
90 Brian Casper          12 Fordham Prep         20:13.31 
Freshman Race – 1.5 Miles  - 2nd/6 teams        

4  Niall Ryan             9 Fordham Prep          9:27.77      4

 14 Roman Cammorata        9 Fordham Prep          9:57.21      8

 15 Miguel Negrete         9 Fordham Prep          9:58.18      9

 17 Charles Moderelli      9 Fordham Prep         10:12.10     10

 26 Gavin Joyce            9 Fordham Prep         10:31.94     17

 36 Fabiano Zanetti        9 Fordham Prep         10:49.74     26

 38 Saverio Amelio         9 Fordham Prep         10:54.52     27

 42 Connor Tinson          9 Fordham Prep         11:04.42      

 50 Michael McCrory        9 Fordham Prep         11:20.37      

 56 Alexander Kosko        9 Fordham Prep         11:28.81      

 58 Charles O'Connor       9 Fordham Prep         11:31.88      

 59 Kevin Woods            9 Fordham Prep         11:32.36      

 60 Joseph Jones           9 Fordham Prep         11:32.95      

 62 Dawson Tesgallo        9 Fordham Prep         11:34.95      

 65 Aidan Curry            9 Fordham Prep         11:45.38      

 67 Giovanni La Vecchia    9 Fordham Prep         11:46.67      

 68 Skyler Antonio         9 Fordham Prep         11:48.20      

 69 John Lundin            9 Fordham Prep         11:53.05      

 74 Stephan Thompson       9 Fordham Prep         12:04.46      

 75 John Melly             9 Fordham Prep         12:14.69      

 76 Brendan Hamilton       9 Fordham Prep         12:16.60      

 82 James Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:01.89      

 83 Kristian Romero        9 Fordham Prep         13:03.12      

 85 Rowan Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:07.91      

 87 Justin Jordaens        9 Fordham Prep         13:19.15      

 89 Elijah Suero           9 Fordham Prep         13:33.11      

 91 Giordanis Guerrero     9 Fordham Prep         13:41.82      

 92 Steven Ogando          9 Fordham Prep         13:42.03      

 94 Finnian Mchale         9 Fordham Prep         13:52.47      

 95 Iestyn Fitzpatrick     9 Fordham Prep         14:01.10      

 96 Samuel O'connor        9 Fordham Prep         14:05.57      

 98 Patrick Gayanelo       9 Fordham Prep         14:29.03      

 99 Michael Mcloughlin     9 Fordham Prep         14:34.30      

104 Thomas Chen            9 Fordham Prep         18:06.00      

Fr. O'Konsky, SJ on the Family
Posted 06/12/2015 12:21PM

I’m sure most of us super-idealize the Holy Family, picturing them always in perfect composition within every single scene of their lives, the way great painters capture them.  Not a hair out of place, not a patch to be seen anywhere on their clothing, with smiles so serene it must have made their faces ache.  Whether Our Lady and Our Lord were born free of original sin, they were both definitely human, and it seems to me inescapable then that when Jesus was an infant he had to go through torment of teething, that Mary had to pace the mud floor, crooning to him as he screamed helplessly, patting his little back and yearning to be back in her warm bed.

And I’m sure Joseph’s patience was strained at least a few times when the little boy kept bubbling with incessant and inconsequential questions, like, “Papa, why are you doing that” and “Why does God hold back the rain so long” and “Why is Rabbi Ben Simeon so nasty to the boys in schule?”  Is it possible for us even to imagine such a holy man saying to such a perfect child, “Son, could you just for five minutes be quiet and let me concentrate?”

As a result, I wonder if we might agonize over the fact that our own particular families aren’t like that unrealizable ideal (or anywhere remotely near it!)- an expectation aided and abetted by ideal TV families like the Cleavers and Huxtables. “Malcom in the Middle” may not be the normal family either, but it’s probably a lot closer than “The Waltons” ever was.  An old Chinese proverb says, “It’s easier to govern a kingdom than to govern a family,” I suppose because the option of putting offenders to death isn’t entirely acceptable.  In a much more pedestrian way, I think raising a family is like two people trying to cook a seven-course dinner on the same four-burner stove with one oven and no microwave.  There are also, I think, too many unbalanced priorities.

Other parents, especially well-to-do parents with talented kids, want to provide everything they possibly can so the children’s untroubled futures will be “assured”-dance lessons, hockey camps, SAT prep courses—forgetting several important things, among them the fact that untroubled futures are not only boring but impossible on this planet, that human life is a matter of learning the essentials and then getting ready to improvise, and that part of natural growing up is simply time to mess up and explore the unpredictable mysteries under rocks and dirty their jeans.

In Judith Guest’s novel and the Robert Redford film of “Ordinary People,” you find a perfect suburban family, the father a tax attorney, the mother a chic clubwoman, the two son’s academic, athletic, and social ideals.  Then tragedy strikes: the elder son dies in a boating accident and the younger one survives, wracked with guilt.  What the father wants is to penetrate the younger boy’s silent defenses; what the mother wants is keeping up with appearances.  They can’t both succeed- because they’re headed in contradictory trajectories.  They can’t handle it.

Still other parents-far more now than when everybody worked at home- are holding down two jobs.  They often spend a lot of talk about having “quality time” with their kids, but kids can’t be sandwiched into a schedule, like gym time, beauty salon time, and golf time. They want story time and soccer time, but being-listened-to—having felt surely that one’s being-listened-to carries weight- is very, very important.

But if there’s a single bit of advice I would give to parents (other than the quintessential family value of forgiveness), it would be to make time to work on the marriage.  In the clutter of parents’ weeks, there are so many problems clamoring for their attention that many seem to focus down into devoted and endlessly adaptable automatons.  Even if they have to force themselves to do it, they have to have time at least once a month to get away by themselves (even for a dinner they can’t afford) and share their selves-without spending the time talking about the kids, just talking about where each of them personally is at the moment, to have time to remain best friends.  The kids need that.  They need to know Mom and Dad have a relationship that is really solid.  The certainty of that love is more important for an “assured future” than all the dancing lessons and hockey camps in the world.


Fr. Stanley O’Konsky, SJ moderates the FP swim team and has taught English at Fordham Prep for 49 years.

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