AthleticsTrack & Field/Cross Country /  Sep 16, 2016 - Regis Cross Country Invitational

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Fordham Prep Cross Country 2016

 Results – Regis Invitational
Van Cortland Park - 2.5 Mile Course
Saturday September 17, 2016
Weather  -  Warm, 80° F

Sophomore Boys  - 5th Place

9 Charles Gstalder       10 Fordham Prep         15:25.43    
15 Jared Copeland        10 Fordham Prep         15:50.61
26 Jackson Chung         10 Fordham Prep         16:25.34
30 August Alexander      10 Fordham Prep         16:44.47
42 Terence Deneny        10 Fordham Prep         17:30.58
52 Michael Barrett       10 Fordham Prep         17:57.81
77 William Elmlinger     10 Fordham Prep         19:11.49    
78 Alexander Colella     10 Fordham Prep         19:15.29       
79 Ryan Fodero           10 Fordham Prep         19:22.63
98 Joseph Marcovici      10 Fordham Prep         23:46.00 
104 Joshua Kohler        10 Fordham Prep         23:56.00 
111 Mark Jouiad          10 Fordham Prep         34:33.00 
Junior Boys 4th Place
13 William Maghak        11 Fordham Prep         15:02.57
16 Jonah Shortall        11 Fordham Prep         15:05.35
35 Wil O’Oconnor         11 Fordham Prep         15:50.7
48 Craig Certo           11 Fordham Prep         16:12.86
57 Enmanuel Cruz         11 Fordham Prep         16:28.96 
70 Daniel Chacko         11 Fordham Prep         17:09.51     
71 Edgar Aguirre         11 Fordham Prep         17:10.62     
76 Matthew Look          11 Fordham Prep         17:32.63       
80 Matthew Ring          11 Fordham Prep         17:45.47       
83 Jed Nash              11 Fordham Prep         17:51.77              
86 Dean D'Addario        11 Fordham Prep         17:58.20       
87 William Frost         11 Fordham Prep         18:07.04       
91 Jack Kelleher         11 Fordham Prep         18:14.27       
92 William Hyer          11 Fordham Prep         18:24.09
   Hector Rivera         11 Fordham Prep           NT
Varsity Boys  4th Place
15 Arthur Gooden         12 Fordham Prep         14:40.12
24 Ben Cruz              12 Fordham Prep         15:22.21
33 Christopher Walsh     12 Fordham Prep         15:38.80
48 Nicolas Santos        12 Fordham Prep         16:22.59
59 Hunter Wiles          12 Fordham Prep         17:06.67     
63 Anthony Cicileo       12 Fordham Prep         17:11.45 
90 Brian Casper          12 Fordham Prep         20:13.31 
Freshman Race – 1.5 Miles  - 2nd/6 teams        

4  Niall Ryan             9 Fordham Prep          9:27.77      4

 14 Roman Cammorata        9 Fordham Prep          9:57.21      8

 15 Miguel Negrete         9 Fordham Prep          9:58.18      9

 17 Charles Moderelli      9 Fordham Prep         10:12.10     10

 26 Gavin Joyce            9 Fordham Prep         10:31.94     17

 36 Fabiano Zanetti        9 Fordham Prep         10:49.74     26

 38 Saverio Amelio         9 Fordham Prep         10:54.52     27

 42 Connor Tinson          9 Fordham Prep         11:04.42      

 50 Michael McCrory        9 Fordham Prep         11:20.37      

 56 Alexander Kosko        9 Fordham Prep         11:28.81      

 58 Charles O'Connor       9 Fordham Prep         11:31.88      

 59 Kevin Woods            9 Fordham Prep         11:32.36      

 60 Joseph Jones           9 Fordham Prep         11:32.95      

 62 Dawson Tesgallo        9 Fordham Prep         11:34.95      

 65 Aidan Curry            9 Fordham Prep         11:45.38      

 67 Giovanni La Vecchia    9 Fordham Prep         11:46.67      

 68 Skyler Antonio         9 Fordham Prep         11:48.20      

 69 John Lundin            9 Fordham Prep         11:53.05      

 74 Stephan Thompson       9 Fordham Prep         12:04.46      

 75 John Melly             9 Fordham Prep         12:14.69      

 76 Brendan Hamilton       9 Fordham Prep         12:16.60      

 82 James Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:01.89      

 83 Kristian Romero        9 Fordham Prep         13:03.12      

 85 Rowan Murphy           9 Fordham Prep         13:07.91      

 87 Justin Jordaens        9 Fordham Prep         13:19.15      

 89 Elijah Suero           9 Fordham Prep         13:33.11      

 91 Giordanis Guerrero     9 Fordham Prep         13:41.82      

 92 Steven Ogando          9 Fordham Prep         13:42.03      

 94 Finnian Mchale         9 Fordham Prep         13:52.47      

 95 Iestyn Fitzpatrick     9 Fordham Prep         14:01.10      

 96 Samuel O'connor        9 Fordham Prep         14:05.57      

 98 Patrick Gayanelo       9 Fordham Prep         14:29.03      

 99 Michael Mcloughlin     9 Fordham Prep         14:34.30      

104 Thomas Chen            9 Fordham Prep         18:06.00      

Weekly Newsletter: A Message from the Principal
Posted 04/30/2020 11:51AM

April 30, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Throughout the past several weeks, we have seen the Fordham Prep community come together in strength and resilience during this time of physical separation and social distancing. Our city is not only the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, but also among global cases. Parents, relatives, and alumni serve valiantly on the front lines in medical care for the sick. We have lost family members and friends to this terrible disease without the comfort of gathering together to remember and celebrate their lives. But we remain a people of hope, and I pray that this Easter season continues to bring joy, grace, and light amidst the darkness.

In many ways, the Prep community has been busier than ever as we now mark the 26th day of distance learning and move into the second half of the fourth quarter. Our Council meets weekly to provide recommendations to the administration on academic matters, review distance learning feedback from students and parents, and strategize ongoing plans as we prepare for the next school year. Our entire faculty also gathers together on Zoom every Friday morning to check in on our progress, collaborate with one another, and share best practices of what works well and where we can continually improve in our distance learning efforts.

Tomorrow, all students and parents will receive a more detailed communication from me regarding an update on academic issues, including end of year course grades, important calendar dates, AP exams, course selection, and ongoing planning to celebrate the senior Class of 2020. I thank you in advance for your careful attention to the important information in that letter. Please also note that all fourth quarter deficiencies are now posted in PowerSchool. If you have questions related to your son's performance in a specific class, please direct them to his teacher, and reach out to your son's counselor as well.

Over the past six weeks, I have had the privilege of visiting many synchronous class sessions. To date, I have observed 24 teachers among the 80 members of our faculty, across every academic department. This week alone, I witnessed juniors in Dr. Carney's religion class debating the value of Kohlberg's stages of moral development. Precalculus Honors students learned about limits and differentiation with Mr. Tartaglia. Freshmen shared their at-home fitness routines with Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Newell in health class. Mrs. Bratt's English 1 class explored the connections between the novel Dracula and films inspired by this classic work of literature. It is wonderful to see many good things happening when classes have the opportunity to meet together.

What makes Fordham Prep's approach to distance learning unique? In so many ways, it is the continuation of the faculty-student relationships at the heart of our mission of fatih, scholarship, and service. When I visit our online classes, I see the same caring teachers and critically-minded young men who filled the halls and classrooms of our building not too long ago. To this end, our faculty remain committed to ongoing professional development during this time. Several have already taken advantage of online seminars and workshops through the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) and through platform-specific training in Schoology and Zoom. Twenty teachers (25% of our faculty) will take a course next week through the Global Online Academy on "Designing for Online Learning." Mr. Ahern (Assistant Principal for Professional Development and Supervision) and Mr. Curran (Director of Technology) are also organizing peer-led "Teacher Technology Team-Ups" to share best practices for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching-learning. Our teachers are surely committed to their own professional growth in the service of our mission and the care of our students.

As the calendar turns to May, may we sustain one another in prayer and be consoled by our loving God who walks with us each day. We pray in a special way to Mary and entrust to her the safety and strength of all members of the Prep community. God bless you and your families. AMDG!


Dr. Joseph A. Petriello '98


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