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The Grad at Grad

The following are the qualities we encourage our students to develop during the four years of their journey at Fordham Preparatory School. These qualities are consistent with our Jesuit tradition, and are formed in accordance with the document, Profile of the Graduate of a Jesuit High School at Graduation.

1. Open to Growth

By graduation, the Fordham Preparatory School student has steadily progressed in emotional, intellectual, physical, social and religious maturity to a level that reflects intentional responsibility for his own growth. He should reach out in his development seeking opportunities both curricular and extracurricular to stretch his mind, imagination, feeling and religious consciousness. He takes responsibility for himself and engages in careful listening to learn from peers and faculty members. He respectfully values all that he finds within himself and in his world of richly diverse people. He eagerly cultivates opportunities for growth and he vigorously pursues pathways which will best promote his own future aspirations, enhance his personal development and contribute to the lasting good of others.

2. Intellectually accomplished

By graduation, the Fordham Preparatory School student will possess an ambition to acquire mastery of those academic requirements for advanced forms of education. While these requirements are broken down into departmental subject areas, the Prep student will have developed intellectual skills and understanding that cut across and go beyond academic requirements for college entrance. In addition to his mastery of core academic requirements, he will be creative, i.e., appreciative of art, music and the performing arts. He has developed the cognitive skills of deductive and inductive reasoning. He will see the need for intellectual integrity and will develop his analytical and critical faculties so that they fall upon not only the academic subjects to which he has been introduced by also to broader issues of religion, government, ethics and social justice. He is articulate in both writing and in speech, and he is adept in the use of technology as an essential tool for organization, creativity, research, communication and exploration.

3. Religious

By graduation, the Fordham Preparatory School student will have a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church and, in particular, will have developed a familiarity with Jesuit spirituality. He is developing both the commitment and the critical skills to operate within a religious community with integrity. The Prep graduate is knowledgeable and respectful of diverse religious traditions. His faith should enlighten his interactions and understanding of the wider world. He has developed his religious conscience through involvement in study, sports, service and activities. The graduate evaluates moral choices with increasing clarity. His faith and conscience direct him toward taking an active concern for social justice.

4. Loving

By graduation, the Fordham Preparatory School student is well on his way to establishing his own identity, and is moving beyond self-interest and self-centeredness in relationships with peers, family, significant others and society. He is beginning to be able to risk some deeper levels of relationship in which one can fully disclose self and accept the diversity of another person simultaneously. The graduate has come to see healthy, loving relationships as essential to his growth as a human person. He also has begun to understand that being a loving person will often require personal sacrifice. The Prep grad has acquired the ability to overcome societal prejudices and stereotypes in order to communicate with and appreciate peers of other races, religious, nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

5. Committed to Doing Justice

By graduation, the Fordham Preparatory School student has grown in his understanding of the many needs of local, national and global communities, and is beginning to take a place in these communities as a competent, concerned and compassionate member. He has acquired the motivation and skills necessary to live as a man for others. His academic and extracurricular pursuits, his faith, and his investment in loving relationships all enlighten his commitment to be more aware of the selfish attitudes and tendencies which lead him to treat others unjustly. He recognizes that Christian faith and the human intellect call for a commitment to social justice in local, national and global issues, and to combat personal and institutional injustice.

6. StrivINg for wellness of mind and body

By Graduation, the Fordham Preparatory School student will have grown in his appreciation of physical activity, interpersonal skills, wellness and creativity. The Prep student will have participated in co-curricular activities with an understanding of mind/body wellness. The Prep student will have had opportunities to participate and/or value the creative arts. He will learn the importance of collaborative teamwork, and share the responsibilities of creating a successful end product in multiple learning environments.

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