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Fordham Prep offers a strong science program to prepare students to excel in today’s highly technical society. Students take a three-year science sequence, but many students take a fourth year of science. All our science courses are geared to prepare graduates for further study of science at the college level.

The goal of the Science Department is to equip the student with the ability to discipline his thinking along the lines of scientific investigation. This skill is stressed in the science courses as an advantage to the well-rounded individual. The study of science is one of the best ways to train the mind to work in a logical fashion.

The courses are rigorous and demanding since academic excellence is the goal. Science students are encouraged to ask questions, make accurate observations, draw their own well-informed conclusions and ask new questions.

Chairperson: Anthony DiFato '99


Students have the opportunity to qualify for honors and advanced placement courses each year. In addition, students may take more than one science course in a year.

    • Nine laboratories: 3 Biology, 3 Chemistry, 3 Physics.
    • Greenhouse
    • Honors courses available in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Biochemistry.
    • Advanced Placement courses available in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
    • All science courses involve extensive laboratory investigation.
    • The opportunity to take more than one science course each year.
course offerings 2020-21

Biology Honors
AP Biology

Chemistry Honors
AP Chemistry

Physics Honors
AP Physics 1

Aeronautical Science

Biochemistry Honors

Biological Anthropology Honors

Engineering Science

Forensic Science

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