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Physical Education and Health

Fordham Prep requires each student to complete four years of physical education. Classes in physical education are structured to enhance student awareness of the benefits of life long physical fitness. The Prep’s program emphasizes the relationship of physical activity to the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of its students. 

Students learn a variety of individual and team sports. Emphasis is placed on motor skill development as well a knowledge of the rules and strategies involved in each sport. Fundamentals of each sport are stressed in the lower grades. The Prep provides excellent facilities for its students, including two gyms, an athletic field located directly behind the school and use of Fordham University’s tennis courts, indoor pool, and new turf field. 

Chairperson: Robert McLaughlin 


Students at Fordham Prep are given every opportunity to participate in intramural activities after school. The basket ball program runs Monday through Friday from 3 - 4 pm.

Phys. ed & Health

The Phys. Ed & Health curriculum at Fordham Prep is covered during freshman year with the Guidance Department supplementing the curriculum relating to personal health. Health courses are designed to meet physical, emotional and social needs with the understanding that essential attitudes and beliefs are being developed during this adolescent period. 

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