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Modern Languages

Through the study of grammar and vocabulary, students are given the tools necessary to achieve proficiency in a foreign language. The faculty hopes this experience will encourage each student to grow in awareness of and openness to diversity. 

Within the general context of learning at Fordham Prep, the student has the opportunity to integrate his language learning experience into his own personal value system, and to come to appreciate the diversity of human linguistic, cultural, moral, aesthetic and social relationships.

Chairperson: Russell Baker


Students at the Prep are required to take four years of language, completing a three-year sequence in one language. During freshman year, all students study either Latin or Ancient Greek. Beginning in sophomore year, there are different options open to each student.

A student may continue his classical language; continue his classical language and begin French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish or the other classical language; drop his classical language and choose French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish or the other classical language.

    • Five foreign languages offered 
    • Opportunity for students to qualify for advanced level courses
    • Seniors can continue language studies at Fordham University at no additional cost
    • Advanced Placement Programs in Spanish Language and Literature
    • Use of Rosetta Stone to supplement the curriculum 
Course offerings 2020-21

French 1 Honors
French 2 Honors
French 3 Honors

German 3 Honors

Italian 1 
Italian 2 
Italian 2 Honors
Italian 3 Honors
Italian 4 Honors

Mandarin Chinese 1 Honors
Mandarin Chinese 2 Honors
Mandarin Chinese 3 Honors
Mandarin Chinese 4 Honors
AP Chinese Language-Culture

Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 2 Honors
Spanish 3
Spanish 3 Honors
AP Spanish Language-Culture
AP Spanish Literature-Culture 

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