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The mathematics curriculum at Fordham Prep prepares students for higher-level studies in mathematics. The department’s objectives include helping students learn to improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills, acquire valuable organizational skills and use modern technology in their math studies in order to become more self-reliant, confident, accurate and consistent. Students are encouraged to learn how to use their time productively both at school and at home.  

Chairperson: John Verlezza '94


Each entering freshman may be offered Algebra or Geometry based upon his knowledge of Algebra, his entrance exam scores and his performance on Fordham Prep's placement exam. Students have the opportunity to qualify for honors and advanced courses. There are two Advanced Placement courses: Calculus AB and Statistics. Though students are required to take three years of math, most continue with a fourth-year elective math/computer science course.

Math classes meet every day of our 6-day cycle.

Course offerings

Algebra 1


Geometry Honors 9

Geometry Honors 10

Algebra 2-Trigonometry

Precalculus 11

Precalculus 12

Precalculus Honors 10

Precalculus Honors  11


Calculus Honors

Calculus 2 Advanced

AP Calculus AB 11

AP Calculus AB 12

Statistics Honors

AP Statistics

Introduction to Computers

Computer Science Honors

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