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Classical Languages

As a college preparatory school, Fordham Prep requires the study of foreign languages as an integral part of its curriculum. This begins for all students in freshman year with a classical language. While the majority of freshmen take Latin, a select number of qualified students are invited to study Ancient Greek in their first year. Selection is based upon entrance scores and Fordham Prep’s placement test. Students who perform well in Latin 1 may begin Greek after freshman year.

Students with previous experience in Latin have the option of accelerating in freshman year to Latin 2 or Latin 2 Honors. The opportunity for students to complete three or four years of Latin and/or Greek is a feature that makes Fordham Prep distinctive in the Metropolitan area, and has been a hallmark of the Prep's curriculum since 1841.

Chairperson: John Foley '63


The Classics curriculum is designed to help the student learn the languages, cultures and histories of Ancient Greece and Rome, thereby helping him to understand and relate to the roots of Western Civilization. In our Classics courses, students are given the opportunity to explore the debt of English to Latin and Greek in vocabulary and language structure, and to develop into well-rounded young men with a sense of the traditions and values of the past and the ability to integrate these into their own lives.

After the required course in Latin or Greek in freshman year, a student may elect to continue his studies in Latin and/or Greek for two or three more years. Many of our students choose to continue the study of a classical language; some take both Latin and Greek.

    • The opportunity to take a three or four-year sequence in Latin and/or Greek and
      present an impressive classical language background to a prospective college
    • Preparation for college language courses.
    • College-level texts and programs.
    • Opportunity for students with previous language experience to advance to a higher level.
    • Preparation for the SAT Subject Test in Latin.
    • Advanced Placement Latin.
    • A four-year program in Ancient Greek.
Courses offerings 2020-21

Greek 1 Honors

Greek 2 Honors

Greek 3 Honors

Greek 4 Honors

Latin 1

Latin 2

Latin 2 Honors

Latin 3

Latin 3 Honors

Latin 3 Advanced

Latin Prose & Poetry Honors

Advanced Placement Latin

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