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Co-Curricular Activities

Fordham Prep offers a wealth of co-curricular activities, organized and run by faculty and students. Students are encouraged to participate as much as possible in the life of the school through these clubs and activities.

Moderator: Mr. Serton '95
Students from all 4 years are involved in various school activities including hosting visiting 8th graders, serving at open house and assisiting at alumni events.
Moderator: Mr. Foley '63
Students gather regularly to view and discuss Japanese animated film, and to compete in strategic card games.
Arrested Development/monty python Club
Moderator: Mr. Distinti
Members enjoy episodes of the TV shows Monty Python's Flying Circus and Arrested Development.
Art Club
Moderator: Mr. Weldon '86
Members share their love of art.
Asian Club
Moderator: Ms. Han
The club shares the diversity of the many Asian cultures through an annual Pan-Asian Day, after-school workshops.
Moderator: Mr. Groepler '87
Students support the work of the ASPCA and Humane Society.
Astronomy Club
Moderators: Ms. Dempsey, Mr. Haag ’84
Members explore the heavens with a telescope and discuss areas of common interest.

Athletic Representative Committee

Moderator: Mr. Kurtin
Representatives from teams discuss athletic program issues with the Director of Athletics

Aviation Club
Moderator: Mr. R. Gonzalez
Students learn to fly virtually and become familiar with the history of flight, its dangers and safety measures.
Bluegrass Club
Moderator: Mr. Homer
Acoustic music lovers come together to practice, perform, to improve their skills and share their talents.
Moderators: Mrs. Martinez, Mr. O’Sullivan ’98, Dr. Smith
Students discuss and advocvate for dignity and respect regarding sexual orientation and gender identification.

Business school 099 club 

Moderators: Mr. Higgins, Mrs. Murray
For students interested in accounting and finance.

Chess Club
Moderator: Mr. Pedro
Students compete against students from other schools.
Moderator: Mr. Farnum '75
For students interested in performing after school and at school events.
Classics Club
Moderator: Mr. DiGiorno ’88
The club celebrates the cultures of Greece and Rome. Members share their interest in Greek and Latin, watch films and go on field trips.
Cyber security CLUB
Moderator: Mr. Broussard

This activity is focused on cyber and computer security. Members will compete in the CyberPatriot Competition (, a part of the National Youth Cyber Education Program. 

Diversity Alliance
Moderator: Mr. Pedro
The alliance of students and teachers promotes sensitivity to issues of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, culture and language.
Dramatic society/Stage Crew
Moderator: Mr. O’Sullivan '98
Students participate as actors, singers, musicians, stage crew, carpenters, electricians, business staff, ushers and artists. There are two productions a year in the Leonard Theatre: a drama and a musical.
Engineering Club
Moderator: Mr. Haag '84
Hands-on projects and research give members with an interest in engineering a chance to share their knowledge and explore the possibility of pursuing engineering in college.

Film Analysis Club

Moderator: Mr. McDougall
Students discuss contemporary and old films, share insights and opinions.

Fitness Center
Moderators: Mr. Distefano, Mr. Kravatz & Ms. Zefran
The fitness center is available for a full range of workout activities throughout the school year. Students learn the safe and proper use of the equipment and the dietary and conditioning needs involved in the use of the facilities.

Moderators: Mr. Feighery '03
Members write, film and edit video productions for the FP community.
French CLUB
Moderator: Dr. Morris
Students plan field trips to shows, museums and restaurants with emphasis on French culture and host breakfasts and lunches.
Frisbee Club
Moderator: Mr. LaGamma '09
Members of Ultimate meet on different Eddies' Parade for ultimate Frisbee..
german heritage CLUB
Moderator: Ms. Pfaff
Members watch films and soccer, and discuss German heritage and current events.
Graphic novel/comic Book CLUB
Moderators: Mrs. English & Mr. Pedro
Students and teachers discuss their favorite graphic novels and comics, and enjoy films based on the genres.
the great debate CLUB
Moderator: Mr. Nolan
This recreational debate club focuses on current political and world events.
Greenhouse/environment Club
Moderator: Mr. McNamara
Students learn about conservation the running and upkeep of the FP Greenhouse.
Moderator: Dr. Smith
The club  raises awareness of housing needs and support the Prep’s Tennessee trips.

Hispanic Society

Moderator: Ms. Bruni
Members enjoy cultural activities that celebrate and foster Hispanic culture.

History bowl team
Moderators: Mr. Bobo, Mr. Calamari '82, Ms. Staring
Students compete against other schools in the National History Bowl competition.
Moderators: Mr. Deane '88, Mr. Pettus
Students have the opportunity to play basketball and touch football after school.
irish heritage CLUB

Moderator: Mr. Fedak '09
Students gather to learn about and celebrate Irish culture.

Italian Club
Moderators: Mr. DiFato '99, Ms. Faustini, Mrs. Simeone
Members plan cultural activities that foster Italian heritage.
Moderator: Mr. LaGamma '09
Students gather to perform after school and at school events.
Just Serve Club
Moderator: Mr. Kravatz
This club is dedicated to increasing the Fordham Prep community’s awareness of injustice, including respect for life, immigration, environmental degradation, health care, poverty, hunger, etc. Members are active in conjunction with Campus Ministry programs such as teach-ins and the March for Life.
Kawaida Club
Moderator: Mr. Pedro
Students of all backgrounds discuss issues and challenges of underrepresented populations through literature, media and film.
Moderator: Mr. Bobo
Members work on service projects in conjunction with Fordham University's Kiwanis organization.
Literary Magazine (Labyrinth)
Moderator: Dr. Lee
Fordham Prep’s literary magazine is published annually in the spring, and includes artwork, photography, stories, poems and essays produced by FP students and staff.
Liturgical Choir
Moderator: Dr. Smith
Faculty, staff and students provide music and song for the major liturgies of the Prep community.

liturgical leadership team

Moderator: Dr. Smith
For students interested in serving Mass and other liturgical activities.

Marine Biology Club
Moderator: Mr. R. Gonzalez
Students care for fresh and salt-water fish through tank setup, maintenance and trouble-shooting.
Math Team
Moderator: Mr. Verlezza '94
Students participate in Math competitions over the course of the year for fun and glory!
Meditation Club
Moderator: Mr. Groepler '87
Students learn to relax and reduce stress through meditation.
Moderators: Mr. Kravatz, Dr. Smith
An opportunity for students to deepen their own faith, spirituality and commitment to Social Justice, while learning valuable leadership skills. 


Moderator: Mr. Nolan
Students study a case study and serve as prosecution and defense before a judge and jury. 
Model U.N. Club
Moderator: Mr. Nolan
The purpose of the club is to help students better understand international conflicts in open discussion and debate.

Modern mUSIC cLUB

Moderator: Mr. Gorup '07
Members analyze and learn to appreciate many types of music.

MOuntaineering CLUB

Moderator: Ms. Han
A club for students who share a passion for indoor and outdoor climbing.

NATIONAL Honor society

Moderator: Ms. Zefran
Members are active in the life of the school, including tutoring and serving at open house.
Newspaper (Rampart)
Moderator: Dr. Dwyer '98
Students publish eight issues of the Rampart, the school newspaper. 


Moderator: Mr. Gilligan '83
A chance to learn life lessons about money, credit cards and college.
NYC Explorers Club
Moderator: Mr. Homer
Students research and visit interesting sites related to New York City’s history, geography and architecture.
Operation Smile Club
Moderator: Mr. Homer
Operation Smile works to promote and support the work of Operation Smile International, a medical mission program, founded by Prep graduate Dr. Bill Magee ’62, that provides facial reconstructive surgery and related health care to indigent children around the world.
Moderator: Mr. Viele '01
Students plan ski, ride, kayaking and rock climbing trips.

photography club

Moderator: Mr. C. Lauber '79
For students who enjoy photography.


Moderator: Dr. Smith
Friendly, competitive matches in the Hall of Honor.

The pinnacle CLUB

Moderator: Mr. Bobo
Students produce a political discussion magazine.

Rocket CLUB

Moderator: Mr. Distefano
Members construct rockets for the Team America Rocket Challenge (TARC), competing against other schools.

Scale Modeling Club
Moderator: Mr. Haag '84
Members share about model trains and nautical vehicles, extending discussions to include schematics, engineering, steam and diesel engines, etc.
The Simpsons Club
Moderator: Dr. Carney
The popular television show is the focus of this club. Students gather to share and enjoy their favorite episodes.

SOCial justice committee

Moderator: Dr. Carney
A voluntary group open to all students interested in justice issues.

Speech and Debate Team
Moderator: Mr. Palombi
Team members gain experience in acting, debating and public speaking, competing against Catholic, public and private schools in the region. Team members have qualified for prestigious national championships.

Sports debate club

Moderator: Mr. Magner
Students debate issues in sports; create drafts and fantasy teams.

stock market CLUB

Moderator: Mr. Bozzone
Members learn about the market and other financial opportunities.

Student Government
Moderators: Ms. Dempsey, Mr. Ritter '96, Mr. Sullivan '96
Student Government officers act as liaisons between faculty/administrators and the student body. Student Government members run social activities of the school, including Freshman Family Orientation, Freshman Field Day, dances and class trips.
Talent council
Moderator: Mr. LaGamma '09
The group organizes a talent show and other venues.
Moderator: Mr. O’Sullivan '98
Students are given the opportunity to participate in a performance-oriented orchestra for two performances a year.


Moderators: Mr. Haag '84, Mr. P. Lauber '08
Members are introduced to the uses of scanners.

triathlon CLUB

Moderator: Mr. Groepler '87
For bikers, swimmers and runners to learn about competing in triathlon competitions.


Moderator: Mr. Cipriano
Students educate others about and advocate for the United Nations Children's Fund.

Wounded WarRior CLUB

Moderator: Mr. Sullivan '96
The club raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project which provides emotional and financial support for members of the armed forces.
Yearbook (Ramkin)
Moderator: Mr. C. Lauber '79
Students produce the yearly Ramkin. Members are active in photography, writing, computer layout and design, proofreading, and business.
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