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Course Placement
*All incoming freshmen at Fordham Prep are eligible for honors classes, whether they are academic scholarship recipients or not.*

Fordham Prep offers an Individualized Honors Program based on the idea that each boy is unique in the gifts that have been bestowed upon him. Our courses include regular, advanced, honors, and AP levels. Each boy is invited to create a schedule that challenges and motivates him. Freshman can take up to five honors classes and are invited to do so based on their Fordham Prep Placement Exam scores, entrance exam scores, 8th grade courses and grades, as well as Regents Exam scores (if applicable).

The Fordham Prep Placement Exam is administered in March after Registration Day. It covers reading, English grammar, mathematics, reasoning and other academic skills. In May, incoming freshmen are notified of their courses for the Fall.  After freshman year, each student qualifies for honors and advanced placement courses through his academic performance.  

Fordham Prep's full academic catalog can be found by clicking the link below. 

Fordham Prep Course Offerings

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