School District Textbook Information
Posted 06/20/2019 03:34PM

NY State school districts provide some funding for texts. Fordham Prep waits until the course selection process is finished at the end of exams and we know exactly what each student’s courses will be in September before we place any orders.

Each district has its own process for distributing textbook funds. Many districts provide $58.25 per student for Fordham Prep to use. The Prep deals directly with these districts to purchase books that our students use. They are designated as NY State provided on the book list.

Some districts purchase all of a student’s texts with the exception of workbooks, digital texts and religious studies texts. Depending upon the district, FP either sends parents a list of texts to deliver to their district or we send student book lists directly to the district.

If your district has set a June deadline for book orders, please inform them that this may be impossible for FP. We provide our book requests as soon as physically possible given our course selection schedule.

Our book list will be posted on the FP website in early August. Please be sure to check what books and/or supplies need to be purchased for your sons(s) before school starts. Please remember that even if a district purchases “all” texts, there are items that districts will not purchase.

Please use the link below to see the list of districts and the process we follow with each.

District Textbook Information
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