Red Chair Campaign
Posted 12/04/2017 03:30PM

During the first week of December, the Global Education Committee is highlighting the Global Red Chair Campaign. Better known as the la Silla Roja, this Jesuit initiative aims to raise awareness of the lack of access to education for millions of children and youth around the world and the work being done by the Jesuits in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe through Fe y Alegría schools to address this issue. You can find more information about la Silla Roja in this brief VIDEO

In an attempt to raise awareness, red chairs have beenplaced around the school, along with posters that call attention to and hope to educate the Fordham Prep community about this global justice issue.



Fe y Alegría website:

8 Lesson Plans for High School classes from Fe y Alegría:

Google Slides  Brief Histroy and Work of Fe y  Alegría:


La Silla Roja: A Journey Towards Justice:

What are Human Rights?:

HBO Documentary - Fe y Alegría in Haiti (subtitled):

HBO Documentary - Fe y Alegría in Colombia (subtitled):

HBO DOcumentary - Fe y Alegría in Venezuela: Mothers as Peace Promoters (subtitled):

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