Alumnus Man for Others: Max Ferguson '01
Posted 04/11/2017 12:55PM

As part of our 175th anniversary, Fordham Prep has dedicated the month of April to a Celebration of Service. During this month, we are encouraging alumni across the globe to participate in service projects and connecting alumni with their local communities.

The following reflection comes from Max Ferguson '01, who is part of a United States Army Task Force in Cameroon.


I'm serving as the Commander of a U.S. Army Task Force in Northern Cameroon. As part of our community outreach efforts, we found a regional orphanage run by a group of Sisters. For the past seven months, the families of my unit back at Fort Campbell, KY have gathered old clothes, toys, school supplies, and now baby formula and cribs for the 80+ children that live in the orphanage. I arrived to Cameroon to take over the task force in March 2017 and made my first visit there within a week of our arrival. 

The U.S. Embassy in Cameroon's capital, Yaounde, wrote this about our efforts:

On March 30, 2017, U.S. troops led by U.S. Army Maj. D. Max Ferguson visited an orphanage in the North Region, where they met children and donated books, toys, and candy. Major Ferguson thanked Sister Myriam Lum by saying: "Thank you for hosting us and making such an impressionable visit for our soldiers. The work you and your team do is simply inspiring! I also want to thank you for visiting us. I recognize making that journey is not an easy one for you. We are proud of our partnership with Cameroon and all Cameroonians to promote security and engagement between our citizens so that they can build a future of peace and prosperity for all through their own immense talents and ideas."

Sister Myriam Lum said: “The kindness of the soldiers impressed me so much and really challenged me. I keep wondering what formation you are given. You are all so kind, so polite, very high sense of humor, very generous, jovial, honest and the list can continue. All we can offer you are our daily prayers. May God bless you all.”

U.S. troops have also conducted presentations at the American Corner in Garoua led by American Corner Director Harouna Ahmadou Saliou Yerima, where they engaged with Cameroonians to discuss American culture, their home states, and promote English language learning by partnering with Garoua’s English Club.

“As Ambassador Michael S. Hoza has said, we are proud of the efforts by America’s sons and daughters in uniform serving in Cameroon to strengthen real partnerships of friendship, security, and cooperation with citizens who have made them feel welcome and at home with the tremendous hospitality for which Cameroonians are known for. They share their stories about America, and learn from Cameroonians about their country and cherished cultural traditions,” said U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II.

To learn more about the orphanage, visit:

Max, thank you for being a man for others!

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