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The Ignatian Year


During this school year, Fordham Prep, along with Jesuit institutions and works around the world, celebrates the Ignatian Year, marking the 500th anniversary of the conversion of St. Ignatius. On May 20, 1520, Ignatius the soldier was struck by a cannonball which shattered his leg. During his long convalescence, he had only two books to read--The Lives of the Saints and The Life of Christ. Ignatius began to experience an inner stirring to dedicate his life to Christ and live a life modeled after the saints. The Ignatian year invites our community to be inspired by the conversion of St. Ignatius to “see all things new in Christ”.


Some special programs the Prep has planned for the Ignatian Year include:


Living in Faith Podcast (Click Here

The most recent podcast episode by Religious Studies teacher and Assistant Campus Minister Brian Pinter is entitled "Why Ignatius Still Matters: Wisdom in the Wound". Listen here for this and additional podcasts on St. Ignatius.

Ignatius Loyola - Mentor and Companion On the Spiritual Journey - Wednesdays, November 3 & 17, 7 p.m. on Zoom
Presented by Brian B. Pinter, Religious Studies teacher and Assistant Campus Minister.

Though Ignatius lived 500 years ago, his gift to the church - the Spiritual Exercises - continues to be a doorway to transformation for countless people. Our presentations will offer an overview of the Exercises and Ignatius' life. Together we will explore how his wisdom, insights, and approach to friendship with God can inspire and nurture us. Register here.

An Ignatian Pilgrimage to Spain - June 2022

Parents are invited to join us for an Ignatian Pilgrimage to Spain during the summer of 2022. The pilgrimage (by coach bus) will follow in the footsteps of St. Ignatius, stopping in San Sebastian, Azpeitia, Montserrat, Manresa and Barcelona. Learn more and register here.


About the Ignation Year 2021-2022



"All through his life he converted, [...] he put Christ in the center. And he did so through discernment.

Discernment is not about always getting it right from the start, but it’s rather about navigating, about

having a compass to be able to set out on the road which has many twists and turns, but always

letting oneself be guided by the Holy Spirit who leads us to an encounter with the Lord."

Pope Francis