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Faith on Tap

Pilgrimage: A Dangerous Business
A Transformation of Faith & Life

presented by Alexandria Egler, Ph.D.

Pilgrimage is an encounter and journey with God. The God who accompanies, carries, pushes, pulls, comforts, and loves us unconditionally every day of our lives. As an active practice and an art, the pilgrimage journey is an expression that responds to God’s presence with our mind, body and spirit. It guides and transforms us toward the Divine through an active engagement with life, as we walk, eat, drink, sleep, encounter pain and healing in our movements towards our pilgrimage destination.

Dr. Egler will discuss how pilgrimage is a transformative lifelong experience, that can begin with faith to take a few dangerous steps away from all that is familiar.

Dr. Egler’s scholarly research primarily focuses on religious pilgrimage, and she has presented her research at several conferences in the United States and around the world. She also brings pilgrim groups along the Camino de Santiago in Spain, as well as to Assisi and Rome in Italy. She currently serves as the President of Dominican Academy in Manhattan, an all-girls Catholic high school sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 7-9:30pm 
J.C Fogarty's, 60 Kraft Ave., Bronxville

$30 per person includes a light buffet, beer, and wine.
Please register here by January 20th.  Space is limited (Mothers and Fathers are welcome).


Sponsored by the Fathers' Club and 
the Office of Mission Integration and Planning