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Global Scholars

Global Scholars I & II


Since the start of the Global Education program, we have wanted to develop initiatives that did not require students to leave Fordham Prep in order to increase their global awareness and make connections across borders. The Global Scholars Program allows students at Fordham Prep to explore and engage with the world. 

This program is open to all students, in all 4 years, to apply.  Students who are accepted and successfully complete the program will earn a certificate and be recognized as Fordham Prep Global Scholars. 

Students who are accepted into the program are committing the following:

  • Virtual Exchanges

Students will be partnered with a student at one of our Jesuit partner schools around the world. leveraging the technologies available to our students- beginning with their phones- this virtual exchange will provide a platform where students in Jesuit schools around the world can dialogue. The students will exchange reflections, sometimes written, other times by video, on questions, articles, prompts, and/or topics. Through these virtual exchanges students will have an opportunity to share some of their culture, stories about themselves and their families, reflections on faith, etc..  

  • Round Table Discussions & Dialogues

Students will be required to attend 4 discussions and dialogues coordinated by Global Ed, the Social Justice Committee, DEI, or other school groups. Global Scholar candidates will be required to write up a reflection/reaction following each discussion or dialogue.

  • School Wide Awareness Campaign 

Using the UN International Days of Observance as a guide, students will lead an awareness campaign. These campaigns will serve to educate the Fordham Prep community at large about a global justice issue. Students may work individually or in groups. Their campaigns may include  posters, morning announcements, a Hall of Honor exhibit, fundraising efforts, Schoology posts etc.. Each campaign must be accompanied by a brief research paper that discusses the issue, and in particular how it relates to one of the Universal Apostolic Preferences.

  • Check-In Meetings

Those accepted into the program will be assigned a program mentor and will have one to two check-in meetings a month to learn and dialogue about global competency and justice issues and track progress on awareness campaigns and virtual exchanges.

Global Scholar II

This program is available to those students who have successfully completed the Global Scholars I program. As part of this program students will 

  • Attend two Global Scholars Round tables or other dialogues/discussions/etc. hosted by Social Justice, DEI, Bridges, etc., 

  • Take part in a Global Education Trip and based on that travel prepare a significant presentation (essay, film, power point, poster) that highlights an significant global issue. 

  • Present your final project to those in the Global Scholars I program. 

Applying Global Scholars Scholar I & II

Applications open in late September.

In order to apply for this program students have two options:

1. Submit a 400 to 500 word essay in response to one of the following questions:

  • Essay 1: Where in the world would you like to visit? Why? What calls you there?

  • Essay 2: What Global issue/problem most concerns you? Who is most affected by it? How can we begin to address it?  

2. Create a short film, a series of posters, a  poem, or other creative work that demonstrates your engagement with a particular part of the world or a global justice issue. 


Applications not open yet, listen for announcement.