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Global Scholars 2020-2021

Since the start of the Global Education program, we have wanted to develop initiatives that did not require students to leave Fordham Prep in order to increase their global awareness and make connections across borders. In an academic year during which international travel is not possible, we have developed the Global Scholars Program to allow students at Fordham Prep to explore and engage with the world.

This program is open to all students, in all 4 years, to apply. Students who are accepted and successfully complete the program will earn a certificate and be recognized as Fordham Prep Global Scholars.

Students who are accepted into the program are committing the following:

Virtual Exchanges

Students will be partnered with a student at one of our Jesuit partner schools around the world. leveraging the technologies available to our students- beginning with their phones- this virtual exchange will provide a platform where students in Jesuit schools around the world can dialogue. The students will exchange reflections, sometimes written, other times by video, on questions, articles, prompts, and/or topics. Through these virtual exchanges students will have an opportunity to share some of their culture, stories about themselves and their families, reflections on faith, etc.

Round Table Panels

Each year, we would offer 3 to 4 round table discussions on different significant Global Education topics. Speakers will be invited to give brief presentations and engage our students in conversation. These events will also be advertised to the Fordham Prep community at large. Those in the Global Scholars Program will be required to attend. Global Scholar candidates must write up a reflection/reaction following each Round Table.

School Wide Awareness Campaign 

Using the UN International Days of Observance as a guide, students will lead an awareness campaign similar to the Red Chair campaign from years past. These campaigns will serve to educate the Fordham Prep community at large about a global justice issue. Students may work individually or in groups. Their campaigns may include  posters, morning announcements, a Hall of Honor exhibit, fundraising efforts, Schoology posts etc.. Each campaign must be accompanied by a brief research paper that discusses the issue, and in particular how it relates to one of the Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Check-In Meetings

Those accepted into the program will be assigned a program mentor and will have two brief check-in meetings a month to track their progress.

Applying to be a Global Scholar

*Applications are due Tuesday October 13th by 8 AM.*

In order to apply for this program students have two options:

1. Submit a 400 to 500 word essay in response to one of the following questions:

  • Essay 1: Where in the world would you like to visit? Why? What calls you there?

  • Essay 2: What Global issue/problem most concerns you? Who is most affected by it? How can we begin to address it?

2. Create a short film, a series of posters, a  poem, or other creative work that demonstrates your engagement with a particular part of the world or a global justice issue.


Since the founding of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius Loyola called his companions to live the mission of the Society of Jesus in a global context, to travel to the frontiers, to be with those on the margins. Ignatius wrote to his brother Jesuits about mission, “It is according to our divine calling to travel to various places and to live in any part of the world where there is hope of God’s greater service and the help of souls.”   St. Ignatius’ vision for the Society of Jesus was from the start one with a global perspective. 

Today, Jesuit schools continue to be inspired by this vision and are committed to educating students in a global context.  Fordham Prep’s Global Education Program aims to raise student awareness of the world outside their own environment through the exploration of different and diverse cultures in the world community. This awareness will prepare students to be more empathetic, accepting of differences, aware of social justice and human rights issues, and better prepared for an interconnected and diverse world in which they will live and work. They will also be better prepared to understand and embrace world cultures, communicate effectively at a global level, respect and value diversity, understand and take action against injustices, and develop skills necessary to work cross-culturally. For more information about our Global Education Program contact Ms. Teresa Di Vita-Geremia, Coordinator of Global Education.

Considering the likelihood that international travel will not be possible in the 2020-2021 academic year, the program is considering the following  initiatives which will continue to allow students to grow in Global competency and to connect with others students in our vast network of Jesuit schools world-wide. These programs have been conceived with the possibility of participating in a face-face, virtual, or hybrid school environment. 

  • Global Scholars Program: This is a two-year program that will give students who successfully complete it an academic designation of Global Scholar. Students will need to take part in and complete numerous activities which will culminate in the creation of a Global Education research project,that will be included along with other reflections and artifacts in a final portfolio.

  • Global Education Round Tables:  These presentations, often facilitated by an outside speaker, will invite students to learn and dialogue about  a variety of international justice issues. 

  • Global Education Book Club: Two books on a global justice issue will be selected,  one in the fall and one in the spring. Students will meet every other week during the reading period and write reflections on their readings.   

  • Virtual Exchanges: Looking to our current partner Jesuit schools, as well as new potential partners, we will pair students from different schools. The students will exchange reflections, sometimes written, other times by video, on questions, articles, prompts, and/or topics. The student will view each other's work and get to know each in a more profound way. 

  • School Wide Awareness Campaigns: Using the UN International Days of Observance as a guide, students in the Global Scholars Program will lead an awareness campaign, which will feature posters, announcements, social media posts, Hall of Honor exhibits, and assemblies.    

  • Around the World Events: This program will host events that feature different cultures through film, food, virtual tours that will spark the desire to explore the world. 

Support the Rosanna Estrella Ecology Program

Global Education Committee
Brian Carney, VP for Mission & Identity
Teresa Di Vita-Geremia, Coordinator
Pierre Chavez, Assistant Coordinator
Russell Baker
Arianne Dempsey
Stephen Distinti
Yi Han
Paul Lauber '09
Patricia Lee
William Magner
Patricia Morris
Dr. Joseph Petriello '98, Principal
Patricia Simeone

All trips have been postponed until further notice.
Fall and February Trips

This program, in collaboration with students from Boston College High School, includes a collaborative retreat experience, a stay with host families while attending daily classes at Loyola High School, and participation in a safari. 

More Information

Students travel to Clongowes Wood College, a Jesuit boarding school located in the town of Clane in County Kildare, Ireland. As part of this program students stay in the dorms at Clongowes, attend classes with with host students, take part in service opportunities and explore neighboring cities like Dublin.  This program also includes a reciprocal visit during which participants will host students from Clongowes in their home for 8-10 days. 

More Information

Milan, Italy
Students travel to Leo XIII Insititute, Jesuit secondary school in Milan Italy.  As part of this program studentslive with host families, attend classes with with host students,  and tour MIlan.  This program also includes a reciprocal visit during which participants will host students from Milan in their home for 12-14 days. 

 More Information

Medical Missions to Xela, Guatemala
Students get hands-on experience doing clinical work in Xela, Guatemala. As part of this program students stay with a local family, spend time at a local school or clinic working on health related issues, and attend a language program in Spanish or a Mayan language. Students will assist with basic patient care, such as taking blood pressure, glucose reading and other medical measurements. 

More Information

Spring and Summer Trips

Rosanna Estrella Ecology Program - Costa Rica  

More Information

Students travel to the city of Kilgali and stay with host families from St. Ignatius school, a co-ed Jesuit school. Participants attend daily classes, tour the city of Kilgali, participate in a retreat and have the opportunity to participate in a gorilla trekking or safari experience.

More Information

Students are provided with direct experiences that integrate history, literature and language with the students' previous study during this Easter break trip.

More information

Beijing-Xi'An trip will take you to two of the oldest capitals in the world. Students will explore the famous Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Terra Cotta Warriors, Tang Dynasty Palace, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, etc. Participants will also visit a school and interact with local students. Mandarin classes and workshops in martial arts, traditional musical instrument and painting will be offered by local teachers. Students will also eat authentic Chinese food and attend a Kongfu.

More Information

Christian Service Immersion Trips

In addition to our global education trips, a number of service experiences are offered through the Prep’s Christian Service Immersion program. The program offers students the opportunity to live out the Ignatian call to be Men for Others while living and working with those in need of housing, health care and education in Camden, Ecuador and Tennessee. Students apply for these trips through a separate application process. 

More Information