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Leadership Opportunities


The Ministry Leadership Team is an opportunity for students to deepen their own faith, spirituality and commitment to Social Justice, while learning valuable leadership skills that will enable them to help other Prep students do the same as they take on leadership roles at the Prep. Participants dedicate themselves to a program of daily prayer and weekly meetings where they have the opportunity to reflect on their prayer experiences, learn about social justice issues, and develop the skills necessary to be effective leaders in the Prep community. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are selected for this program in the spring through an application process along with recommendations from Prep faculty.


Just Serve, a subgroup of the Ministry Leadership Team, is a voluntary group open to all students. The goal of the group is to learn about justice issues and how Catholic Social Teaching impacts our understanding of these issues. Armed with this knowledge the group plans service projects related to these justice issues.


The Social Justice Committee is a voluntary group open to all students interested in justice issues. The committee comprised of faculty and students serves as the leader in educating the Prep community on specific justice issues. They meet regularly to plan assemblies, special events, and lobbying and letter writing efforts related to current legislation. This year the group focus was on Environmental Sustainability.


The liturgical life of the Prep offers opportunities for students to take leadership roles as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers and as members of the Liturgical Choir and/or Liturgy Committee