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Named Endowed Scholarships

This is the center of Fordham Prep’s endowment target: the creation of additional named endowed scholarship funds. The availability of additional tuition scholarships will make the difference between a student’s attending Fordham Prep—or even applying—and never having the opportunity to live the Prep experience. A complete listing of the Prep's more than 100 established named endowed scholarships can be found below.

Endowing a scholarship at Fordham Prep is the single most significant and effective gift you can make to our endowment. It has long been a practice of the school to have each scholarship recipient write a personal letter of thanks to his benefactor each year. We want each award holder to understand and appreciate what is being done on his behalf. A Named Endowed Scholarship Fund—providing a permanent tuition scholarship—can be titled for an individual, family or organization. A portion of the earnings from a scholarship endowment fund provides revenue for tuition scholarship support.

In order to endow a full or partial tuition scholarship fund, these are the requirements.

  • Full Tuition Scholarship: $500,000
  • Three-Quarter Tuition Scholarship: $375,000
  • Half Tuition Scholarship: $250,000
  • One-Quarter Tuition Scholarship: $125,000

Fully capitalized endowed scholarships are one of the most prestigious awards that the Prep can make to a student. Only those who give evidence of abiding financial need and certified academic promise can be the recipients of funds from one of the Prep’s fully endowed scholarships.

We are aware that most donors are not able to underwrite such a large amount. There are various other important ways of helping to fund student aid.

• An individual, family or organization can create a named endowed fund with a donation of $25,000 or more. Additional contributions to principal may be made in ensuing years.

• We welcome contributions and pledges of any amount to an existing scholarship endowment fund. A donor who adds to an established fund can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that his or her gift will help students well into the future.

• Gifts to endowment may be pledged and paid over a period of up to five years.     


To see if your class has established a scholarship endowment in honor of a reunion or special circumstances, please view the list below. If you are interested in learning more about setting up a scholarship endowment with your classmates please contact: 

Suzanne Dowden
Director, Engagement & Development
718-367-7500 ext 274
Fax 718-367-7598

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