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The COVID-19 fund is a quickly deployable, flexible resource; a lifeline that can help provide temporary, short-term financial assistance to Prep families who are experiencing hardships due to the pandemic.  It will support those in our community who are experiencing urgent financial needs because they have lost a job. This fund will help offset financial burdens and ensure that every student currently enrolled at the Prep, graduates from the Prep.


The Annual Scholarship Fund is another way to lend your support to deserving students who cannot afford to attend Fordham Prep without scholarships or financial aid. A gift in any amount will be used exclusively to lend support to students with demonstrated financial need. Tuition is currently $20,960 for the 2019-20 school year.


Gifts to Fordham Prep’s Endowment are investments in the school’s future and the futures of the young men who study here. Earnings from the Prep’s endowment lend support annually for student scholarships and faculty research and training. While contributions in any amount are most welcome, the creation of a named endowed fund affords the donor an opportunity to establish a permanent memorial bearing his or her name or the name of a friend or family member in perpetuity. All future gifts to the endowment will be placed in the Fordham Prep Formation Foundation Trust. The trust is charged with stewarding Fordham Prep's future endowment and ensuring the school's financial stability.


Gifts of appreciated marketable securities afford donors an attractive means of giving to Fordham Prep. Donors receive a tax deduction for the market value of the securities they give to Fordham Prep — computed on the day of their transfer — while avoiding payment of capital gains on the stock's appreciated value. It is the policy of Fordham Prep to sell all gifts of stock as soon as they have been transferred to Fordham Prep. Donors of stock are encouraged to consult their brokers or advisors.

Use the information below to set up your electronic stock transfer. If you have questions, please contact Ann Marie Denning at 718-367-7500, ext 251, or email at

To transfer stock electronically: 
TD Ameritrade, Inc. 
Account Name: Fordham Preparatory School 
Account # 914049622 
DTC# 0188 
Contact: Daniel D. Hickey ‘84 
Stepping Stones Management, LLC 
PO Box 263 
Bronx, NY 10464 
phone: 646-723-6262 

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2017 Endowment report

Contact us for further information about ways of giving and gift opportunities at Fordham Prep:
Suzanne Dowden
Director, Engagement & Development
718-367-7500 ext 274
Fax 718-367-7598


Ryan Fink '10
Assistant Director of Development & Data Analytics
718-367-7500 ext 209