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Thank you for responding to the letter sent to you by a participant in this year’s Service Immersion Trips at Fordham Prep and for considering a donation. Please know your donation will support the work of one of these outstanding organizations: Appalachia Habitat for Humanity in Tennessee and The Working Boys' Center in Ecuador. Our goal is to raise $175,000 to fund the building of two homes this summer in Tennessee and to raise $25,000 to support the ministries of the Working Boys' Center in Ecuador. All donations will be sent together in one check to each of these organizations. Thank you for your generosity and know you are a very much a part of these two projects through your donation. Be assured of our prayers as each group travels next summer.

Please write none if you were not contacted by a specific student or alumnus.

$60,000 is the approximate cost of the materials package for one home in Tennessee.

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