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Wow! We cannot thank the Fordham Prep community enough for taking part in our "Love the Prep? Help the Prep" Giving Tuesday campaign! In the 24-hour period beginning at midnight on November 27, the Prep received a record-breaking $176,575 in individual gifts from 350 supporters, a 35% increase in donors over last year.  And, we unlocked an additional $110,000 for the Prep by exceeding all the match challenge goals of our six anonymous and very generous benefactors! 

A special congratulations to the Class of 2022 who were the first to reach their class challenge goal with over 35 freshmen parents making a gift to the Prep.  Details on their class prize and the other promotional challenges advertised during Giving Tuesday will be shared shortly.

Parents, alumni, grandparents, friends, and faculty responded with great enthusiasm to our campaign. With great appreciation, we thank everyone who came together in generosity to support the deserving and hard-working students of Fordham Prep.





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