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Mission Statement

The Athletic Program is committed to furthering the mission of Fordham Prep to form leaders in faith, scholarship and service. It does so by seeking to provide a competitive and diverse team centered culture which challenges athletes to strive for excellence and success through discipline, hard work and humility.


Core Program Values

Core Athlete Values


Teamwork helps motivate each athlete to do their part to reach a common goal and requires athletes to be unselfish for the sake of the common good. 




Excellence requires self discipline and dedication to maximize an athlete's god-given talents. Striving for excellence creates a team culture where athletes hold each other accountable and where success is valued.




Great athletes stay humble. When they make a mistake, they acknowledge and accept it rather than trying to make excuses. Alternately, when a humble athlete’s team is successful, they do not take all of the credit. Exceptional athletes credit their teammates and coaching staff when they are successful.


Servant Leadership

Servant leaders place other people's needs, aspirations and interests above their own. A servant leader's chief motivation is to serve first rather than lead. Servant leaders are committed to the growth of all team members and the building community.