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Llewellyn M. Hyacinthe, MD, Class of 1980

Inducted in 2019
Physician; Urologist
Father of Two Prep Graduates

In the long and storied history of Fordham Prep, there are certain family names that have come to embody the Maroon spirit of their generations — names like the Hugheses and Rodrigues of our founding, the deZaldos and Walshes of the late 1800s, or the Corcorans of the mid-20th century.  Since the 1970s, the name Hyacinthe has taken its place among this litany of quintessential Fordham families.  It is from this esteemed clan that Llew Hyacinthe would arrive at Rose Hill as a member of the Class of 1980.

Llewellyn Marc Hyacinthe was born in 1962 and grew up in Eastchester, New York with his two sisters and two brothers: Sylvere, Maurice, Marcus, and Genevieve.  In Llew’s estimation, their first-generation parents were proud Americans with traditional Caribbean values and raised their children to be devout, respectful, and hard-working, and to value education above all other endeavors.  Their mother, Phyllis Corsbie Hyacinthe, was a schoolteacher, and their father, Hector, was an entrepreneur who began his career in retail furniture on Main Street in New Rochelle, but expanded into other fields including landscaping, real estate, and politics — even working for a time under President George H. W. Bush.

Young Llew attended his parish grammar school, St. Joseph’s in Bronxville.  In 1976, he would follow his brothers down to the Bronx on the Metro North to begin his Fordham Prep career.   Maurice and Marcus would graduate in ’77 and ’79 respectively; Maurice would later serve on the Board of Trustees.

As Llewelyn has often told, his years at Shea Hall were a formative time: socially, athletically, academically, and spiritually.  Building on the strong foundation that his parents had already given him, the Prep would help Llew bring out of himself more than he even knew he had.  In his own words, it was a community that “embraced, nurtured, but still challenged.”

A gifted student and a hard-working and determined athlete, Hyacinthe would serve as the president of the Maroon Key Honor Society and play alongside his brothers on both the Football and Basketball Teams.  During his high school years, he also devoted time to the Kawaida Club and was involved with the Prep’s various charitable outreaches.  On the homefront, however, Llew spent his teenage summers and nearly every weekend working at his family’s business — an experience which he credits with giving him a sense of responsibility and discipline that would serve him well throughout his professional career.

Graduating the Prep in 1980, Hyacinthe would go on to Yale, and then to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, graduating in 1988.  After completing his residency in urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Hyacinthe joined the urology staff of Kings County Hospital Center in 2000, and opened a nearby clinical practice in 2005.  Heeding the call to be  “Man for Others” in his professional and well as his personal life, Dr. Hyacinthe specifically chose Brooklyn as a site for his offices knowing that the residents of the area were vastly underserved — the Caribbean-American community in particular.

For decades, Llew has continued to serve the people of Brooklyn, both through his private practice and through his work at Kings County.  His reputation in the community is unsurpassed, both for his pioneering use of robotic, minimally-invasive surgical techniques, as well as for his compassion and his willingness to reach out through education to dispel the stigmas attached to urological conditions that can sometimes prevent patients — men in particular — from seeking life-saving care.

A member of the clinical faculty since 1998, Dr. Hyacinthe currently serves as an associate professor of urology at the SUNY Downstate Medical School.

Since 1988, Llew has been married to Dr. Monica Foreman-Hyacinthe, a practicing obstetrician-gynaecologist.  Llew and Monica are the parents of three: Christian, Alyssa, and Eric.  Christian and Eric have continued the Hyacinthe legacy at Rose Hill, graduating from the Prep in 2008 and 2015, joining their father, uncles and cousins Alexander and Kenneth on alma mater’s rosters.

The Drs. Hyacinthe live in New Rochelle, New York, and continue to lend their time and talent to various communities and institutions — whether by embarking on medical missions as they did after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, or by sponsoring scholarships at the educational institutions that have meant so much to them.

Nearly needless to write, Llew remains close to the Prep both as a proud alumnus and a proud parent of two Prep graduates.  So too, the Prep is proud to number Llewellyn Hyacinthe among its loyal sons and true and looks forward to the next generation of Hyacinthes who will in time take their place on the long Maroon line.