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Alumni Service Corps

The Fordham Prep Alumni Service Corps (FPASC) invites recent college graduates to consider a year of service to Fordham Prep.  FPASC members may work in variety of areas at the Prep, including but not limited to Campus Ministry, Service, Global Education, Computer Science and STEAM, Communications and Development, and other vital support services.  Teaching opportunities might also be available for qualified candidates. FPASC members would also be expected to get involved in extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, retreats, and service projects.

Applicants are subject to the same academic criteria as applicants for full-time faculty positions, i.e., bachelor's degree in subject area, recommendations, interviews with and approval of department chair, principal, and president. Among other things, the Prep's needs in a particular department/subject area and/or extracurricular activity, as well as the applicant's recommendations, will be taken into account. Those applying for non-academic jobs should be able to have comparable experience or the ability to relate their own experience to the work needed.   While we view this as a service program, Fordham Prep does provide a $2,000 monthly stipend and health insurance, if needed, for ten months. 

As an alumnus, your experience is a valuable resource in itself in supporting our students and enriching the culture that exists here. I hope you will consider extending your generosity to your Fordham Prep brothers as a member of our Alumni Service Corp.


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