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Alumni for Habitat

For over 20 years Fordham Prep’s Christian Service Immersion Program has partnered with Appalachia Habitat for Humanity in Scott County, Tennessee. As the Program’s longest and most consistent partner, Appalachia Habitat and the Scott County community have welcomed thousands of Prep students, faculty members and alumni into their ministry. Working with Appalachia Habitat, the Prep to date has built 32 homes for low income families in Scott and Morgan Counties and have donated over $2.2 million to fund these projects. In August 2019, the program held its first-ever alumni-only Tennessee trip and we hope to continue this new tradition in 2021! 

How Can Alumni Help?
  • Participate: Complete our interest form below and we will send you more information about the 2021 trip.
  • Support the construction of 2 new homes in partnership with Appalachia Habitat for Humanity. (Be sure to designate your donation as “Alumni for Habitat”)
  • Donate (Donations of $200 reserve you a right of first refusal spot for the 2021 trip)

What alumni said about the 2019 trip:

"This trip was my fifth journey to Robbins and I can easily say the level of dedication and enthusiasm of the entire group were some of the highest I have seen on any Tennessee trip. I am extremely proud I was able to a member of this trip. It was an amazing opportunity to step away from our busy lives and spend time helping two families who deserve homes, thereby seizing another opportunity to be “Men for Others.” The combination of working with Habitat along with daily prayer and reflection allowed us to re-build or strengthen our relationships with Christ."
– Will Wrotniak '14

"It [the trip] easily exceeded all of my expectations as a continuation of self-discovery.   The rewards of living simply and working on the house for the week will stick with me for life. There's something sublime and indescribable seeing the finished product and meeting the family that will be moving in. I was very humbled to see the happiness and positive attitudes from the family. Especially hearing the daughter's joy at being able to simply paint her room as her own.   The broad age range of the group (of alumni) really showed how this trip can be fun and meaningful no matter where you're at in life. We had everyone from fresh graduates to fresh grandpas."
–Fred Gonfiantini '10

"I can’t express how moving it was to meet the family for the house. I had a very meaningful experience in taking the time to slow down, reflect and give back. Meeting and working with the staff and construction crews of habitat for humanity was immensely fulfilling."
Jason Shramko ’89

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2nd Annual Alumni Service Trip

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