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Merit Scholarships

Fordham Prep awards a number of Merit Based Scholarship to incoming freshmen each year.  The process is often extremely competitive.  In order to be considered for a Merit Based Scholarship an applicant must have:

*The HSPT is the exclusive exam for the Merit Scholarship Program.  If you do NOT take the HSPT, you will NOT be considered for a Merit Based Scholarship*.

You can sign up to take the HSPT at one of two locations, Fordham Prep or Xavier High School, on the dates below.  *Registration opens on September 1, 2021*.

Saturday, November 13 - @ Xavier High School only
Saturday, November 20 - @ Fordham Prep only 

*Applicants are allowed to take the HSPT at only one location, either Xavier or Fordham Prep.  You may not register for multiple dates.*

We will also accept the results of the Regis High School Scholarship Exam.  You may not take the HSPT more than once.  If you are signed up to take the Regis exam, you will not be allowed to sit for the HSPT at Fordham Prep or Xavier.  Regis will send your scores directly to us.  If you are taking the Regis exam, you must complete your application no later than Friday, November 26, 2021 in order to be considered for a Merit Based Scholarship.  We are not able to accept late applications in this case.

Register for the Fordham Prep Scholarship Exam - *DEADLINE, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2021*
*If you plan on registering for the exam, we remind you that you should have at least a 90 average in all core subjects in 6th and 7th grades. Historically, those who do not meet this criteria are not considered for a Merit Based Scholarship.*

  1. Complete an Application to the Fordham Prep Class of 2026 
  2. Complete the Merit Scholarship Test Registration Form available to you in the Parent Portal once your application is complete
  3. Pay the $35 registration fee (*Contact the Admissions Office if you have concerns about paying this fee.*)

*This is a firm deadline.  We will not accept any late registrations.*Extended Time
If you have a current IEP or 504 that allows you to receive extended time for standardized testing, you must indicate that on the Merit Scholarship Test Registration Form and send a copy of the IEP, IESP, or 504 or other documentation to us, either by email (preferred), fax, or mail to be received by Friday, November 5, 2021. We ask for this information in advance so that we can properly accommodate your son.  Late submissions may not guarantee extended time.

Test Results
Individual test scores are private.  We will not release them to applicants.

Scholarship Awards
Awards are communicated with admissions decisions via email and hard copy letter.  Amounts range from full scholarships to awards in the amount of $40,000 and $20,000 over four years.  Scholarship awards do not increase year to year.  Students must maintain at least a B average in order to their scholarship to renew.

Virtual HSPT Details (for fall 2020 only)
In order to take the test, your will need the following:

  1. A high speed internet connection. We strongly suggest that you turn all other devices in your home to airplane mode for the duration of your son’s exam. If your internet connection is not stable, please contact our Admissions Team at or 718-584-8367 to discuss other testing options. 
  2. A Windows or Mac laptop or desktop, Surface Pro, or Chromebook. The device needs to have the capability of running Zoom with a camera on and a web browser at the same time. We will be proctoring the exam via Zoom. We have tested iPads and they do not have the functionality to work with Zoom. 
  3. Download Zoom on the device. Your device must have a camera. Your son must remain on screen for the entirety of the exam. He will be muted for the entire duration of the exam.

There is no recommended web browser. We do suggest that you close all other programs on the device other than Zoom and one browser window with one tab open to take the test. We also suggest that you clear the browser’s history and cache prior to the exam to make sure that the browser works efficiently.

On the Wednesday before the test, you will receive the test code in order to set up your log-in information. As soon as you are able, we do suggest that you and your son watch the following tutorial about how the exam is structured.