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Visual and Performing Arts

About Visual and Performing Arts

Central to the Visual and Performing Arts education at Fordham Prep is the objective that students understand what goes into a work of art from conceptual, technical, and cultural points of view; and how, in the spirit of cura personalis, these help contribute to the makeup of a well-rounded person. Through a comprehensive curriculum students will develop skills in creating, responding, and performing in visual, musical and theatrical artistic disciplines. The curriculum’s design stimulates growth through self-discovery and self-expression. 

“I waited much too long to get involved in the music program. I joined the various bands, orchestra, and took AP music theory only in junior and senior year. But even in those two short years, I obtained a wealth of new knowledge, new friendships, and so much fun.” 
Luca Gierlinger Fordham Prep '22; Royal Academy of Music '26

“Joining the band was not something I thought I would ever do. But over four years, I am so thankful for my experience in the band and the impact my teachers and the entire group had on my time at the Prep." 
George Anderson '22; Boston College '26

"To say that my time in Fordham Prep Dramatic Society (FPDS) was incredible would be an understatement. We really are more than a company - we are family. Regardless of any differences, we come together and cheer for one another like a true community. My time in acting class has not only helped me strengthen my acting skills, but the course also taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible. FPDS and Fundamentals of Acting truly defined my Fordham Prep career, and I am forever grateful to how both programs changed my life for the better."
Lorenzo Mazzarulli '22; George Washington University '26

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Visual and Performing Arts Faculty

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Dylan LaGamma

Class of 2009
Visual & Performing Arts

Thomas O'Sullivan

Class of 1998
Visual & Performing Arts, College Counseling

Michael Weldon

Class of 1986
Visual & Performing Arts

Jeffrey Butkowski

Class of 1999
Technology, Visual & Performing Arts

Kenneth Farnum

Class of 1975
Visual & Performing Arts

Paul Lauber

Class of 2008
English, Visual & Performing Arts

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