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1 to 1 Computing

Students and teachers employ laptops, notebooks, telephones and tablet PCs for continuous use in the classroom, around school and at home, allowing the FP community to learn, research and create on a 24-7 basis, and to become fluent in the technological tools of the 21st century.

Using the community’s wireless access to the Internet, word processing and multimedia tools on a 1 to 1 basis encourage new styles of teaching and learning, support improved research and assignments, and promote more differentiated, collaborative and project-based learning.

Compatible Devices

Several devices have been evaluated, and are officially recommended by Fordham Prep for our 1 to 1 computing program. This list will be updated as new machines come to market. You are not limited to choosing from these machines alone. However, we do have specific criteria that need to be followed if you decide to purchase a device that is not listed in the attachment.

Required Criteria

    • Windows 10
    • Intel Core i3 processor (Core i5 recommended)
    • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
    • 128 GB Hard drive (256 GB strongly recommended)
    • Touch input
    • Digitizer pen/active stylus (not merely a capacitive stylus) 
    • 8 hour battery MINIMUM (10 hour + recommended)

Some of the devices do not come with a keyboard, and while a keyboard is not a required accessory, it is recommended. While working at home students also have the option of connecting a USB or bluetooth keyboard for long typing sessions.

Please note, Microsoft Office is available at no additional cost through Fordham Prep.  Incoming Freshmen will be instructed on how to take advantage of this offer during Summer orientation sessions.

Fordham Prep helps provide a device to students in financial need.

Click here to see the list of compatible devices.