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Technology plays an integral part in all aspects of life at Fordham Prep. A school-wide, high-speed network connects our students and faculty to the Internet. Using their own network accounts, students have access to the World Wide Web, e-mail, educational software, periodical databases and more.

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Director of Technology: Gregory Curran
Director of Technical Operations: Jeffrey Butkowski' 99

Software and Systems

Schoology: the learning management system used by Fordham Prep students and teachers

Powerschool: web-based student information system providing grade and attendance management and viewing for teachers, parents and students alike

Naviance: comprehensive college and career readiness software solution that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary pursuits

LanSchool: classroom management program used by schools to monitor students' activity and improve learning in a digital classroom. It includes a screen monitor, keystroke monitor, teacher-to-student chat feature, URL monitor, and various other features.

Technology Highlights

    • High-speed network & state-of-the-art software
    • Student help desk to support student tablets and school's 1 to 1 program
    • Smart classrooms throughout the school
    • High-resolution, color scanners and printers
    • Campus-wide wireless network
    • Full internet access and e-mail for all students
    • Home access to e-mail, files and assignments
Computer Center Hours and Resources
    • Walk-in access to the computer center for students, teachers, and staff on school days from 8 am to 4 pm 
    • 2 monochrome laser printers and 1 color laser printer
    • 5 computers with Canon scanners

1 to 1 Computing Program

Faculty recently introduced a 1 to 1 program at Fordham Prep. Students and teachers employ laptops, notebooks, telephones and tablet PCs for continuous use in the classroom, around school and at home, allowing the FP community to learn, research and create on a 24-7 basis, and to become fluent in the technological tools of the 21st century.

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