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According to a 2013 report from the U.S. Department of Education, only 40% of high school students are prepared to take college level science and math coursework. Providing access to a dynamic science, technology, engineering, art, and math program through an Ignatian perspective (or iSTEAM) allows Fordham Prep students to weave together ideas from various disciplines, think critically, be creative, and use discovery as an engine for learning.

Our iSTEAM Mission

The Fordham Prep iSTEAM program provides students the opportunity to imagine, design, create, and discover in the spirit of our Ignatian identity for the purposes of social justice and finding God in all things to benefit humankind.

our iSTEAM purpose

Fordham Prep’s iSTEAM program creates opportunities for our students to engage actively in the pursuit of scientific research and design projects. We strive to do this within the context of an Ignatian institution. Fordham Prep also fosters the academic achievement of our students by creating time and space for students to invent, build, participate in authentic research, and pursue important questions through multiple lenses. Project-based learning and immersion experiences offer our students pathways of learning bent toward technology, engineering, sciences, and the arts. Students also have an opportunity to conduct research and present findings during an annual campus-wide symposium.

Our students will

  • inquire into a real world question, problem or design challenge.  These will inherently be problems which are not aimed at one specific solution;

  • innovate current solutions and discuss and debate how such changes positively impact a community;

  • recognize how their project exists in an Ignatian context, and reflect on how knowledge gained can be used for the greater glory of God;

  • collaborate including multiple perspectives and opinions to arrive at a greater product than one could invent by themselves;

  • gather data based on their own real observational or experimental information;

  • design or build something, create a metric or design a process for gathering knowledge;

  • test hypotheses for real world conclusions about their work and design process;

  • articulate and present conclusions to their peers and teachers, formally presenting their work and justifying their conclusions through oral presentations, written reports or poster presentations.

Fordham Prep is a proud member of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) 


iSTEAM Programs


christmas hour of coding

Led by Computer Science department Chairperson Thomas Noone and Assistant Director of Technical Operations and Computer Science teacher Danielli Antoniou, a group of students enjoyed an hour of fun holiday-themed coding and iSTEAM problem-solving.

Fordham Prep 2022 Arredondo STEM Scholarship Winners

Fordham Prep is proud to announce the first-ever recipients of the Angeles T. Arredondo (ATA) Foundation STEM Scholarship: Max Machado ‘22, Thomas McFarland ‘22, and Michael Reeder ‘22.