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Book Purchasing Instructions for August 2022

1. Please watch for an email from the principal in early August. It will contain links to the book list and a way to access a student’s course schedule.

2. Consult the book list and a student’s course schedule to see which books and non-book items are required for each course.

If you are a NY State resident, you can see what provisions your school district makes by clicking this link: School District Textbook Information

3. Ordering books:
Fordham Prep has partnered with A Book Company, generally called eCampus, to provide an online bookstore. This bookstore is built around a course-driven system that ensures you order and receive the correct books.
     • visit the online book store:
     • select courses based upon the student’s schedule
     • select purchases
     • check out

If you use the on-line store to purchase books, please be aware of the titles offering Guaranteed Buyback. When you select these items, you will see the minimum amount you can expect when you sell the book back.

If there are any questions about the booklist, please contact Mr. C. Lauber at

Some courses use books provided by NY State school district funds. All New York State books supplied by Fordham Prep have a number on the lower edge in red (e.g. 23-001). Students receive these books from their individual teachers who record each student's book number. These books must be returned at the end of the school year on exam days.

Students who receive books directly from their school districts must return those books directly to the district at the end of the school year, often by June 30.