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Our commitment to education is shaped by the spirituality and pedagogical tradition of the Society of Jesus, founded
in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola. Fordham Prep stresses the development of excellence in the whole person: intellectual,
religious, social, emotional and physical. Today, our educational apostolate is strengthened by our affiliation with the local,
national and international networks of Jesuit secondary schools.

At the heart of Jesuit education is the rigorous study of the humanities and the sciences, reflecting the conviction that
the study of great ideas is inextricably linked to the formation of character. Our program of studies encompasses more
than the acquisition of knowledge; it fosters academic discipline and encourages reflection in the pursuit of excellence.

Fordham Prep's curriculum is designed to discover and hone individual talents and abilities, encompass more than the
acquisition of knowledge, but demand the training of the intellect, expose students not only to their strengths but also
to those courses and areas that will challenge them, and provide faculty for extra help and consultation: every teacher,
every day.

Principal: Joseph Petriello, PhD '98

Asst. Principal for Professional Development & Supervision: Dennis Ahern '63

Asst. Principal for Academics & Student Life: Chad Broussard

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