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Financial Stability and Sustainability

Fordham Prep is committed to developing and sustaining a sufficient financial base from which the school’s mission can be made effective and affordable, at present and into the future. In order to accomplish this we are committed to engaging all stakeholders - alumni, current and past parents, faculty, staff, trustees, friends and graduating students - in addressing the school community’s needs as a not-for-profit institution, reliant not only on tuition but on continued annual support from all these stakeholders.

Strategic Priorities

❖  Engage stakeholders to increase annual support, to contribute large gifts and to develop estate planning gifts.

❖  Increase the giving rate of participation to at least 20% of the Prep’s stakeholders. 

❖  Further develop methods of communication and engagement with the school’s stakeholders to encourage their continued participation and support.

❖  Seek diversification of investments to provide a balance that should enhance total return and current income while avoiding undue risk concentrations in any single asset category.  

❖  Maintain a balanced tuition/financial assistance policy to provide students of every socioeconomic level, particularly students from middle income families, the opportunity to attend and fully participate at the Prep.

❖        Develop a strategy to provide greater funding for faculty professional development in the areas of instructional and assessment strategies as well as opportunities for growth in technology integration, Ignatian values and global competency.

❖        Establish a funding strategy, a combination of annual giving and endowment, to ensure the growth and long term sustainability of the global education and service immersion programs and to provide financial aid to ensure access to these programs for all students. 

Fordham Prep’s strategic priorities focus on 6 key areas: