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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Excellence in teaching and learning has been a hallmark of Jesuit schools since the founding of the first school in 1547. Cultivation of the intellect, which is at the heart of this academic enterprise, has always been recognized as a means for uncovering truth, discovering meaning, building character and striving for the magis. Fordham Prep’s emphasis on excellence in teaching and learning is reflected in the careful selection of faculty and students, the design of curricula balancing the humanities and sciences, and our commitment to an educational program which responds to and anticipates the challenges of an increasingly complex global and technological society.

Strategic Priorities

❖ Review the current curriculum for alignment with our mission and the promotion of 21st century skills.

❖ Study options for a new master schedule to address issues related to class size, course offerings, and time for intra- and inter-departmental collaboration.

❖ Use new methods of tracking student data to identify areas to improve student learning and to enhance college readiness and success.

❖ Develop ways to integrate technology into the curriculum more deeply as a resource to promote the goals of student learning.

❖ Enhance the professional development program for tenured and non-tenured teachers in order to provide teachers with effective instructional and assessment strategies and to ensure opportunities for growth in technology integration, Ignatian values and global competency.

❖ Explore opportunities for promoting departmental and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Fordham Prep’s strategic priorities focus on 6 key areas: