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Strategic Plan

Complete Plan (PDF)

Dear Fordham Prep Community,

In the 175th year since the founding of Fordham Prep, the school community,  calling upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit, discerned, debated and developed  several new priorities for our future.

I am pleased to present the final outcome of this work in Igniting Our Mission: Strategic Plan, 2017-2022 which was approved by the Board of Trustees on June  14, 2017.  

The questions which guided our work were driven by a rigorous effort to stay true  to the core values of our Catholic and Ignatian mission:

  • The development of Catholic faith which asks critical questions, engages the world, and works for justice and reconciliation;
  • the promotion of human excellence;
  • the care for the individual student in the totality of his gifts, and the opportunities for his growth;
  • a commitment to advance the common good of society through the Jesuit apostolate of secondary, college preparatory education.  

I am especially pleased that these questions and dialogue engaged so many valued stakeholders and members of our community: students, faculty, school leaders, current and past parents, trustees and alumni. The quality of “Igniting Our Mission” testifies to their generosity and care throughout this rigorous and respectful process. 

No strategic plan is perfect. However, “Igniting Our Mission” is an important resource allowing us to focus our vision and continue to revisit with integrity and discipline several priorities which will fulfill our mission and purpose. 

I am profoundly grateful to the Drafting Committee and to each member of the Fordham Prep community who contributed a question, a critical intervention, a proposal or suggestion to improve this plan. Even though all of these may not be reflected fully in the final product, your contribution to the dialogue improved the process, and therefore the outcome of “Igniting Our Mission.” Thank you for your generous effort on behalf of our students of today, and tomorrow. They are the true beneficiaries of our work.

Finally, please join me in your prayers that “Igniting our Mission” and our progress toward these priorities may be dedicated, as in all things, to God’s greater glory!

Sincerely yours,



Reverend Chistopher J. Devron, SJ

Fordham Prep’s strategic priorities focus on 6 key areas: