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Senior Earns Prestigious Posse Foundation Scholarship

From an early age, senior Maxwell Gonzalez has been earmarked for great things.  In fact, his great grandmother's nickname for him has always been “El General”.  She saw strength and leadership in Max and made a point to call it out whenever he was in her presence.  Being called “El General” made an impact on Max.  It has driven him to find ways to lead both inside and outside of the classroom.  It led him on a path to being named a Posse Scholar with a full scholarship to Franklin and Marshall College.

The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits, and trains individuals with extraordinary leadership potential.  Early last year, Maxwell’s college counselor, Ms. Erica Keough, presented the opportunity to him.  He and his family leapt at the chance.  “I spoke with my parents and we felt that the Posse Foundation would help me hone my leadership skills and send me out into the world to make a difference.” said Gonzalez.  The same could be said for his experience at Fordham Prep.

During his four year experience at the Prep, Maxwell has taken part in both group and individual service projects.  They have clearly affected the way he looks at the world and his place in it.  He said, “Service is a big part of who I am because.  My experience of it here at Fordham Prep taught me to put others before myself and honor God with my efforts.”  Successful both in the classroom and on the baseball diamond, Gonzalez’s biggest takeaway from his four years at Rose Hill is the idea that he can change the world.

Maxwell feels very strongly about the Fordham Prep experience which is grounded in Faith, Scholarship, and Service.  He feels that it was this belief that helped secure Maxwell’s participation in the Posse program.  As a leader with dedication to his education and interest in working with others, Maxwell was a perfect fit.

The full scholarship to Franklin and Marshall was made sweeter as it is the alma mater of Ms. Keough, the counselor who nominated him for the program.  

Maxwell aspires to be a sports psychologist.  Gonzalez says that in this field he will “show I am not a follower.  I will bring leadership to craft new and innovative methods and open my own practice. I am going to stand out because I will make sure to stand on my fundamental principles.”  

The principles that Maxwell will stand on will not only include Fordham Prep’s Faith, Scholarship, and Service but also something a bit more personal.  They will include those of a great grandmother who has always motivated and inspired him.  Gonzalez said, “She always reminded me of how strong I am and I plan on taking that with me in my career and beyond.”

Looks like Maxwell’s great grandmother is very good at picking nicknames.  Her “El General” has lived up to her lofty expectations at Fordham Prep.  There is no doubt that he will continue to do so at Franklin and Marshall.  

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